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Hello all!! I have been to a few RPG maker forums for some time now, and recently discovered this one! :)

I'm actually quite a newb when it comes to RPG making!! and I am quite eager to learn more!! I have recently finished an RM2k3 game of my own and am excited to share it with you guys! :D

I'm always eager to learn more in RPG making, and I'm currently working on an RMXP project! :)

It's really amazing to see so many wonderful games now made with the RPG maker engines! :D
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Welcome Starmage! I saw you on RMW too! :D

I hope you have a great time here, I recommend the Welp forums! ;)
Hello kloe!! haha, then it's nice to see you here!! xDD

thanks so much for the welcome! :)
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Hey! Welcome to RMN!

Can't wait to see your stuff!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Welcome to RMN!
Hello InfectionFiles adn Ratty524! thanks so much for the welcome!!

hehe, yeah I'm kinda submitting a game at present! :D
I once used a Starmage to defeat the lvl 100 turrets in Disgaea. I didn't realize that the point of the level was just to get to the exit. He leveled up a LOT as a result.

Welcome to RMN! Enjoy your stay!
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Heya, Starmage!

I like that username. Makes me think of an RPG job class I've never used, but must be awesome.

Welcome! :)
@Kentona - Hello Kentona! Hahah! OMG! I didn't realize that until now! my username's disgaea reference. xDD Thanks so much for the welcome!! :D

@Iddalai - Hello Iddalai, thanks so much for the welcome! haha, and I'm glad you think that way about my username!! xDD :D
I feel bored. How odd.
Hello, Starmage, welcome to RMN!
I'm actually a newb myself (Though I've been here more than a year), but mostly because I don't get things done, and don't have many good abilities.
Hello oddRABBIT!! oh my, it's alright!! Don't say you don't have many good abilities! I'm sure through all these time, you've already developed alot!! you just haven't seen them yet! xDD and thanks so much for the welcome!!
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