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@Frogge: I was actually trying to direct others to write bad fan-fictions rather than ask you to do it. Seeing your response, I'll have to say that my intent was a "Way to fail Sataro!" moment.

*Edit: In a feeble effort to get back on-thread, this page snipe brings a really, really hastily-put-together fluffy-thing based on Uchioniko, of all things.

I woke up with my mind whirling and feeling like it was on fire. She gently drew me closer, a radiant, angelic, smile on her face. I accepted the embrace, and we shared a long, drawn-out, kiss.

Was... I in heaven? Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn't. It didn't seem to matter much longer. All I wanted to do was spend this moment with her.

My mind was still very much in a haze, but, the figure before me began to take a more concrete shape as we embraced. This was somebody I know. Somebody from... my school? Somebody from... the same class as me?

We parted ourselves, out of breath. She giggled, but I could see her more clearly now. I smiled as the flood of recognition brought her name to my lips: Shoko.
“Everything is okay, I am a Dark Knight, even though this is FF IX.”

This line is pure magic, thank you fearful.
You are very welcome pizza :D

Here is more awfully sexual NSFW fan fiction.
Raman Night

a naruto fanfic

Naruto Kun and Kakashi Sensei were eating raman at the local raman shop. The ninja chef placed the two ninjas meals in front of them. “itadakimasu dattebayo!” Naruto picks up the bowl of raman with his hands and downs the whole thing. Kakashi breaks apart his chop sticks, says “itadakimasu” and begins to eat.

“oishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii desu dattebayo” Says Naruto.

Kakashi quietly eats his raman.

Naruto suddenly breaks out into laugher, his fists pounding on the table. He can't stop laughing.

Kakashi looks at Naruto Kun curiously. “What's so funny, Naruto Kun?” “HAHAHAHHAHHJHHAHAHAHHAA oh man the other night I 'sexy techniqued' Konan and had the time of my life with her dattebayo!!!”

Kakashi's mind freezes.

He feels the raman he just ate go down into his lungs, but he does not cough.

Kakashi begins to cough profusely. Naruto looks at Kakashi Sensei worriedly. “Kakashi Sensei!!!! Are you okay dattebayo?!!?!” Kakashi continues to cough uncontrollably. Naruto isn't sure what to do. “Kakashia Sensei!!!!” Naruto grabs Kakashi and performs something that is not the heimlich maneuver. But it works anyways and Kakashi coughs the Raman he was choking on up.

Kakashi breaths heavily, blushing. He has never had Naruto Kun this close to him before.

“Kakashi Sensei! Are you okay dattebayo??” Naruto is resting his hands on Kakashi's shoulders.

Kakashi continues to blush, coughing. “Yeah... I'll be a okay. *cough cough* Accidentally choked on some Raman.”

Naruto laughs. “Hahahah!!!! You thought it was funny too what I did to Konan!!! Oh man that was great!” Kakashi Sensei isn't sure what to say.

“You shouldn't go telling people these things Naruto Kun, how would Konan feel?”

Naruto rubs the back of there head laughing. Kakashi rolls his eyes.

Kakashi rubs there cheek with there figure.

“S-say Naruto Kun... I always found those 'sexy technique' clones of yours to be attractive.”

Naruto grins; Before we know it they are in one of the leafs hotel rooms.

Kakashi Sensei isnt sure what to do. Naruto wastes no time though.

Kakashi Sensei closes his eyes. Suddenly, to Kakashi Sensei's surprise, a male figure is pinning him to a bed. “N-Naruto Kun~~!!!!” Naruto grins and goes straight for Kakashi's dick.

Kakashi gasps for air. It was not long before he came inside Naruto Kuns mouth. Naurto looked pleased. “Ora ora ora ora I'm not done with you yet Kakashi Sensei dattebayo!” Naruto proclaimed.

Kakashi quietly positioned them selfs 'face down ass up'. Naruto was an idiot though, however Kakashi was a ninja of the leaf, and could take the pain.

