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destroy my mind and body
Guardian of the Description Thread
This fan-fic attempts to put Zakariya into the Matsumori Days multiverse. This progression of events sort of just flowed out of me. I hope it's a natural one. Though, I must admit, I was tempted to shorten "Zakariya" to "Zack" a number of times. Anyway, on with the shoe!

The first thing Zakariya noticed was that his head ached. The second thing he noticed was that he was in some kind of school nurse's office. Naturally, the questions were voiced, "Where am I? How'd I get here?"

"Oh," came the response, "you're awake, are you? We found you lying unconscious in the principal's office. Do you remember anything about how you got there?"

"But where's here?"

"Matsumori High."

"Wait, what? Did you say Matsumori High!?"

"Well, yes. Is there a problem?"

"Possibly. If I am where I think I am, there's only one person who can help me."

The nurse gave him a queer look, then said, "Well, if you say so. Just do me, and yourself, a favor, and stay away from the booze, okay?"

Zakariya knew alcohol had nothing to do with his headache, or how he was found. However, he played along for the nurse's sake. After his release, he went to the main courtyard. As expected, there was a hustle and bustle of students going to and fro. There was, however, a figure, standing still and silent at the center of the crossroads. She lifted her gaze in his direction. It was a particularly surreal moment for Zakariya. Before him was the product of another person's imagination. This may have been true before, but, seeing Mitsuya Masako in person brought it all home.

She spoke with a clam, serene voice, "I take it you are the disturbance I sensed."


"I may not have the abilities of an Arbiter. However, I sensed that something has disturbed the very fabric of reality, and brought you here. Perhaps on purpose, perhaps by mistake. However, one thing is certain, if you will allow me to be blunt: You do not belong here."

"That may be true, but, how do I get back?"

"To the best of my knowledge, there are two ways. One is to find the entity that brought you here, and have that entity reverse the process. The other is to seek the assistance of an Arbiter."

Remembering a small detail, Zakariya suggested, "Oh, is that all. Then, we go back inside, talk to Principal Ogyu, and..."

"I beg your pardon, but, I fear Principal Ogyu retired two years ago. I fear I must admit to having no known information about how we could contact him, or his wife."

Zakariya thought aloud, "Two years ago? As in two years after... Matsumori Days?"

Masako quirked an eyebrow, then said, "I suppose, later in life, I would call them my Matsumori days."

He shook his head, then said, "That's... well, let's just say I'm trying to put this into a certain perspective."

She closed her eyes for a moment. Then, "Very well. I will not pursue that point. However, it does appear that the only option that is available to us is to seek out the entity that sent you here."

"Where would we start?"

"Is it not obvious? Right here, at Matsumori High," she cracked a small smile, then, "where everything begins."
Every misdeed has its own punishment, and every good deed has its reward.
Very...interesting. XD

I would have said different things though, but this was likable.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I would have said different things though...

Can't win 'em all.

...but this was likable.

Every misdeed has its own punishment, and every good deed has its reward.
Can't win 'em all.

There's nothing wrong with the dialog, it's fine. I'm just saying, I would have made a few jokes that did retain an amount of maturity.

I can't stand childish humor, to be honest. That's why Family Guy sometimes gets on my nerves. >_>


Any time, any time at all. ^_^
Okay. This is... long. But I did it. This is the Genis x Etna thing.

Just. You know, Like, NSFW x 10.

I maaaaay have gone a little overboard with this. Enjoyers of Smut, and short stories, I hope you find something to enjoy here. Lockez, I don't know if this is your thing, but your infernal dice system led us here to now we have to live with it.

It's like so long, I am not even going to bother trying to put in in here.

Here's The link.

Lemme know what you think.
Well, that was quite fun Hexatona. I really appreciate how you discribe the situation in such wonderful 1080p detail. I love how a thousand years old demon just fucked a 12 year old? Ughmhyyq...?

Anyways Hexatona sets the high standards on FanFictionon.

I challenge myself to write a very disturbing, NSFL x 10 FanFiction. Not exactly sure which characters to use I'm sure it will come to me... Def NSFL though.

Sorry kloe...
Hi Libby, I guess an AU // Non-Canon of Squall x Cloud? Idk if I'll ever finish it...
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I challenge myself to write a very disturbing, NSFL x 10 FanFiction. Not exactly sure which characters to use I'm sure it will come to me... Def NSFL though.

