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Hello all, I am really quite a newbie when it comes to RMXP and the scripts, and I'm currently using Moonpearl's scripts for a game I'm working on with RMXP! but I'm having a problem with the animated battlers script, and you can find her script here:

My problem is:
whenever I try to enter a new battle with only 1 surviving party member (other members are dead), this error comes up:

though it works fine when everyone dies in a current battle with 1 survivor, but after that, when entering a different battle with 1 survivor, the error comes out! x((

I really need help regarding this, and I really appreciate any responses regarding this!! thanks so much! XDD
Bump!! I really need help on this one x(( I just have no idea how scripting works in general! I've been looking for help regarding this problem anywhere, and it seems I had no luck..

also, I'm using other moonpearl scripts for my project, here's the order:

- SDK/Basic stuff
- MP Animated Battlers
- MP Balloon messages
- MP Animated costume menu system

here is my script file from my project:

I would be very happy if anyone can help me regarding this! x((
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