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I dunno. It could have been a 'hot potato' item, but I somehow dunno. I'll wait to hear from others. Us three talking won't get much of anything done.
Like a hot potato? I assumed he'd "armed" the bomb and then mailed it to you last night. Then it's not technically a detriment... it's just him trying to neutralize you.
NM, just looked, yes he does.

Being the only one who had it and considering its power, I gather that it was passed on to someone Night Phase 1 by him. It's certainly one way to block a power. It's also leaving me wide open for death tonight. >.<;

I mean, I could choose to protect someone in place of sending it on, but it'd kill me to do so.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Piano... why did you lie about there being no detrimental items when you actually started with one?

Sorry, I didn't have the item anymore and I forgot, with all of the nonsense between Kloe and IF, plus I've been working on the jam game pretty much nonstop. I'm really sorry. I was thinking about a bunch of other stuff, I didn't have the item anymore (out of sight out of mind), and I completely forgot.

I passed it on to ZSandex because he wasn't posting much and I didn't have any good scum reads, so I thought it was better to hit non-participating town than to risk taking out a good town.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
In the name of keeping track, take my Albhed primer off there. It's used up.
Like a hot potato? I assumed he'd "armed" the bomb and then mailed it to you last night. Then it's not technically a detriment... it's just him trying to neutralize you.

I didn't consider that, though it says nothing about having to be armed. It reads more like a hot potato than anything else.
Pianotm - Summon / Suspicious Package, Addressed To The Village Of Mist DAY 1
Liberty - Protect / Crystal Shield, Suspicious Package, Addressed To The Village Of Mist DAY 3
Dudesoft - Rage / Al Bhed Primer XIV
Kloe - Heal / Tissue
SZandex - Row / 12 Hour Looping Video Of Tidus's Laugh, Suspicious Package, Addressed To The Village Of Mist DAY 2
Psy_wombats - Drain / Ether
Ratty524 - Hide / Auto Crossbow

XoeIsCooI - Rend Shield / Smoke Bomb
CAVE_DOG_IS_BACK - X-Dress / Buster Sword
InfectionFiles - Polka Polka / Clothes Made Entirely Out of Belts
Blobofgoo - Spirit Link / Collector's Catalogue
Gourd_Clae - Reflect??? / Interceptor the Dog

Item Powers:
Suspicious Package, Addressed To The Village Of Mist - Explodes you the night you get it unless you pass it on, forgoing your skill use for that night.
Clothes Made Entirely Out of Belts - Protects from one lynch(?) kill
Al Bhed Primer XIV - Checks someone's skill(?)

always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Wait, so Liberty, you have the item?
Liberty, unless someone has a kill power, that would mean you are town.
I blocked you last night, and two people are dead.
So I would say that's a 95% sure sign.
Yeah, though it's likely that someone might have been sitting on a kill item or gotten a new kill power, too. More likely than mafia having two kills up their sleeves.

Ah! Shit just thought of something! Blob's power was Spirit Link and the flavour text makes it sound like whatever happened to Blob happened to Gourd. What if his power allowed him to link to another player and share in anything that happened to them during night phase? So if one is protected, so is the other, but if one is killed, so is the other. This could mean that there was only one night kill last night and that it was a Soul Link that caused the other death!

In fact, I'm betting that's what it was. It makes a certain kind of sense. >.<;
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Oh shit, true, like Masons or something?
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Hmm. I need to go back and look at how Gourd and Blob were interacting. There was a lot of heat on Blob.
It might be a one-sided thing, though - from Blob to Gourd, but it could be double-sided.

If it were like Masons, then perhaps Gourds Reflect ability meant they could be protected from something (turning a power back) but only affected one or the other of them (chosen by Gourd?) Could be. Might be way off base though.

