It's been a long time since I made a Let's Write thread. And hey, let's be silly and just have fun!

So write some fanfiction!

What is fanfiction?

It's basically fiction writing based on pre-existing worlds. It's basically taking a world and characters and saying "What if...?" and then following those thoughts. It can be any genre, with any characters, of any world. A lot of the time they are based on romance what-ifs (also called 'shipping' - ship being short-hand for relationship) where two characters who might not normally have gotten together do (Sherlock and Watson, for example) or expanding on pre-existing relationships by showing stuff we don't normally see.

There are different kinds like:
Crossover - featuring more than one fiction 'crossing over' with the other. For example Harry Potter and Final Fantasy 7 characters team up against evil.
Canon - Follows the established rules of the world, but with the what-if factor still present. Say, what if Frodo were Frodette? Would that have changed the story of Lord of the Rings and how? It follows the main storyline but with small changes.
Non-Canon - changes the story completely. Usually doesn't focus on making characters act as they do in the original story and may change up large points of the world.
Fluff - usually romantic, silly fluff-filled joy. Characters acting all cute and cuddly and X3
Drabble - short little bites, usually kept to 100 words or a preset amount.
! - usually based on a change in the main character/s in a specific way. For example Badass!LukeSkywalker might make him less of a push-over and more of an ass-kicking master or Cute!Jabba would make an oxymoron.
Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu - basically a self-insert with another name, or at least a character written who is loved by all, has all the powers and all the awesome and is just super duper coolness with no faults whatsoever (bar the fact they're too modest for their own good or non-faults like that) and who are the star and beat everyone who goes against them super easily and OMG so cool OMG!!! Very wish-fulfilment based but some can be done well. Too awesome to exist IRL.
Self-Insert - putting yourself in the world to interact with the characters within. A lot of the time romantic in nature (Legolas, let's get married~<3) but there are some great ones that don't (and do) go that well. Seen by most people as highly self-fulfilling. Not that that's a bad thing, really.

So, let's get this thing rolling. If you want to write fanfics and share them, do so here.


- Use hide tags for the body of text.
- Please put some tagging so that people know what they're getting into.
- You may post raunchy stuff and dark and whatnot, but TAG that shit so people don't accidentally get caught out.

NSFW - generally not safe for work
NSFL - the worst stuff the imaginative mind has to offer. not safe for LIFE
Rape/Torture/Body Horror/etc - just tag that shit and bold it please. People have triggers over stuff and some people may have experienced this kind of thing in their lives. Be considerate.

I'm NOT going to tell people not to write specific things and if others try to do so in this thread I WILL DELETE THEIR POSTS. You are warned. This is a creative thread meaning that the darkest and lightest parts of life can be touched apon. If you don't like certain subjects, then don't read what's hidden under the tags, it is as simple as that.

That said, do NOT use people on this site for your fanfics without their express permission!

Have at~
who could forget dear ratboy
I'm not gonna write fanfiction, but someone put me in one, thanks
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'd appreciate if some one could write me some Simon x Frogge thx (I'm looking at you Kloe)
Guardian of the Description Thread
It has been a while since I've done non-game-related creative writing.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Yay! I can't wait to read all the fanfic tht will be written here, I've made it my challenge to read everything so bring it on! :D
Oh and feel free to use me, I give my permission! ;)

Frogge, why me, I'm rubbish at writing these!? Anyway, give me a bit to think and type and I'll see what I can do... :)

Um... Tags, er, NSFW and not really bad in any other way.

One fine day in the middle of the night, in a galaxy far far away:
"Heh, back for more handsome?" Says a mysterious person, hidden in a cloak.
"Haha, you know it Frogge... What's with the cloak?" says a person, with blue hair and goggles.
"You'll see soon enough Simon!"
And with that, Frogge pounces like a tiger, knocking Simon to the floor.
"Woah, fiesty, I like that Frogge..."
"You haven't seen anything yet!" He replies, causing Simon to feel a little wet in places.
"Ooooh, what have you got planned mister sexy?" Says Simon, awaiting the pleasure which lies ahead.
Frogge does a maniacal laugh, as if he's a super villain, as he jumps up, leaving Simon on the floor. He notices a wet patch on Simon's shorts.
"Wow, already? Ha, I really do turn you on! Well, you'll be wetter than a frog once I'm done with you."
As Frogge says this, he opens his cloak, revealing his hot, handsome, naked body. Inside his cloak is a manner of playful objects, from Whips to tissues to toys.
"Ahhhhh... Just the thought of it all..."
Frogge throws Simon the whip, letting Simon show off his domanatrix side. He kicks Frogge to the floor, making Frogge MORE than happy.
Groans are heard from Frogge. Simon cracks the whip, making Frogge wet for a change. What will happen next, join us next fanfic for more Frogge X Simon!

Oh god, that was terrible... I tried my best Frogge, I've never actually written/read a fanfic before... You asked me though.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
I am ready and available to be used in any fanfiction people want to write about me.
Gamedev by sunlight, magical girl by moonlight
Fanfic Story: Ryuuta VS Kirito
starting in
One day 16 year old hero Ryuuta was hanging out in the palace gardens when suddenly a strange blue rift appeared in the sky! Then, a giant man cloaked in red appered. Suddenly, a dark voice called out from the rift. It whispered in the human tongue: "Yes, you are the one who can stop destiny... and defeat the black swordsman..." "Huh?" called Ryuuta, "Who is this black swordsman? He sounds strong!" "Yes, you will enter my world, a world in a computer, a world in wich you can die.... But you... You are special... You will be the most powerful player... Lv.9001, and the one that wields the twin holy blades.... you will,l be my little pawn..." "I'm nobodies pawn!" Yelled Ryuuta. The cloaked man continued, "Someone who can be revived..." The cloaked man took out a small device "Now come... Come to Sword Art Online!"

Guardian of the Description Thread
Here's a mostly spur-of-the-moment Oracle of Askigaga ditty. I know, I know, it's technically gammak-related, but, whatever!

