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Updated scores as there's only a couple of weeks left:
1. OddRabbit, 49 points
2. Kloe, 37 points
3. Shinan, 35 points
4. Kentona, 32 points
5. pianotm, 30 points
6. Hexatona, 27 points
7. Deltree, 26 points

How it can change. Deltree went from first to last in just a couple of weeks as the three new movies (Trek, Bourne and Suicide Squad) has settled in the top 10. OddRabbit currently has two spot ons with Star Trek and Bourne.

(the current top 10 is: 1. Finding Dory, 2. Captain America, 3, The Secret Life of Pets, 4. Suicide Squad, 5. X-men, 6. Star Trek, 7. Bourne, 8. Central Intelligence, 9. Tarzan and 10. Ghostbusters)

For fun I also did how our points would look if it was worldwide instead of just the US. The top 10 movies then is: 1. Captain America, 2. Finding Dory, 3. The Secret Life of Pets, 4. X-Men, 5. Suicide Squad, 6. Warcraft, 7. Independence Day, 8. Tarzan, 9. Angry Birds, 10. The Conjuring 2. Which would mean a Summer Movie Wager score of:

1. Kentona, 56 points
2. Deltree, 48 points
3. Hexatona and pianotm, 41 points
5. Kloe and OddRabbit, 39 points
7. Shinan, 36 points

Seems we are more in tune with the world than the US (Makes sense). 7th place worldwide is only one point less than 1st place US. Though in reality it's just because worldwide Finding Dory and Captain America are flipped, getting most of us more full-pointers :)
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damn you matt damon
Final tally time!

In the end there were some small shifts. Ghostbusters in the final weekend went from #10 to #9 and Bourne passed X-men and Star Trek. So the final score of the RMN Summer Movie Wager is this:

1. oddRabbit, 44 points!
2. Kloe, 40 points
3. Shinan, 31 points
4. Kentona, 30 points
5. Hexatona, 27 points
6. pianotm, 26 points
7. Deltree, 24 points

So congratulations to oddRabbit for winning. Anyone have any good suggestions for a price?

And in the end there I also did the worldwide box office just for fun to see who could tell what the world wants most. That one's result was this:
1. Kentona, 53 points
2. pianotm, 43 points
3. Shinan, 40 points
4. oddRabbit and Kloe, 39 points
6. Deltree and Hexatona, 33 points

As source I used these two pages: US Box Office and Worldwide Box Office (from September 7th, the worldwide one will update through the year.)

So I guess now we congratulate the winners and talk about how we were surprised/not surprised with how the movie summer went and what we generally thought of the movie summer etc. etc.
I'm the king of the world!
I feel bored. How odd.
I don't even remember any of this, actually. I'm definitely suprised that I won.

I remember wanting a few things, but... for right now, I'm not sure.
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Yay! Go Odd!

In honor of Odd's victory we should propose movie ideas where there is a protagist who is Odd! :D

But yup, I'm super happy I came second, that's impressive for me! :D
I feel bored. How odd.
In honor of Odd's victory we should propose movie ideas where there is a protagist who is Odd! :D

I am dissapoint in both myself and world!
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