Then again, I didn't get a fail notice Night Phase 1 when I protected Gourd, so maybe it's not that.
...maybe I just don't get fail notices. >.<;

Wait, has anyone gotten a fail notice on their powers this game? It's a side question while awaiting confirmation from LockeZ about my power (if he'll even give that :/ ) but I'm just curious if I'm the only one not being told when/if their power fails. I have to believe that Dudes' power works the way it does since I got a double-vote ability, but I didn't get a notice saying I failed at protecting him (maybe I would have gotten one if someone had targeted him, though. Well, I probably would have at least gotten a "hey, you're dead" notice. XD )

The TM is for Totally Magical.
I haven't gotten any notices. I also don't know if anyone's tried to NK me (I'll feel sorry for whoever does).
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Damn, a lot happened.

I wasn't around during peak of the last day phase because I was going to a concert with my family, it seems like things got ugly between Libbs and Kloe.

Anyway, what's the likelihood that scum would pass the package to themselves, then pass it onto a victim?

If Dudesoft is scum, then Liberty must be scum. Scum-DS would give the extra vote to fellow scum. So, Liberty, you should know if Dudesoft is in the clear or not. (ruling out a town-only restriction?)

The heat on IF was mostly coming from blob's existence and vice versa. That blob flipped (apparently) town, I'm feeling safer about moving IF to the "yeah, probably scum" category.

@Kloe: sorry, but can you explain again why you thought IF was innocent after he flipped? Your ability has been confirmed by DS (unless he's also scum) so don't claim it was some sort of seer ability. Keep in mind IF is not at all a bad player and would be doing whatever it took to get you on his side.

@SZandex: Did you have the package last night? If not, either you or piano must be scum. If you did have it, why did you send it to Liberty?

@Ratty: Very low, in my estimation. That'd just be a self-handicap. I think scum would be likely to pass it to obvious town, and to town they want eliminated. Liberty is effectively tied up, and if she's to be believed about her protect-y role, she's otherwise immune to scum. Meaning to kill her, they /have/ to pass it to her. I don't like it.

@piano: I'll believe you re:drawbacks, it'd be a very dumb thing to lie about. SZandex would be able to rat you out the next day (assuming town, etc)

@anyone: if you vigilante killed someone, speak up, it's not a scumtell but I can't figure out the reasoning and am starting to buy the soul link thing
While it's very possible that DS might be town by passing over the double vote, it might be that it has a stipulation that it can't be given to the same person twice (in a row/at all) so it's not a full given that he is 100% town confirmed. Even if it doesn't have that kind of stipulation, it may very well be a play by mafia to make themselves out to be helpful, especially when there's no heat on them and another person more likely to be killed instead (Kloe, being that her plays so far have had some pretty damning scum tells).

That said, the fact that he did reveal the power could be used to show that he is town, but if he and I are both scum then it could be that it is a play to prove innocence. After all, there's no proof at all that either of us is telling the truth about anything, so don't anyone drop their guard just over that. It's just as likely that he is scum as he is town, and same said for me.

That aside, his power is confirmed as far as I'm concerned, but I'll reserve my judgement on his alignment, though I am leaning towards town rather than mafia. It would make more sense to give that kind of power to someone who would benefit your alignment.

There's also the question of if you used the power on anyone else before this, Dudes. If so, did they vote yesterday. If so, then their second vote didn't register so this can't be used to confirm anything beyond my saying that I have a second vote.

I'll PM LockeZ and ask about that too.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I did, but it was Cavedog. He ded.

I can use the ability every night, including on myself. Especially now that I am sans item, not bad idea.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Yup, just reread the ability PM to make sure I wasn't inadvertantly lying. It's everynight, but target gets double lynch next day, but still only 1xp. Not sure how else to illustrate my innocence, rather than explain myself.

I was for most of this game convinced of Liberty=Town. Thinking this. I figured it would be better to hedge my bets on Town votes rather than use the power willy nilly on anyone. As for myself, I needed to check out Kloe to get ANYTHING to confirm or deny her role as scum/town. Furthermore, regardless of Liberty's power, I figured it'd be better to have the votes than to use whatever it is. Probably not a kill ability, and she claims a protect. That's cool.

Here's food for thought. If Liberty is Town, then what if we decide ahead of time who will receive the hotpotato bomb. If I am somehow alive in two days, and the target is indeed who we suspect as scum, then I can block them from acting 2 nights from now. and boom!

It's a thought. Bit risky/long game at this point though.