Tags: Game-spoiler

When he entered the room, the Oracle was facing towards an alter in prayer. A moment passed, then her head moved slightly to address him, "Ryusaki Kenshin. I have been expecting you."

He approached the figure by a few more steps, then spoke sarcastically, "Next, you will be telling me what it is I seek from you."

She made a coy smile, then responded, "Let me first tell you a story."

She stood up and faced him. Even if her face was obstructed, he could feel her gaze upon him. She commenced, "A long time ago, when I was in training, I knew a man. A quiet person who mostly kept to himself, and that none of the other students bothered with. I was envious of this person for his ability to not be noticed. Oh, how I wish people would leave me alone, like they did him! I wished I could be closer to him, but, would he accept me, even as a friend?

"Long I tarried, unsure of what do to. Then, the day our training was complete came. A friend of yours came to me with a book he wanted me to look at. Without thinking, I wrote a note in it. It read, 'I think your friend Kenshin is cute', and I signed the note with my own name."

There was a pause of eternity as he realized what it was that she was saying. Her own voice seemed to break as she continued, "If there is anyone in this room that requires forgiveness," at this, she removed her hood, her face now in full view, "it is I for not realizing the pain that action would cause you."

He could not even say her name, or comfort her in any way. He could only repeat the name of the person he has sought forgiveness from all this time: "Emiko!"
Here is my first fan fiction. There will most likely be more.
This one is a Naruto fanfic and has strong sexual themes
viewer discretion is advised.


~A Sudden Rain~
a naruto fanfic.

It was getting dark. And it had began to rain, as it was the Rain Country.

Naruto Kun and Konan San were beginning to feel cold. They decided to take refuge inside a nice quite cave together. Konan San makes them both a nice warm fire with a bunch of compressed paper blocks that she made with her paper powers. It was starting to feel warm again.

“We should rest easy tonight Naruto, we will need our Chakra as we still have a lot of travelling to do. We must make it to the Sand Country on time and inform Garra about the stong Sound Ninja presence in the Fire Country.” Naruto giggles.
“Hehehhehe! Rest easy? Dattebayo?” Then performs 'Sexy Technique'.

“N-naruto Kun~!” Konan is shocked by the sudden change in Naruto's gender.
“Heheheheh~~<3 Don't I look kawaii desu ne dattebayo?” Naruto Kun begins to press against Konan San. “Y-y-yes, you do Naruto Kun!!! I ugh.” Naruto grabs Konans breast.

“NYYYYYYYYAAAHH” Konan moans in pleasure as her breasts are being fondled by another women. “Oh god Naruto!!!” Konan crys. “I've been so lonely! There's no women in Akatsummmmfffffi.” Naruto begins to kiss Konan San passionately.
Konan's eyes roll to the back of her head. Her hands begin to explore Naruto's body, on there own. They come across something, hard.

“What's that!!!??!?!”
Naurto Kun looks at Konan coyly.
“Hehehehheheheheheh~~!!!! Not everything changes in 'Sexy Technique', dattebayo~~~!!!!!”
Nauto takes off there clothing and reveals there 'Sexy Technique' body.
Konan looks conflicted she's dazzled by Naurto's womenly body, but....
Naruto begins to look a little sad. “I-I'm sorry Konan San, I-I'm sorry...dattebayo.”

Naruto releases the 'Sexy Technique', reluctantly. (Naruto wanted to bang Konan)
Konan is still blushing. “N-no Naruto, it's ok!!! I-I'm just, I....ugh”
Konan seems to be lost in thought, this is quite the test on her sexuality.

Suddenly 3 'Sexy Technique' shadow clones sneak up behind her and start foddleing Konan roughly.
Konan San seems to be melting, 3 women are caressing her body at once. She may have to make an exception this time.

“N-Naruto Kun~! Please take me~~!!!!”
“Hahaahaha beieve it dattebayo!!!”
Konan's clothing practically falls off! Her arms are restrained by one of the clones.

“Wow! Your so wet Konan San!!!!” Another clone remarks elatedly.
Konan is trembling in excitement. The clone restraining Konan looks at the clone that commented on Konans genitalia.
“Heheheheheheheh Konan San's making quite the mess dattebayo! I think you need to mop it up!”
“Teheheheheh!!!!!” The naruto clone smiles then says. “Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~!!!!”

Konan screams.
“OOOOOOOOOOOH OHH~~!!! GOD OH GOD! WOW~~~!!!!! WOW~~!!!!!”“Mmmmmfff slup mmmhhgghfffff lleeeepppp m”
The 3 clones all giggle in unison.“We arnt done with you yet Konan San, dattebayo~!”

Konan is laying on the floor of the cave, panting. She has not orgasmed in awhile, and it takes most of her remaining Chakra out of her. Her eyes are covered in shadow as she says under her breath to Naruto.

“I want more...”

Before she knew it. One clone got ontop of her helpless body and shoved there hard dick into her mouth. Konan Sans eye's widen.
It began to thrust in and out of her mouth. It felt wierd, but Konan knew she had to make an exception this time. A fire entered her eyes.

Konan pushed the clone off her. “Whhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~!!!!!”
The clone was shocked! There head hit a large stone. The clone yelped in pain before disappearing. Konan then got on her knees and opened her mouth, wide.
The two remaining clones looked at each other and grinned.

Konan propped up her butt as she sucked on one of the clones dicks. The other clone mounted her and began thrusting very hard.
Konan's eyes were filled with tears. She was, lost in the moment.
Suddenly another clone appeared out of the shadows.

“Hehehehehhehe your going to enjoy this Konan San dattebayo~~!!!” The clone proclaimed. Suddenly, Konan San was being fucked in every way possible. Everything, was filled.
And then, Konan reached a platue of pleasure, that she never knew existed. As a vast current of 'women fluids' filled her body up in unison. She thought her heart may of skipped a beat or two.


Konan was smiling as she smoked a cigarette, she hadn’t had sex in awhile. She never imagined it this way before. Naruto had both his arms behind his head as he grinned widely.

“HAHAHAHAH wow that was so cool dattebayo!!! I can't wait to tell Kakashi Sensei about this!! He's going to FLIP dattebayo!!!!!”

