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Hello all, I'm very sorry for this very newb question and my ignorance in general.. but I've submitted a completed game on this site a few days ago, and it's been pending for so long.. it makes me think that it is not accepted? hmm, I'm just wondering because I don't know what could be the cause x((..

Thankyou so much for any response! :)
You'll know if a game hasn't been accepted because you will get a notification that it was denied, along with a note as to why and what to fix. It can take up to a week before a game gets accepted/denied, so it's just me taking time to get to it. I've been kinda busy lately. >.<;
Hello Liberty!! oh I see!! so I will actually be informed if it gets accepted or denied? I didn't know that hehe! thanks so much for letting me know!! oh my, and I'm very sorry for the trouble, I didn't mean to rush you or anything! xD I was just wondering and was quite scared that my game might have been denied for some reason and I was curious to know why! xDD

thanks so much once again! :)


Yey!! It was finally accepted!! Thanks so much for accepting my game!! xDD I'm happy to be able to share my game in this site which is of course, swarmed with so many amazing games made with RPG maker! xD
No trouble, don't worry about it~ It can take a while sometimes since if a game is on the edge of acceptable I'll seek feedback from other staffers, or just hmm and haww over it for a little while. Yours was a case of me being busy is all. No fret~

It looks like a neat little game, too! Good luck with it!
Ohh!! so that's why hehe!! xD I understand that you were busy hehe! :) And thanks so much for your wishes! :) I wish you the best too in what you're currently working on! :D

It's quite an honor to put my part in this site and it's currently massive collection of awesome games! xD
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