Sorry kloe...
I like the sound of that... Sorry Kloe though? That's... ominous...

Hi Libby, I guess an AU // Non-Canon of Squall x Cloud? Idk if I'll ever finish it...
You can do it Nessy! Believe in the you, that believes in the Libby that believes in the One Piece! :D
Also I wonder if his other sword is as big as his buster sword...
Well if you like the sound of that Kloe then nothing to be sorry about!!
Now now - let's be clear - this obviously takes place after Dawn of the New world, so he is AT LEAST 14 years old.
do iiiit nessu
let the fanfiction take over :DDD
do iiiit nessu
let the fanfiction take over :DDD

You can do it Nessy! Believe in the you, that believes in the Libby that believes in the One Piece! :D
Also I wonder if his other sword is as big as his buster sword...

But it's such a huge novel hahaha...;;;
@Hexatona hahahahhaha!!!! XDDD

I've never written anything NSFL before.
What do you think of what I made? I need feedback... Did I even do it from the right perspective?
The goal was to write the worst fanfiction in RMN's history.

My hopes are there is someone out there, that can appreciate that.

to: uraiia91@yowhat.b91
from: xxxsentana421@owls.ni

Log 196 - Oct 20XX

I'm not a pushover...I am not a hero either. Somehow, I have always managed to feel like I've just barely. Gotten by.
Under the command of Lash, Black Hole destroyed our entire army, grinded this city and it's inhabitance into the dust of the universe.
And here I am, all alone in a dark alley, with a razor blade, a wet laptop, and a shoddy internet connection...

I am trying to hide. Wish me luck.

I sent the email. It was very possible they would not hear from me again. With out much food, and without any internet connection.
I had been up for a week straight, hard to sleep when your completely wired.
Not the mention Black Hole had conquered this city, and with orders to kill everyone and anyone inside. I couldn't help but feel doomed.
I lit up a glass pipe and inhaled, I had a lot more then I was ever going to be able to finish.

It was pure fucking luck that I found all of this when I did.
I've never binged before... But an army has never destroyed my entire city before, either.
My tolerance was so high at this point that it was hard to tell if it was even affecting me anymore.

None the less, my eyes were open.

"Hey dude mang, you think there's any bitches around here?"

I didn't think my head could of hurt any more then it already did. I was wrong.
When I realized there was no where to run, an endless cascade of anxiety ensued.
I had three Black Hole soldiers looking at me. I looked around anxiously. But, there was no where to go.
I laughed.

"Well. You sure would hope so. Oh my! Hey look at that beauty right there, and with a laptop?" Said one soldier on the right.
"AWWW yisssssss a hot chick and a laptop?!?! FUCK YEEEEE!!!" Said another on the left.
"What, should we do Mr.Sargent?"
"Lash, ordered us to leave no civilians behind... So I guess we kill her?" Said the one in the middle.
The three soldiers noded at each other.

"Hey, let's have some fun with this bitch!!!"
"U-ghh... Okay!" The solider on the left stepped forward and pointed directly at me, with an unbreakable confidence.
"H-Hey slut! Ya you! Y-you looking for a good time!?"

My eyes lit, "STAY BACK!!!!" I shrieked. "Don't fucking come, any closer to me!!!"
I took out the razor blade and held it in front of me. I imagined a world where I survived this.

"OhhhH!!!! YOU WANA FIGHT HUH!!!????" One soldier started punching the air and performing random uncoordinated kicking movements.
"Yeah! You show that bitch Loch! Show them what your made of!"
The soldier pulled out a combat knife and began performing a series of graceful knife movements. Before rushing at me, screaming insanity.

I had never been in a fight before. And here I was, with three soliders that I did not know.
It must of been a game. I thought. It would be a shame to die on my first fight...
The soldier stopped near me and started fucking around with the knife, threatening me with it.
Just so I could laugh at myself I said.
"You know... You could say practically anything to this dumb bitch right now, and still managed to turn her on."

The words managed to stun the soldier, somehow. I wasn't sure what to make of it.
But I slashed at there hand holding the knife.
The razor blade seemed to do nothing though against there combat armor, and it broke. The soldier looked disoriented however.

"Wow! We really hit the jackpot here! Loch's stunned by the bitches beauty?" Commented one of the soldiers squad mates.
"It's time for the good old ZigiZag!" Said the other running to Loch's aid.
There fist connected with my face so hard that nothing but black stars burst across my vision.
None the less I was so coked up on speed that the pain seemed virtually irrelevant to my mind.