Konans hands were around Naruto Kun's neck before her cigarette hit the ground. Naruto yelped in surprise. Konan thrust Naruto's body against the wall of the cave violently. Her eyes pierced into his deeply. “Please do not tell Kakashi Sensei about this Naruto Kun. Okay?”

Suddenly Naruto realized that what he said was really dumb! “I-I wont d-dattebayo!!! I'm sorry!!! Wow hahahahaha that was fun though! Dattebayo!!!” Konan released Naurto Kun from her grip but stared into his eyes suspiciously. Naruto rubbed the back of his head as he laughed looking up at Konan San. Konan began to giggle too.

“You know Naruto Kun, if you wanted to do that again... I, might consider it.”

Naruto continues to rub the back of his head, as his laugher intensifies.
We see both of there shadows laughing together as the camera pans to the fire and then it fades to black.

Btw pizza what's the name of that ff character you are fond of? I thought it would be fun to make a 'light hearted romamtic slice of life'
A Peaceful Day (One Piece, cursing)

He's flicked another butt on the deck. I hear it fall, can smell the acrid burning of the smoke as it bounces near my head. He does it deliberately, I swear. Shitty cook.

I don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that I know what he's doing - trying to get a rise out of me. He's frustrated that his precious Nami-swan isn't in a good mood today; that nothing he's tried to alleviate her condition has helped at all. I know he feels worthless. We all do on days like this.

She's in her room at the moment, probably laying on her bed being tended to by Robin. Chopper is nearby, working on some kind of tincture or cure for what ails her, just as he always does when this happens, even though he knows it's a natural affliction among human females. I can smell whatever he's mixing from here - it tickles my nose with the chemical warmth.

Brook is playing his violin near the women's side of the ship. I can just barely make out the soft, mellow tune snaking its way through the Sunny - a song to calm tempers and aches. He tries, in his own way, to bring some peace to both of them during this time at least.

The loud whispers of Usopp and the Captain - quite considerate of them both, really - tell of a prank in the planning. They'll hold off on it until after she's better, though. They always do. Nobody wants an angry Nami on their hands - or a crying one. The last time they pulled a prank was terrifying. I think her suddenly dissolving into a teary mess traumatised the both of them. They kept trying to make her laugh for over a week after.

Even Franky has taken a rest from his usual tinkering and boisterous behaviour, deciding to study some books Robin dug up in the last port. I can hear him mumbling to himself as he flips through the pages. If I opened my eyes, I'd probably see him taking notes of some ancient ship blueprints or stealing ideas to retrofit into the Sunny's systems.

I like these times best, even if there's a part of me that is on edge during them. There's a certain peace to the ship, but one that is undercut by the sorrow of knowing one of us is suffering. Part of me wants to rip and tear that hidden menace, to destroy the being hurting my nakama, but contrary to what some of the others may think, even I know an unwinnable battle when faced with one.

So I'll rest here on the deck instead, keeping an ear out for trouble and not causing it (no matter how many times that stupid curly brow flicks his damn cigarettes at me or stomps near my head to put them out).

Shitty fucking cook.

@fearful: It's Freya from FF9.
Sonic: The Later Years (Use of alcohol)

The smell of tobacco and spilled liquor fills the musty halls of the pub. Sonic sits there, on the bar stool.

"Another one, keep."

"That's enough for you, Sonic. 12's your limit."

Sonic grumbles as he tilts back the empty shot glass, getting every last drop of liquid gold he can. He puts the cup down. Heavy eyes raise up to meet the TV above the wine cabinet. He grumbles once more.

"Knuckles." Sonic rolls his eyes. The TV is broadcasting another interview of Knuckles. A bunny lady is interviewing the echidna as he explains, with colorful detail, his plan of action that resulted in him saving the day yet again. Across the bottom of the screen the marquee flickers across, Legendary hero, Knuckles, saves village from forest fire!

"That used to be you" comes a familiar voice from the entrance of the pub.

Sonic turns his head and shields his eyes from the outside street lights as the figure enters. "Tails?"

Tails steps over a passed out alligator man and sits down next to Sonic. The barkeep goes to offer a drink, but Tails gestures him away. For a brief moment, there is silence between the two as they both stare at the TV. Then, "What's the matter Tails, you don't drink any more?" Tails shakes his head. "I drink. The difference is, my life is in order."

Tails eyes remain on the TV. "I came searching for an old friend." He looks at Sonic. "Wonder if you've seen him."

Sonic scoffs, then pulls out a pack of cigarettes. He pulls out a lighter. "Only friend I know comes in 44 milliliters."

Tails shakes his head. "Look at you. You used to be the hero. Now you're--"

"Fat?" Sonic adjusts in his seat. Off balance. His weight is too much for the stool.

"Washed up."

"Ouch. Any more words of comfort there Tails?"

Tails looks at Sonic. "Two cigarettes at once? Two? Is that necessary?"

"It hits harder." Sonic exhales a puff of smoke and hacks violently for a moment.

Tails leans forward. "I came here because I want you to get to being the Sonic we -- I used to know. The hero, Sonic."

Sonic laughs and shakes his head. "Freudian slip, is it. The Sonic 'we' used to know. You're talking about--"


Sonic leans away, his eyes wandering off into the distance. "Don't want to talk about her. She left on her own free will. She doesn't want anything to do with me, and I don't want anything to do with her."

"Your kids need to see you."

"No they don't."

"Everyone wants the old Sonic back."

Anger fills Sonic's eyes. He raises his voice. "What do you want me to do Tails? You want me to run around the Emerald Hills once again? You want to carry me into the air so I can land on the head of evil Dr. Robotnic who, by the way, has been dead for years?" Sonic looks away. "Face it, Tails. There's nothing left for me here."

Tails sits in silence for a moment as Sonic stares back at the TV. Knuckle's interview is reaching its climax as the interviewer is growing more and more excited. For just a brief moment, a hint of jealousy fills Sonic.

Tails stands up from his stool. "I'm going to go. I'll be back tomorrow... and maybe then you'll think about what I said."

"I won't. Goodbye, Tails."