As Naruto continued to thrust it began to feel good for Kakashi though, as the blood acted as a lubricant. Kakashi moaned loudly. Naruto laughed. It did not take Naruto long to finish.

Kakakshi is beginning to run out of Chakra at this point, but has one last technique left.

He unveils his Sharingan eye.

“N-Naruto Kun! Use your 'sexy technique'!

“At once Sensei!” Naruto performs the 'sexy techinique'. Kakashi has not used his copy cat technique in a long time. But this is the perfect battle for such a power.

Kakashi performs 'sexy technique' too.

“Hahahahahahahaha!!!! Wow Kakashi Sensei you look so kawaiii dattebayo!!!” “T-thanks Naruto Kun!!” Naruto instructs Kakashi Sensei to put on a Maid outfit. Then Naruto begins eatting them out. Kakashi moans in pleasure. They had no idea what this could possibly feel like.

“N-naruto Kun!!!! Wait stop! We need oil!!! Or some kind of lubricant!!”

Naruto pauses.

“hahahahahahah!!!! okay your right dattebayo!! woops hahahah!” Naruto notices all the blood on the bed and rubs the back of there head.

This time felt much better for Kakashi.

Naruto Kun had never heard Kakashi Sensei scream that way before.


It was the next day, the sun was shining and team 7 had a brand new S ranked misson.

Sakura Chan notced Kakashi was walking strangely. “Hey Kakashi Sensei, are you okay? You are walking sort of funny.” Kakashi and Naruto both laughed.

Sasuke Kun and Sakura Chan looked at eachother puzzled.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Is it bad that Im starting enjoy the erotic fanfics
Sounds good to me
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Ok thanks for corrupting me now I want to write more fanfic now

So here you go

Frogge x Sans (NSFW, Mega Spoilers)

Years have passed since Flowy has been defeated. Asgore has been killed and Frisk has left the underground. A new human falls into the underground. Walking through the seemingly empty ruins, he arrives at a huge gate. Passing through, he finds himself in a snowy forest. He walks until he gets to a bridge. Immediately, he is stopped when he hears a voice coming from right behind him.


Turning around, he spots a skeleton wearing a blue hoodie and black shorts along with some pink slippers. He looks handsome. But also suspicious. The human tries to say something, but immediately realizes that they became a silent protagonist. Somehow the skeleton still seems to understand them, though.

He immediately gets hugged and- oh screw it let's just jump to the porn.

-A while later-

The human is making his way to queen Toriel. However, he gets stopped in a yellow hallway with many windows. From the shadows, the human can barely make out who is standing infront of him.

It is sans.

''Are you really leaving?'' he asks to the human. ''I will not let this happen again. Please, stay here. I can't let Toriel die. I can't lose another human when I just met them! Please, just stay here!''.

The human feels a tear running down from his face. As he runs to hug the skeleton, he notices that in just the brink of an eye, they have both been teleported to Sans' Room in Snowdin.

''This is how I travel around. Like it?''

The human looks surprised. Sans just turns away.

''Now Frisk. Let's be together, and you will never leave!''

Sans jumps onto the human making both of them fall straight into the bed. Sans' blue eye seems to be glowing and he is sweating nervously. His short seems to not be there anymore. Wait what the heck is that thing. I didn't think skeletons had one of those-- It seems to be glowing blue. Is it magic or something? I guess we will never know because this is just a porn.

Immediately I feel Sans inserting himself into me. This is getting awkward, but the human seems to be enjoying it.

''I'm so happy you are back with us, Frisk. I'm so happy.''

''Let's just together from now. F O R E V E R.''

The human silently just nods. He could get used to this~

--To be continued? Maybe? Please don't make me write more Kloe ;;--
Is it bad that Im starting enjoy the erotic fanfics

Sometimes, you just want to read some smut.
Well if you want to I dont object Frogge~~!! I have more ideas for fanfic but I want to make Odds fan fiction first.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Btw I'm still willing to read fanfic about me if anyone wants to write any.