I tried pushing the soldier away that had just punched me. But they were to big.
There hands were firmly grasping my arms now, and as hard as I tried to resist, it was futile.
"Hey you okay Loch?" Asked the solider they referred to as Sargent.
"Oh don't worry about me Mr... Minds just playing some swanky tricks on me."
The soldier restraining my arms kneed me in the stomach with the the force of a train.
My body felt like a wet towel, going limp in there grasp. My mind was frantically looking for a way out.

"W-whoa, check out this bitches eyes." The soldiers studied my eyes.
"It appears she's absolutely coked out on something..." Another one began studying the contents on my purse.
"Wow..I have found some strange magical crystals, friends. This bitch truly is just a disgusting whore."
"W-wh-wee-hel-hell I know how to treat disgusting fucking whores like this" Said another pulling down there combat pants.

I could not tell if this was all just a horrible nightmare, joke, or not, but I wanted to cry either way.
There dick was... quite a nice size though... And it had been a very long time since I sucked a nice dick...
Let alone three... Was sort of a fantasy of mine. Not like this, though.
I tried to simply focus my mind on there dick.

"Wh-whoa Loch what the fuck are you doing?!?!? Are you fucking stupid?" One of the soldiers remarked.
The soldier seemed to be smoking some of the drugs they found in my purse.
"Wh-Wh-whaattttttt WHhahwhwhwa WHAfdFUC whoaaaaaaaaaaa." The soldier began gushing out in euphoria. "Hahaahaahahahah ahHahahah haahahahahahhaha." They began laughing uncontrollably.


The soldier began dancing around exactly like one would imagine a lunatic would.
"I';M FUCKIBNG SO RERADDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYY" There combat clothes basically melted off there body and before I knew it my skirt was ripped off.
I found myself being sulfurously fucked now, by an absolutely insane soldier.
The soldier with there dick in my mouth explained to the third. "Hey Sargent do not worry, your turn is next."
The other was losing it, yelling incomprehensible gibberish...
There hot cum filled me up all the way. Never had I felt so much inside of me. They were not stopping though...

"Ughh-ughhhh" The other cam inside my mouth. There cum tasted really good.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FCUUUUUKKKKKKKKKK" The other came inside me some more.
I could not believe how much cum they both had inside them. I guess soldiers ten to come with some sexual frustration...

"OoOoohhhhh" They both collapsed backwards onto the pavement. The soldier who had cam in my mouth panted heavily.
"S-sargent, it's your turn now..."

The Sargent nodded and removed there pants, there dick was just as big as the other two soldiers.
This, time they decided to go for my ass. I felt to weak to make any kind of noise though. My mind was a indescribable mess of thoughts.

Sargent did not reply, they were to focused on there sexual release.
"Ahhh fuck, this feels so good Xoe."

I could not describe, how awkward I felt hearing those words. My suspicions had practically been proven to be true. Forum goers, were raping me? What the fuck?
The person I had just emailed, was raping me. What, are the odds? 0.000000000000000000000001%?

I did not know what to say. My mind slushed around with the movement of there thrusting. Trying to find the words...

"ahhhhhhh fuck I'm going to cum." I could not help but feel, anticipation...
And sure enough they did. And sure enough it was a lot.
I, was still looking for the right words... They suddenly flashed on the plasma screens inside my minds eye.

"Life is an RPGMAKER game..."

The soldiers froze. It appeared they might know who I was, now.
"Wouldn't your wifes be... dissatisfied with your behavior?" I chuckled.
"None the less... It was fun..." I said listlessly.

Tears filled my voided black eyes, the oily black abyss covered every part of my being.

I looked up at the moon.
I imagined a world where I had feelings.
A world filled with imaginary hugs and kisses.

Was is here? Was it there?
Was it no where?

Xoe, I don't know if it was the worst fanfiction in RMN History.

But, in the words of Harry Potter-Evans-Verres:

"It was a good try. It was a very good try."
You would know, I would think.

Thanks though ^_^
Speaking of which, jeseus tap-dancing-christ go read Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality.
i just need to go find me some dex


then i can actually sit down and actually read/listen/appreciate your amazing fukcing novels

of eternal beauty

(undiagnosed adhd)

(seriously it's actually really really hard to even sit though a movie... let alone read hexatona's novels. i try, but then i feel pretty much nothing. and it's hard to get into anything even if it's really good.. so i had better go see a doctor, my parents could never afford one in the past.
in this manor our greatness is mitigated.)
I remember when I was a kid, a doctor wanted to give me ritalin for some form of attention deficit. My mom refused.