* * *

2 am. Sonic kicks the door of his apartment open. He stumbles in and flails his hand wildly in search of a light switch. He finds it. He stumbles towards the couch. Crunch! A beer can. Sonic curses, not out of pain, but frustration. He kicks the can across the ground.

A cloud of dust fills the air as Sonic's body thumps onto the couch. Sonic's eyes can barely focus. The room is spinning. As he tries to slow his labored breathing, his eyes dart around the room. There, under his living room table, amid a pile of trash, something catches his eye. His weak arm reaches out for it. He swipes the air before he manages to grab hold of it. He draws it to his eyes.

It's a card from years past. He opens it to reveal a photo. It's a picture of a much younger, healthier Sonic standing next to a porcupine child that he rescued. Both of them are smiling brightly.

He flips the card over. Scribbled on the back is a message from the child. Thank you for saving my family, Sonic! We'll never forget you!

A tear falls from Sonic's eye.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc

Ahem Frogge x Simon self fanfic warning nsfw yaoi with gurren lagann spoilers and it is terrible prepare to be scarred XD

The story takes place right after the inflation of dai-gurren.

"Simon, I'm sorry" I said, "I know how much kamina meant to you. But we'll have to move on eventually".

"Hey Frogge..." Simon whispers.

"You always care so much about me. You are the only one who I can trust now..."

"Simon..." I blush.

"So just this once... I know how much you love me... All this time you've been doing everything for me, and I think it is time for me to return the favor."

I clamly hug simon(PAUSE THE FANFIC FOR A SEC IM DYING FROM LAUGHTER)while slowly pushing his pants down. I run my hands across his soft skin(I CANt BREATHE THIS IS TOO MUCH LMAO). Eventually I reveal the hidden beauty under those pants(WAT). I put my legs around simon and sit on the mystical beast. He feels so warm. Both of us are just blushing like crazy.

"All my dreams are coming true..." I whisper. Eventually, we both fall on the floor. Simon is just pushing it against me like crazy. "Let's both be happy from now on, together.". Simon just nods his head in agreement as he clenches me tighter.

To be continued?
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Star Trek: The Next Generation
What Might Have Been, Chapter 1

Family friendly, possible trigger for injury by fire

The day of the launch came with the sun bright in the sky and Kiri had no idea what the day would hold except that she would be the first human to travel faster than the speed of light. One of the few Japanese of pure blood left in the World After, she was a direct descendant of a small group of people who attempted an escape from a Second World War internment camp, only to find themselves in a different world. They weren't the only ones. There were literally thousands from all over the Earth, all of them put in the same area. It had happened over time.

Kiri knew the stories, but all of it happened more than 400 years ago. Whoever or whatever had been behind this migration never revealed itself, never told them its purpose. But it had also transported buildings and other relics from Earth to this place, including a library. It was probably this that allowed them to establish a community that had a chance to progress. The sections with school books, technical manuals, and science books had become the basis of a new society. Either fortunately or unfortunately, religion played controlling role as well.

The religious among them were convinced that the world had ended and they were among the last, tested by God. Explorers could map the countryside and see that the geography of this new land was unlike any they had ever known on Earth, which did not mean that such a region did not exist on Earth. Still, there was unknown flora and fauna. Some animals were mostly similar to those found on Earth, but with some differences. Many animals were unlike any found on Earth. Then, there was the shrine. It had always been there, an enormous white and gray monolith at the edge of the topsy turvy town.

Who had built it? The reasoning men did not venture a guess. The paranoid insisted aliens had built it (Martians, they had called them). The religious said it was a sign from the God. The Baptists among them swore it was the cross of Jesus Christ--the monolith was over five stories tall, hardly the cross of Christ. Ultimately, it was the religious among them that brought this new community together. Hard work and penitence helped the community to flourish. Farms thrived, animals suitable for taming and harnessing were captured and harnessed, a type of ox providing the community with the bulk of its meat, and a large, feline-like creature having been already domesticated after just a few decades.

With the Christian church in control of the community, technological growth was stifled, while agriculture thrived. Still, humanity demanded progress and would not tolerate another Dark Age, especially in the wake of the apparent end of the world. Technology developed, at a much more controlled pace, the church refusing to allow development that they believed had brought about the wrath of God in the 1940s. To that end, in many cases, imagination was stifled, and invention was often suppressed. Now, 400 years later, Kiri was among those who fought long and hard to allow the growth of technology, to allow humans take their rightful place in the stars.

Today, she would travel at warp speed. The church had allowed it, though only reluctantly. In the new society, science and reason fought a tooth-and-nail struggle with religion, an uneasy truce between them. Conflict never became violent. After the World Wars and the end of the world, they were too afraid of allowing their conflicts to become violent. There always had to be a compromise between reason and religion, and the two not mutually exclusive. Kiri considered herself a scientist, one who argued against the religious rationale, but she was not an unbeliever. Her family had always been Catholic and she often unconsciously counted the beads of a rosary she always wore, hidden under her jacket or shirt.

Yesterday, Father Wilcox had unbelievably agreed to undergo the rigorous cleaning and detoxification required for him to visit her in quarantine, simply so he could lecture her about the spiritual dangers of pursuing the stars. Father Wilcox ran the one Catholic parish in the community. It was small, as the Catholic population had always been small compared to other denominations of faith. There were numerous denominations of Christian, there were Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Shinto, some Pagans, including those that practiced witchcraft, as well as numerous other faiths. The appointed leaders of the community came to realize that the number of religious, non-religious, and agnostic people represented the balance of a typical American city, if somewhat smaller. This observation only lent fuel to the theory that the world had ended and God had selected the people who would rebuild the world. That God had allowed non-Christians into the fold had been hard for the predominately Christian society to swallow, but they accepted the non-believers, convinced that they were part of God's plan.

Today, Kiri left quarantine in a full pressure suit. She hadn't had direct contact with another human aside for assistants and the flight doctor in a week in preparation for today's flight. Even Father Wilcox had to talk to her through a microphone from a room sealed off from her, and that was after he had been cleared for cleanroom entry. They were taking no chances on Kiri catching something. Now she could not hold her rosary, but she still took comfort from it as it lay round her neck. Right now, her parents would be in a private viewing area with a good view of the rocket launch with some forty other people. Her sister would be there, too. Her whole family would be waiting, and watching with the rest of the world.