Here's a Gurren Lagann fanfic without porn for once. It's pretty long. Triggers: Depictions of Murder, Homosexuality, Mega Spoilers, Slight Perversions, Swearing

--If Frogge was in Gurren Lagann the Story--

Before getting into the story:
To make things easier, each main character has a color. When you see their colors you can tell it's them speaking.
Simon is blue
Kamina is red
Frogge is green
Yoko is purple
Each chapter is one episode from the show.


One chance...
All I want is one chance...
To go back, and make things different...
All I want...

Is to make it so that this never happened...

The bloody knife falls right to the ground my hands. I feel a tear running down my face.

Chapter 1

''Digging tunnels. Day after day. That's my job. We dig tunnels everyday so that our village can expand. And if the village chief is happy, he gives us pigmole steaks. But I don't just dig for the steaks...''

Simon's drill hits something. It seems to be a tiny drill-like object.

''I also dig for the treasure.''

Simon picks up the object, and leaves the funnel. He is fiddling with it and finally ties a rope around it to make it a necklace.

As he holds it up, he notices three girls staring at him.

The girls are talking among themselves. ''Hey, it's Simon!'' ''I don't get it, why does he enjoy being covered in dirt all day?'' ''He stinks!''. The girls eventually leave.

Simon is heading away with his head down, when eventually he bumps into someone.

''Those stupid chicks bothering you again?''.

Simon looks up.


''Come on, don't be upset over stupid things like that. Who needs girls anyway, right?''

''Well that's easy for you too say. 3 girls confessed to you in just this one year.''

''But I never ended up in a relationship with them did I?''

They are both startled when a man slaps them both on the back.

''What were you two talking about without me again?''

''K-Kamina!'' they both mutter, dumbfounded from the sudden surprise.

Kamina looks at Simon.

''Hey, that necklace looks good on ya kid.''

Random anime cut to Kamina's hideout or something.

''Gentlemen, sorry for the delay! Now how's the plan to bust us out going?''

Kamina is holding both of them under his armpits.

''Wash your armpits every once in a while Kamina!''

''Can you remind us why you brought us here again?''

''We're busting out of this stupid underground town today, with your drill, Simon!''


''Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!''

''And hopefully my butt too someday!''

What was that again, Frogge?


Another random anime cut later.

It seems Simon, Frogge, Kamina and Kamina's underlings have busted out the pig moles. Kamina instructs simon to bust through the ceiling of the underground village.

But they get knocked out by the village chief and stuff.

''What the heck were you thinking, Kamina?!'' shouts the village chief.

''And I was this close to you to reaching the surface! If it wasn't for you meddling village chief and your dumb shtick I would have gotten away with it!''

''Going about that non-existent surface of yours again! We have been told for generations to never leave the villages, do you wanna doom us all or something, punk?!'' the chief shouts again.

Ok skip ahead you know how the story goes.

Giant robotic creature falls down the village.

''WHAT IS THAT THING?!'' Everyone screams.

Kamina just casually walks up to the giant ''creature'', faces it in the eye and starts saying stupid stuff to him because he's baddass amirite. Nah ok let's move on.

''Kamina what the heck are you doing! Get back here!''

''You are not my mom! A man never runs from battle!''

''Well a man shouldn't die because of his own stupidity so just come here!''

The ''creature'' gets ready to attack and kill Kamina, but they are saved by some random woman from the surface.

''Quick, run back you two! This won't hold him for too long!''

But Kamina and Simon just seem to be staring at the lady's boobs.

''You perverts!''

They run into one of Simon's tunnels.

''I guess I should show you that giant robot thing I found!''

''Simon I don't think we have time for that right now. I don't want you to die yet I still haven't convinced you to be my boyfriend!''

And then they use the robot fight the monster off go to the surface oh no more monsters and shit now onto chapter 2.

Chapter 2

Monsters blah blah Yoko's friends save them blah blah they go to Yoko's Friends' hideout and stuff blah blah let's just get to the yaoi.

''Wow, even at night this place is filled with light.''

''Those are called stars and the moon.''

Kamina and Simon are both gazing at the sky in excitement.