I don't really know how severe it was - it can't have been THAT bad. Eventually I found ways to focus myself.

It wasn't so much that I couldn't focus, but I only focused on things I thought were important. It just so happened I thought school was very important. I would often read ahead, and tune out the teacher. Or, if I couldn't do that, I would so something with my hands and just listen to the teacher.

At home, though, I absolutely 100% needed complete privacy and no distractions. I think I was motivated to finish homework as fast as possible because then I could do something worthwhile like play Final Fantasy or something.

My secret was, I feel like I had to distract my subconscious in some way in order to focus on what was important.

Nowadays, if you try to talk to me at the wrong time, I might not even register you spoke. If I'm on the phone, I have to be walking around or I will quickly find something else to do with my hands and the conversation will suffer. It's kinda evolved into a thing where I HAVE to be accomplishing two things at once, if it is possible to do so.

At work, where I have unfettered internet access, I need to distract my brain by either using ear plugs, or listening to VG background music. Something that will register, but also blend away.

As for my kids, one is easily distracted, while the other can't sit still. Apparently, the first thing that made me sit still was videogames. I'm hoping my kids will find ways to cope with what is undoubtedly some mild attention problems in their own way.

Sorry for rambling on, your post just got me thinking.

EDIT: Welp, Xoe, I hope you do go see one and find out either way. It's so shitty living for years with something, and then find out that it could be better and you just never got around to doing it.
Every misdeed has its own punishment, and every good deed has its reward.
Now I shall share a fanfic segment that has roots in another piece I posted on here.

Here, Trevor Philips is attempting to heal from the loss of his teddy bear at the hands of a very twisted girl. A character from the fanfic I most recently posted on here also makes an appearance, as well as a certain friend of mine, and someone Lia would most certainly want to throw off a cliff. XP

In this segment, Trevor is parked outside of a mysterious RV, and Lia is ramping very close to where he's parked...

This has content that could potentially turn your stomach. Do NOT read unless you're extremely tough on the inside.

"Mr. Raspberry Jam..." Trevor whimpered to himself, looking at the sky mournfully. "Why did you have to go?! Why did that crazy girl feed you to her dad?!"

The overemotional criminal collapsed in the bed of his pickup truck, and began whimpering to himself once again. In spite of his friends' moral support, and continually discouraging the value of material things, Trevor couldn't help but mourn the loss of his teddy bear.

While he was thankful that his picture book wasn't destroyed, and Lia was unable to harm his friends at the current time, Trevor still needed a way to end the unethical girl's trolling spree.

"I can't kill that fucking creep without ruining everything for my friends and I," Trevor cursed, discontinuing his weeping. "I'd probably get killed anyway if I tried. How am I going to get that bitch off my ass?"

"What's wrong with burning your posters in the store?!" Lia shouted from nearby, causing Trevor to instinctively hide under the blankets.

"My family owns this store," Khalida replied, sounding like she was reprimanding a bratty child. "They put me in charge, and I make the rules. The customer isn't right if they ruin things they haven't paid for. Now go away, please."

Trevor temporarily took a peek at the hostile scene, and saw Lia marching towards the RV with a terrifying look on her face.

"Fuck you too..." she whispered to Khalida, even though the firm girl couldn't hear her. Lia casually opened the motorhome door, and left it open as she entered while quietly ranting to herself.

Khalida sighed at the insane girl's antics, and returned to her store with a depressing posture.

A flood of ideas suddenly filled Trevor's mind, almost overwhelming the emotionally damaged soldier due to the gratifying results.

"I could spoof a small heist and get this nasty bitch out of here," Trevor said to himself, taking a glance at where he previously saw Lia. "She's got a shitty track record already, and that Khalida girl will sure as hell believe that Lia screwed with her store after that. Then the cops will come, and they'll haul her ass off to jail. I'm gonna avenge you today, Mr. Raspberry Jam!"

Without warning, Lia poked her head out of the motorhome's main door, and gave Trevor a horribly malicious smile knowing he was present.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't the materialistic Trevor Philips," Lia snickered, pleased at Trevor's enraged glare. "What should I trash today? Your truck, or a new stuffed animal that middle aged people shouldn't play with?"