While waiting for liftoff, Kiri listened to the speech being piped through the communications array. “...At last, we may be able to explore the mysteries of what brought our community together, as we finally progress far enough in space travel that we may visit other stars. As we take this great step into a brave new world, give Kiri your prayers, that she may return to us safely. And give her your deepest blessing as she embarks on the most dangerous and incredible journey yet taken by our community. Since the dawn of man, we have looked upon the stars. Now, the stars will look upon us.” Juan Lordes de los Flores always had a way with words. Of course, with a name like that, how could he not?

She looked out her forward window at the interior of the rocket that would carry her warp ship into orbit. She wished she could see the dual moons of her home. She allowed the countdown to lull her into a state of meditation. When the count finally reached zero, the force of the liftoff was more violent than she expected. She felt as if she was merging with her seat. It was a full three minutes before she could finally move or take a full breath. Then, Commander Ryan Dawes order came over the line. She disengaged the rocket, and the cabin fell apart around the warp ship. Kiri looked into open space. She called out the instrument readings one by one.

“Matter/anti-matter intermix is stable,” she said.

“Confirmed,” came Dawes' voice.

“Transmutation coils all at full power.”


“Speed at 60,000 kilometers per second. Warp field is beginning to form.”

There was static in Dawes' voice. “We're starting to lose your signal.”

“Probably the distance. Try adding power from the backup generators.” She paused. “Can you hear me now?”

“Much better.”

“I'll be getting some serious distance now. 180,000 kilometers per second.” She observed the digital speedometer, speeding through numbers faster than could be seen when it seemed to blur. The ship shook and space exploded around her. She checked her gauges and said, “Ryan, if you can hear me, I am traveling at approximately twice the speed of light.” She couldn't keep the excitement out of her voice. “Ryan?”

“We rea...excel...work. Turn...ound and...on back.”

The warp ship, depleting its supply of fuel from its first cell, fell from warp and began to coast. With nothing in space to cause the ship to slow except for dust, Kiri would be traveling at rather high velocities for some time. She didn't want to get too far out, so she fired the forward thrusters and brought the ship about. As she turned, she saw a structure. It was a massive, steel, lattice-work column with a ball in the center. Extending from the ball each side was a massive wing that looked like it may have been a solar collector, amounting to four wings extending south along the axis, and four more extending north. The windows in the ball were dark. It's size was such that even at the distance she was, Kiri realized that it was much larger than it looked. Even as her rate of turn remained consistent, the structure barely moved from her view.

“Ryan, there's something here.”

Dead silence, and then, “What is it?”

“It looks like an enormous space station. It's ancient. Even from the distance I am, you can see it deteriorating. Something like that in space in this state of disrepair, it must be thousands of years old.”

More silence, and then, “Are you recording?”

“Stills and video. I haven't stopped.”

“You should have plenty of fuel in your maneuvering jets. What do you think about taking a closer look?”

Kiri looked down to her computer readouts. Indeed, she had had fuel to spare. She sent a high frequency radio signal to the structure. It took several seconds for her ping to return and when it did, she realized it was much farther than it looked. It must have been enormous. “Ryan, my radio detector says it's well over a thousand kilometers from my position.”

A disappointed sigh could be heard over the comm line, then Ryan said, “Yes, that's going to be a little too far. Log its position and head on back.”

* * *

Currently, the Enterprise was exploring a region of space with a great deal more nothing than anyone had anticipated. In fact, the one sure exciting thing Picard knew for certain was on his agenda was the marriage of William Riker and Deanna Troi, and that wasn't for another two months. It had been three days since they rendezvoused with a long range shuttle carrying former Klingon Ambassador Worf. After only a few weeks on Kronos with Chancellor Murtak, Worf was eager to return to his old post on the Enterprise; a bit too eager, Picard had noticed, as had Deanna, with a knowing smirk in her expression to greet the security chief as he beamed aboard.

So, when Picard stifled yet another yawn that morning, Riker was ready. “Captain, I see no reason why you need to be on the bridge. If anything happens, you'll be the first to know. Go take it easy for awhile.”

“Unfortunately, Number One, I have nothing left to do. God, I hate these empty regions. Voids spanning dozens of light-years and weeks on end of nothing but our own idle hands.”

“Try the holodeck.”

“I'm rather burnt out on the holodeck. I finished my latest holonovel rather quickly.”

“Captain, surely there's something to do: fencing practice,” Picard didn't respond, “an amusement park,” Picard rolled his eyes, “join Worf for some of his calisthenics.” Riker grinned at the last one.

“I think not, Number One. I supposed it's not for lack of something to do that causes our boredom, but when one becomes accustomed to his surroundings.”

“I see, the novelty wears off, then?”

“It does indeed, Number One.” Picard stood, his joints groaning in protest. As several joints popped, he frowned, realizing that he was not in his usual best shape. “My aches and pains have decided for me. To the gym it is. Take the bridge, Number One. You'll need the practice for the Titan.”

Riker smiled broadly. “I'm certain learning how to fend off boredom will be of significant use.”

“Look on the bright side; you may end up with a first officer that sends you right off to the holodeck when things slow down.”

As Picard walked smartly to the turbo-lift, his ears caught the telltale sign of a proximity alarm from the operations console. Picard turned and just as Data was reacting to the alarm, said, “Mister Data, report.”

Data observed his console for just a moment and said, “Vertion particle trail: antimatter wave readings: tachyon traces: trilithium and deuterium waste. It is a warp signature. There is something unusual accompanying it as well. It appears to be a primitive radio wave signal. The readings come from four point two three eight light-years, 14 degrees off starboard. I am detecting a star system on that trajectory.”

A first contact. Picard could feel his mood improving already. “It's not that far off our current course.” He turned to the helm console and said, “Mister Benson, lay in a course, warp factor two. Data, keep scanning and tell me all you can about the source of that signature.”