''I've seen prettier things before. Like Simon.''

Leeron appears and stuff time for another skip yay.

''Well, y'all better get to sleep. It's been a long day, and even more work awaits you tomorrow.''

''I think I'm staying for a bit longer''.

''I don't see why not. I'll stay here for a bit too. Maybe fiddle around with the options this thing has?''

''Suit yourself''.

Kamina, Yoko and Leeron all leave. Simon is now alone with Frogge.

They don't really speak for a while. Eventually, Simon decides to break the awkward silence and starts a conversation.

''Sure has been a weird day, huh?''

''Hey, Simon. After seeing your smiling face out here, I think I decided.''

''Decided what?''

''I want you to be happy. I don't care about my own happiness anymore. I just want to make you happy and see you smile all the time. So from this point on, I'll do ANYTHING it takes to make you happy.''

Simon blushes.

''W-well, I'm off I guess. Goodnight Simon.''


Chapter 6
Cut to the bathhouse part.

''Simon! Help me get to the other side of this wall!''

''Aren't you two trying a little too hard just to see the ladies?''

''Maybe you could help too?!''

''No thanks. I already have plenty of simon here~''

''Hey Gimmy, look for a hole or something!''

Gimmy starts looking around, and eventually finds a hole. Yeah you probably know what I mean if you have seen the episode. Simon flings up to the sky in pain and eventually falls back down.

''I wish Simon did that to me''

''What did you see, Simon?!''

You know the rest now time for another cut.

Simon overhears Yoko's conversation at the other side. He closes up the hole he broke, and goes under the water.

Frogge is just swimming around the bathouse like an idiot and sees Simon.

''I-Is he doing what I think he's doing?! ...d-damn that's cute...''


''Come on jump right in! Gurren Lagann is ready for use!'' says Leeron.

Running away, Simon jumps onto Leeron's face.

''That was so warm!'' Leeron blushes.

''Damn Leeron you are too lucky I wish that happened to me too.''


Chapter 8

Simon sees Yoko kissing Kamina and stuff and runs back hides into Lagann.

''What she does is none of my business!''

''What who does?''

Simon jumps up and screams.

''Simon, is anything wrong? You know you can tell me.''

They just sit down and chat for a bit.

''I see. So you like Yoko.''

''Yeah, but I guess I don't have a chance with her now.''

''Well, if it makes you feel any better, the person I love is never going to love me either.''

Simon stops for a minute.


He jumps onto Frogge pushing him straight to the ground.

''I'm not!''

''Then who?!''


There is silence for a few seconds. Eventually, Frogge blushes.

''Simon, look, I'm sorry. Simon, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, I'll never bring this up again. All I ask is that we remain friends. Is that fine?''

Simon nods. It seems that he feels a lot better now! KAMINA DOESN'T DIE! YAY!


Chapter ???

''Frogge, why aren't you just telling me the truth already?!''

''Simon! I can't! You would hate me!''

and then yay Simon convinces Frogge now time for troofth

''Alright. The truth is... I killed Nia once before.''

''W... what? What is that supposed to...''

''I couldn't live her stealing you away from me... I was so selfish. I wanted you all to myself... So I killed her... And then time paradox shit happened and I went back in time to prevent it...''

But then Simon forgives and they live happily ever after the end.
Simon might be stranger then they appear!
But with the nessisary architecture in place in my fanfic
simons feeling will be revealed to kamina.

Kamina deserves a chance.
Much work on my forum game is required.

Also i have ideas for fanfics frogge!!! Odd is first though.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I'm gonna write some real quick. Not erotic this time, though Part 2 might be... Hahahaha!

Okay, this one can be tagged with Violence (next episode), Frogges, Fear(ful), Knives, aiming a gun at someone's crotch and kidnapping via drugging.