"Neither, you sadistic fuck!" Trevor yelled while tightening his fists. "You're going to want to drown yourself after today's over."

The cruel teenager was about to make another nasty comment, and stopped once the sound of two other individuals communicating were heard.

Lia made an enraged cringe before withdrawing her head, and running into the deeper sections of the large motorhome.

"Where you going, almighty queen of evil?" Trevor shouted, stomping on the ground in frustration. "What happened to the omnipotent badass I was talking to three seconds ago?"

"I am not evil, meth head!" Lia retorted as she retreated even further, which made her voice more difficult to hear.

"Just how big is that thing's interior anyway?" Trevor asked himself before turning around, seeing two young adults staring at him in confusion.

The individual standing closer to him was a male no taller than Trevor was, and wore a mostly black outfit covered by a thin monk-like robe. His black pants appeared to be in a poor condition, as were his dirt-stained boots. His featureless shirt was barely visible, and his hood concealed his face for the most part.

The girl traveling with him was slightly shorter, and seemed very excited for whatever reason. She was wearing a formal purple shirt, a very long skirt of the same color, and a pair of odd-looking shoes. She was wearing under rim glasses that didn't seem to match her pink hair, and had rather gentle purple eyes.

"Are you two going to a cosplay convention, or something?" Trevor asked rhetorically, not actually caring for the answer.

Trevor knew that the black-haired male was already annoyed with him, though his bright-spirited partner immediately restrained him through a gentle push.

"We just want to go inside there!" she answered, pointing at the commodity-filled vehicle. "We'll let you come if you wa-"

"I'm not going inside that fucking thing," Trevor interrupted rudely, suddenly gaining an idea he believed to be viable. "There's a little pest who loves to cause trouble running around here, and she might be inside that motorhome."

"He must be talking about Lia!" the young pink-haired woman gasped, tugging on her partner's shoulder. "Come on, Zakariya! Let's go inside and see-"

"No thank you, Kloe. I don't want to be within a mile of that turd," the apparent Zakariya hissed, stepping backward. "I'll uh...wait outside with this...interesting fellow."

"Okay!" Kloe replied with a smile, skipping over to the large vehicle while whistling to herself.

"Thanks kid," Trevor tried to say without being harshly interrupted. "That blue-haired freak won't hesitate to make people suffer just because she thinks they upset her mother, or would!"

"Any time, whoever you are," Zakariya acknowledged with a hiss, giving the criminal a brief glare prior to returning his focus to the RV's door. "You know what, I'm gonna take a look in there anyway. She'll probably think Kloe's the only one here."

"Do you have any guns?" Trevor asked anxiously, instantly attracting a horrified look from Zakariya. "Argh, nevermind! Just go inside!"

Oh man...maybe I should have shut the door,
Lia thought remorsefully, doing her best to keep quiet as she hid under the bed. But then again, that'd be pointless since Trevor can break into anything! Now that sociopath has backup, and these people probably have phones with them!

Lia's mood instantly shifted from one of rage to worry as the young woman known as Kloe walked into the master bedroom, and visually surveyed the surroundings.

Seeing the phone hanging out of the girl's bag, Lia shoved herself out from under the bed, and snatched the phone before Kloe knew what was happening.

"Trevor can really get everyone to do anything if they don't know him, can't he?" Lia stated with a condescending tone, attracting Kloe's attention.

"Hey, give that back!" Kloe barked angrily, pointing at her phone.

Lia gave the innocent lady a sarcastic snicker, and proceeded to slip Kloe's phone down the collar of her shirt.

"Come get it," Lia taunted cruelly, pointing to her chest. "But it's not going to be that fun if you're not into girls, just so you know."

"What do I have to do for you to give it back?" Kloe asked with a resentful tone, stepping away from the unethical teen.

"Just sit on the bed," Lia told Kloe with a lustful tone, giggling at the filthy thoughts entering her mind.

Looking at Lia suspiciously, Kloe complied with a distrustful expression. Once the youthful adult sat on the bed, Lia proceeded to remove Kloe's shoes and socks, tossing them in the corner of the room.

Lia moved closer to Kloe's feet as her eyes widened insanely, and planted her tongue on the energetic lady's right foot. Kloe let out a shriek once Lia started to lick her foot, though she wasn't willing to give up her phone just yet.