Ensign Gregory Benson obeyed, calling, “Aye, Sir.”

Data continued his scans. “We will have to get closer before I can tell you more.” After a few minutes, he said, “The readings are coming from just beyond the solar system. The vertion trail leads into the solar system and appears to originate from the fourth planet. The ship is cylindrical, two meters long and one meter in diameter. It has an oxygen supply, thrusters and a single nacelle that provides both I. M. pulse and warp power. It has an electrical system, barely large enough to operate the vessel's very primitive computer.”

Riker smiled and said, “First contact? It sounds like our friends here just discovered warp drive.”

“We'll proceed with caution. We don't want to alarm anyone.” Picard dropped his closed fist lightly upon the controls on the arm of his chair. “Counselor Troi, please come to the bridge.” Releasing the intercom controls, Picard turned back to Data. “Mister Data, see if you can patch into that radio frequency.”

Data worked for several seconds. “The signal is fairly basic and easily tied into.” Data turned toward Picard. “Captain, this is of considerable interest.”

“Well, Mister Data, what is it?”

“The language being broadcast on the radio wave is Federation Standard.”

Picard's eyebrows knitted. “English?”

“Affirmative. The dialect is unknown and there are clear signs of etymological divergence from the current evolution of the language, but it is unmistakable.”

As Deanna Troi stepped onto the bridge, Riker said, “Can we run bio-scans of the planet?”

“No, Sir. Something is interfering with my readings. I can only pick up the warp ship.”

Riker filled Deanna in on what was happening.

Picard sat and examined the viewer. “Mr. Data, elaborate.”

“An energy field on the gamma spectrum of unknown origin extends across a rather large region between us and the planet. Only the warp signal and the radio wave is strong enough to read through it.”

Riker leaned forward with a look of concern. “Gamma rays? That won't affect us, but is the warp ship properly shielded?”

Data ran a quick analysis. “Information is limited, but it appears to be.”

* * *

Kiri began her return home and as the ship accelerated, she once again felt that feeling that the universe was beginning to blur around her. Looking briefly behind her, she could see the ancient outpost rapidly shrink as the warp ship got closer to moving at faster than light speed. Then that moment came once more, when time seemed to stop and the stars around her elongated. Once more, the ship achieved warp and as home grew in her window, the ship suddenly lurched to one side. Kiri's controls exploded in her face and that fast, her cockpit was on fire. She tried to reach the fire suppression kit, but the ship was now spinning out of control and she couldn't move.

“Ryan!” she cried in panic. “The ship's out of control!”

Ryan's panicked voice came back, “Kiri, what's happening?”

But the hopelessness of the situation couldn't be forgotten. She was up there totally alone, with no help and no way to prevent catastrophe. Flames began to lick at her hands and she had no way to escape them.

* * *

“Captain,” the gold android turned toward Picard, “the warp ship has lost control.”

Picard stood and took several steps toward the view screen. “Report.”

“The ship's deflector system momentarily malfunctioned, possibly due to interference from the gamma radiation allowing debris to damage the nacelle. The ship cannot regain control and the pilot is in imminent danger.”

Picard took only a moment to consider the ramifications. This may have been a primitive society, but they had achieved warp. The Prime Directive would not restrict them from rendering assistance. “Mr. Benson, lay in an intercept course and increase speed to warp nine. Mr. Worf, prepare to transport the pilot to sick bay. Also, have the tractor beam ready to take the warp ship into tow.”

* * *

The fire burned Kiri up and down her arms and the air became heavy, her lungs struggling. She gasped in the choking smoke. Now as the fire began to attack her whole body, she thought she could see an angel, large and brilliant white, with two bright blue wings trailing behind. Then she felt herself enveloped in light, and a brilliant light shone overhead. Was this death? Had she breathed her last and been taken into Heaven? No. It couldn't be. There was too much chaos, and the light wasn't warm and comforting. It was sterile and impersonal. People all around her rushed and a woman shouted orders, calling for medicines and a burn kit. Kiri looked around. She was in a hospital or an infirmary. An authoritative woman with a kind face and bright red hair put a hand on her shoulder and said, “You're going to be okay.”

She looked down at her hands and saw her suit had been burned through, the skin on her hands and forearms had melted, but they seemed intact. Truthfully, she had seen worse, but this was still bad. She didn't think her mind was impaired, or that she had suffered a bad head injury, but this was impossible. She was still millions of kilometers from her home when disaster struck. There was no hope. She should be dead, or still in the process of dying. Maybe this was a death experience. Still, if it was her path to heaven, there was no harm in asking.

“What's going on?”

The redheaded doctor said, “You've suffered second and third degree burns on your hands, arms, and torso and you've suffered some minor smoke inhalation.”

“I know that. What is this place?”

The woman considered her for a moment. “I'm Doctor Beverly Crusher, and you're in my sickbay aboard the Starship Enterprise.”

“Okay, that clears everything up.”

Doctor Crusher smiled and said, “Look, I'm going to put you under and when you wake up, I promise, we'll explain everything.”

She felt a cold metal tube press against her neck and in seconds, the lights dimmed to darkness. She didn't know how long she slept, but she didn't think she dreamed for a long time, and she wasn't quite sure when the dreams started. She couldn't remember the dreams in any detail, but there was one filled with smoke and fire and a malevolent being confronted her. Fire filled encompassed her and filled her lungs, and she jumped up gasping for air. The lights in the medical room were pleasantly dimmed. She looked at her hand and they, along with her forearms had a glossy sheen. They looked almost like plastic. The skin felt tight and numb and she found that her chest and her neck felt the same. There was something very disturbing, as if she weren't quite human.

A woman, not Doctor Crusher, said, “The sheen is nothing to be concerned about.” Kiri looked around and saw a woman with jet black hair, cut into a bob, her bangs perfectly uniform and her ears tapering to points. She was looking at something just outside of Kiri's field of vision and she was--for lack of a better word--typing on a flat, square tablet in her hand. She continued. “When treating burns, the damaged skin is replaced with artificial skin. It is an amino-biosynthetic compound that bonds to organic skin, and as the injury heals, the synthetic materials are gradually replaced your own natural organic materials, the excess remains merely falling off as dry skin.”

Kiri looked around and said, “So it's like a band-aid that your injuries heal into?”

The woman's eyebrows rose slightly. “A crude, but serviceable comparison.”

“Where's Doctor Crusher?”

“Presumably, asleep. I'm Doctor Selar, the assistant chief medical officer.”

“What's wrong with your ears?”

This caused Selar to look directly at Kiri, a single eyebrow raised. “There is nothing wrong with them. I am a Vulcan.”

“Vulcan? Like the Roman god of the forge?”

“It is what humans call my race. The name is linguistically similar to the name of my species in my own language.”

Kiri felt strange. She felt like she should be scared, or awed, but instead she felt the same as if she had just met any ordinary stranger. “You're not human?”

“I believe I already stated that.”

“What are you doing?”

“You are a patient. Your vital signs must be monitored. Ordinarily a nurse would do this, but at this time of night, there is only one nurse on duty and he is on break, so I am doing it.”

“Doctor Crusher said this was a ship. I thought I was dead.”

“As a point of fact, you weren't even close to dead, although if we hadn't been there, you certainly would have died.” Kiri sat up, and Selar stopped what she was doing momentarily. “You are disrupting your readings.”

If Kiri heard her, she gave no indication. “Where did you come from? Why are you here?”

“As I understand it, we detected your warp signature, moved to investigate and found your ship in distress.”

“What is this ship? Who are these people? Doctor Crusher looks human, is she? Everything around me is in English.”

Doctor Selar held up a hand and said, “I understand your confusion, but the questions you are asking have sensitive answers that I am not qualified to give. I am a doctor; not a diplomat. Captain Picard or Commander Riker will be better able to address your concerns. Now, if you could please lay back on the bio-bed. You are still recovering from serious injuries and need more rest.”

Kiri did as she was told, lying back and looking at the serious, seemingly emotionless alien doing her work. So, her ship had attracted these people. She'd be a hero. Her sudden exertion illuminated another problem. “I'm hungry.”

Doctor Selar raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“I don't know how long I was out, but I haven't eaten anything since a day before the launch. I'm hungry.”

“That shouldn't be a problem. It will have to be light, though. Your injuries along with having gone so long without eating will prevent you from consuming anything rich or heavy.”

“What can I get?”

“We have matter replicators that can generate anything you would like.”

Kiri considered that, wondered if such a thing was even possible, and said, “Really?”


“So if I wanted some sashimi with a bit of rice and some hot tea...?”

Doctor Selar seemed to consider this, then said, “You can probably handle that.” Doctor Selar excused herself and when she returned a moment later, she had a small black tray with Kiri's meal on it. She raised Kiri's bio-bed to a seated position.

“Thank you.” It came with plastic chopsticks and she took a bite of the sashimi. It was good, but it was missing flavor, not just bland, but the fish was missing something that defined it as fish. The rice was fine, but Kiri, after finishing the meal, decided that these matter replicated foods were no substitute for the real thing. “I guess it's kind of hard to come by real fish in space.”

Selar, once again, raised an eyebrow. “The Corps of Engineers always insists that the replicators duplicate everything down to genetic structure when synthesizing food, so that any meat, vegetable, or fruit is as real as though freshly harvested. I suppose, in theory, that is true, but in practice I would tend to agree with you.”

“Have you ever had sashimi?”

“Vulcan's do not eat meat...” she looked down at the tray, “especially raw meat. Are you not concerned about the possible acquisition of parasites?”

“If you always prepare your own food, you don't have to worry about it. Sashimi and sushi are safer than most people think.”

Selar seemed to consider that for moment. “It would be only logical that such an endeavor would give you greater control over the content of your food.” She turned back to Kiri and said, “If you are finished, you should go back to sleep.”

“Wait, what if I have to use the bathroom?”

“The bio-bed will take care of that.”

Kiri didn't even want to think of that, but she took it in stride. Laying back, she closed her eyes and felt another sedative pumped into her, this time from her shoulder. “Not my neck?”

An expression of nausea flashed across Selar's ordinarily stolid face. “Doctor Crusher likes to tap the carotid because it puts you to sleep almost instantly. Now that you're recovering, I don't think that is absolutely necessary.” She raised the cover back up to Kiri's shoulders. “Sleep now.”
Here is my second fanfic.
It is a persona 3 fanfic.

Strawberry (Bloody) Sundaes
a persona 3 fanfic

It was just a normal day for Makoto, but he found himself sitting with Yukari at an ice creme parlour. Makoto was lost in thought, staring at their ice creme. Yukrai was starting to get worried Makoto wasn't talking and wasn’t eating his strawberry sundae. “Makoto what's wrong?”

Makoto did not reply.
Yukari began to feel frustrated. “You can't just keep things to your self! You have to tell me what's wrong Makoto.” Makoto picked up a spoon and began eating some of his sundae.

He paused. “I think I need to break up with you Yukari...I've been thinking about it for a very long time.” Yukari froze. She did not know what to say or think. “W-what do you mean? What are you saying Makoto? Why are you saying these things?”
Makoto did not know what to say, his eyes trembled.

“You have been acting really wierd lately Makoto,
i began noticing it around 2 weeks ago...”
Makoto felt a sharp pain deep inside his head, because he knew it was because he met Aigis.

“I-I just feel that, we don't have a future together, Yukari... You want a man, but I'm just a weak boy.” Yukari was trembling, she did not know what to do. “I love you! I don't care! I want to be there for you!” The pain inside Makoto's head thickened into a black tar.

“I feel you don't care about the things I care about, or at least you never gave me the pleasure of at least pretending you did.” Yukari began to get angry. “What do you mean I don't care about the things you care about?! Give me some examples.” Makoto looked out the window as they thought. “Well... I like anime... but you don't really care for it at all, and that's okay. But I kind of don't want to watch it since you don't like it...”

“How is it my fault if you don't watch anime? That's really dumb. If you want to watch anime, watch anime good god.” Makoto didn't know what to say.
“You never play this one video game I've always liked, Yukari... We could play it together but you don't like it and it's frustrating.”