The immoral girl slowly licked Kloe's right foot upwards, and downwards each time she made an unpleasant noise.

"Stop it! Can't you do something else?!" Kloe shouted with a shocked tone.

Lia briefly paused to let out a quiet laugh, and discontinued once Kloe stopped twitching.

Before the pink-haired woman could relax herself, Lia placed her hands on Kloe's right foot, and placed her toes in her mouth. Once Lia started sucking on her toes, Kloe gave a very unpleasant vocal response to the strange behavior.

"Forget it, you can have my phone! Just let me go!" she demanded furiously, causing Lia to stop.

"Fine, I'll quit then," Lia replied calmly, taking her hands off of Kloe's right foot. The stressed youth was about to remove herself from the bed, and stopped once Lia placed her hands on Kloe's left foot.

The lustful teenager started to lick the woman's left foot in a circular pattern, which caused Kloe to panic even further.

"SOMEBODY HELP!" she cried out, making Lia briefly pause in annoyance. The morally questionable girl heard someone walking down the hall, and had a feeling who had entered the RV.

Knowing that the individual was going to have a reaction that would stall him if he witnessed it, Lia continued licking Kloe's foot hoping that the disgusting nature of the scene would incapacitate the assistance.

Instead of received the desired reaction, Lia saw a bright flash originating from behind her, and knew that someone had just taken a picture of her licking Kloe's foot.

"It'd be a real shame if your mother saw this, wouldn't it?" Zakariya said with a sly tone, causing Lia to stop and turn to see Kloe's friend leering at her.

"You're not actually going to send this to people, are you?!" Lia questioned in fury, standing up to confront him. "Do you know what's going to happen to me, Zakariya? Do you know what's going to happen to my mom?! Not only will she be blamed for why I do what I love, my life is going to get screwed up and I'll have to work my ass off to fix everything!"

"You don't want me to post this, and send it to everyone I know?" Zakariya asked coldly, frowning as Kloe tried to wipe the saliva from her feet. "You'll have to do something for us."

"What, you want me to spend the rest of my life doing community service?" Lia growled, looking at the gothic youth furiously. "Or do you want me to be your girlfriend's bitch for a while?"

Instead of providing Lia with a vocal response, Zakariya simply stepped closer to the closet with an eerie smile, and opened it to find a massive collection of cords and cables.

Now I really wish I closed the door, Lia said to herself mentally, shivering at what was about to happen.

Trevor sat on the patch of grass laying in front of his pickup truck, simply playing with a stick until his two new "acquaintances" left the RV awkwardly.

The two were struggling to carry Lia, who was tied up with several cables, and had her mouth harshly taped shut. The ruthless girl continued to make attempts at violently escaping, in spite of clearly being unable to do so.

Zakariya was blatantly fed up with Lia's muffled screaming, and looked as if he was ready to throw her in the river instead of take her to whatever destination he initially had in mind.

Trevor prepared to ask the strange male what he was doing, but kept the question to himself when the two young adults wordlessly threw Lia in the truck's bed.

"She's all yours..." Zakariya told Trevor somberly, proceeding to walk away while affectionately holding Kloe's hand, almost like he had been comforting her.

"What exactly happened in there, my young chum?" Trevor questioned in suspicion, noticing Kloe's feet were covered in spittle.

Zakariya instantly discontinued walking, and gave Trevor a glare that indicated an amount of irritation mixed with pity.

"Just take that horny freak on a road trip," Zakariya answered unhappily, sounding very upset over what happened to his friend. "Drop her off in a place filled with people who saw the picture I sent you when you're done..."

Trevor almost jumped when Lia started making numerous noises that indicated both confusion and rage, and decided to enter the driver seat of his truck. Once the two young adults left the scene, Trevor started up the vehicle's engine, and grinned in anticipation of what he could do with Lia as of now.

"I have the perfect non-violent punishment for you," Trevor told Lia with a confident grin. "I learned about the stuff you did before I got here from that Khalida person, and found out about the guy she likes. I bet he'd be happy if I dropped you off at his house."

Trevor could hear Lia kicking something in the bed of his truck, followed by a series of enraged, yet thoroughly muffled screams. Although the gagged girl was showing it in anger, Trevor knew Lia was deeply upset.

Today had been quite a successful day for Trevor; his hated adversary was on the path to being indefinitely stopped, his prized belongings were no longer at risk, and he could continue with weaker opposition.