“So what if I don't like it??? You don't like some of the games I like!!!!”
“Yeah this is true, but I still have played them. I even beat Resident Evil 2, and when I got to the underground laboratory I actually really got into the game!!!”
“What? No you haven’t you have never beaten that game.”
“What?” Said Makoto. “Yeah I have...”

Yukari looked angry. “No you have not, you played on my file with me, but you never played it yourself.”Makoto was silent, he thought he remembered playing it... He was sure of it, he thought.

“Y-you don't like talking to me on text messages...I like it when we talk together that way.” Yukari laughed. “Are you insane? Why would you talk to me on our phones when I am right next to you?”

Makoto did not know what to say, Yukari had a strong point.
“I don't know... I just like it somehow, I enjoy writing too you know. I know you don't." Yukari asked “Why are you attacking me? Why do you want to hurt me? Why did you ask me if I would be your girlfriend just so you could lie to me about yourself?”

Makoto stared down at there sundae there head pounded.
“I feel I don't know myself, but I'm trying to find myself...I don't want to hurt you.”

“Do you love me?” “Yes I do.” “THEN WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?”
Makoto tried hiding under his hands.

Yukari began to sob loudly.
Makoto listened to the most painful sounds as he ate his sundae.
He thought about Aigis, though.
And her robotic body.

I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Kloe x Harold NSFL (I have permission) (Please keep in mind Kloe is property of Kloe Inc. This is a fanmade non-profit based parody. Don't sue me.)

Harold comes back from yet another day of hard work fighting monsters.
''You look hurt, my love'' says Kloe as she approaches Harold.
''I had to fight several monsters today. It really was hard work...'' Harold answers.
''I'm sure you must be tired. Why don't you get undressed?''. Kloe starts stripping off Harold's heavy armor as Harold breathes a sigh of relief. All the weight from his shoulders gone in a flash.
Harold starts talking to Kloe. ''Why don't you undress too, my love? I'm sure you must also be tired after a whole day of cleaning around the house?''
''Quite indeed'' sighs Kloe, ''I wish I could just sit down and relax''.
Harold who has just finished undressing goes ahead and asks, ''Ofcourse my love. How bout' you come sit here?''
Kloe, who is also just done getting undressed(I don't even wanna picture this -_-), looks at Harold and says, ''oh, you know just what I need, my love. But looks like you have some ice cream spilled on there somehow. Why don't I clean it off for you first?''

Ok so I'm just gonna stop here because this is getting way too awkward for me XD

If 3 people say I should continue I will.

Wait why the FUCK am I writing PORN when I should be GAM MAKKING?!?!?!
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
"If 3 people say I should continue I will."
It's amazing so far, btw!

This is such an awesome thread! :D
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Ok since you guys want me to write another one so bad(Shinan, Jeroen, Kloe and Ocean told me to do so on slack)here you go here's your part 2 you pervs you owe me atleast one map.

Once again, Nsfl.

''There... the ice cream is all clean... but my mouth looks even whiter now'' says kloe.
''Oh dear, nevermind that right now. Come on, you have a chance to sit down now, don't waste it. You know that the master assassin Ace is arriving tonight, he won't let us do this at all!''
''Oh my, Ace is coming?'' kloe says. She looks worried but also surprisingly excited as she blushes deeply.
''I'll try to convince him for a threesome, but don't get your hopes up''.
''That's right, you two are childhood friends, aren't you?'' asks Kloe, ''Well this porn has turned cringey real fast hasn'T it? I mean that doesn't make any logical sense in the storyline and stu-''
''Shut up the audience wants a threesome'' interrupts Harold.
''Oh my, Harold. You are cruel. I like it''. (Some one please save me)
And at that moment there is a knock on the door. A deep voice comes from outside. ''Yo. It's me, open up.''
Kloe suddenly jumps up from Harold's diiiiiiiiiiiii- ok I can't say it, kloe suddenly jumps up from Harold's secret weapon and hits her head at the roof because why not.
''He's here!'' kloe shouts excitedly.
Harold opens the door. Ace quickly notices that they are both naked.
''Why the heck are you two naked?'' he asks.
''Why the heck are YOU naked?'' replies Harold and then they just notice that Ace is also naked.
''Well, I was uhhhh, thinking we could maybe....''
''My god this makes no sense I thought Harold said earlier that we couldn't have a threesome this story makes no sense 0/10 but wait there's harold and ace so 11/10'' replies Kloe.
Ace sees Kloe and wildly jumps up to her knocking her to the ground. Harold tries to stop Ace, but alas, Ace is already pushing himself hard into Kloe's mouth.
''You never learn, do you?'' asks Harold. He just pushed them both up and gets below Kloe because Harold be dam strong yo. Kloe is having the best day of her life .

Ok now you better pay me for this masterpiece.
Doom x Pokemon
Knee deep in a nightmare

The space marine leaps from the hell portal and crashes into the turquoise grass. He lifts his head and looks around as the portal draws shut behind him. The HUD on his helmet attempts to relinquish a stream of data about his environment, but no data is found for this particular area. A different kind of hell, he thinks. But a hell none the less.

He brandishes his chaingun. Eyes dart back and forth from behind his helmet.

Suddenly, movement from the nearby bushes, accompanied with the cry of an unseen creature. He swivels around and lights up the bushes with a powerful hail of bullets. With an awful shriek, the movement ceases. Another demon looking for an opportunity to attack, no doubt. There's no end to their madness.

He makes his way down a path in front of him. Each step is taken with caution as his eyes scan for threats. The HUD in his helmet goes crazy as it detects countless unseen creatures nearby, but none that the space marine can see. He inches down the road until he comes to an obstruction. A Snorlax.

What is this thing? The marine looks the obtuse creature up and down. This demon only manages to block my path. He must want to funnel me down another path into an ambush. The marine studies the Snorlax. No way around. He pulls out his chainsaw and fires it up. Looks like there's only one way forward.
It's okay frogge writing porn is fun lifes not all about gam make you know.