It was a dark and gloomy night on RMN, Kloe was trying to get to sleep while hearing the beep boops of notifications. She wasn't aware of what was happening to her friends Fearful and Frogge though...
"Hey Fearful, wht are you doing in this dark alley at midnight?" Asked a strange guy with a knife
"Oh, nothing, what about you Frogge?"
Frogge's eyes twitch
"I'm wating for Sans and Simon, we're gonna have a good time, ironically since Sans always says we'll have a bad time!"
"Simon? I thought he was with Kamin-"
Fearful stops, Fearful of the events he just inadvertanly set into motion.
He brandishes a knife which is long, hard, sharp and pointy... He points it at Fearful
"W-W-Wh-what are you doing with that knife Frogge? I only said that Simon used to be with Kamina!"
Frogge gets closer, threatening Fearful with the knife. Suddenly Fearful seems less fearful... More fearmaking...
"Frogge, you wouldn't dare harm me, but just in-case!"
Fearful reaches into his bag, and pulls out a black revolver, loads it, and points it straight at Frogge's crotch...
"Fearful! No. Don't shoot me... But don't you dare assume this means I'm fine with anyone else having my Simon!"
Frogge takes a step back, and lowers the knife.
"Haha, I guess this gun strikes fear into you? I wonder how yandere you really are? I guess we'll see... Hahahaha" As he says this, he brings the gun upwards, aiming it at Frogge's face.
Then Fearful starts laughing evily, lowers his weapon, and dissapears into a cloud of smoke. Frogge puts away his knife, just as he feels a sharp pain in his neck followed by feeling weak and collapsing, like jelly. His vision grows dim as he feels someone dragging his body across the ground, and into a car...
Poor Frogge... Find out what happened next time, on Frogge Vs Fearful!!
People can write whatever they want. It's their fanfiction - please do not try to force people to write only what you like.

In b4 someone feels their creative juices are being stifled. If you want to write KaminaxSimon, you go right ahead.
Well I don't want any yandere stuff Libby...
Also when people say they don't like something. I do my best to respect that.

Anyways Odd's fan fiction has to wait a bit.




Chocolate Sundaes

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Chocolate Sundaes

a persona 3 fan fiction.

Yuraki was sitting with Makoto in an ice cream parlour. Yuraki was bored, Makoto was concerned.

They both had really yummy looking chocolate sundaes though. Which they never ate.

Winter was very cold, spring was very rainy. Since, it was spring, it was raining outside.

Overall, it was a particularly bad day today.

But the weather network predicted a nice summer. Yukari looked into Makoto's eyes and said. “Makoto we need to break up.”

Suddenly, a bright fire began burning inside Makoto. But he remained silent.

Yuraki continued to look into Makoto's eyes.

“I care for you, I care for you so much. . . and I want us to remain friends, you are my best friend, Makoto. I want you in my life too. . .”

Makoto listening to every painful word. But remained silent.

“We've. . . never been particularly happy, either of us, but we both held on to eachother.

Just us, no one else.” Makoto looked down, he remained silent, and did not move.

Yukari could see his tears though.

Makoto suddenly yelled. “Why!? Why do you want to hurt me!?? Yukari?!!?”

Yukari, did not know what to say.

As she never wanted to hurt Makoto, ever. Yukari wanted/wants Makoto to be happy.

Her lies though. Her lies hurt him. Suddenly, Yukari's face melted into a wet mess onto the table.

She continued to cry loudly. Makoto watched her with an emotionless face.

“I'm. . . a liar. . . I'm a liar!!! A-and I'm a terrible person. I'M SO SORRY MAKOTO!!!!!”

Yukari continued to cry as she knew it was true. More tears filled Makoto's eyes.

It was always painful seeing Yukari cry.

“Your not a bad person, Yukari. . .” Said Makoto, he looked to the side lost in thought as she continued to cry. He put his hand on Yukari's shoulder.

“Yukari. . . listen to me.” Yukari fought to stop crying. She sniffled, and looked up.

“I want to be your friend, too, Yukari. I want you in my life.” 

A sense of relieve filled Yukari.

But she continued to cry. Makoto waited for her to finish crying.

“Yukari. . . what happens now. . . ?” Yukari sniffled.

“I-I. . .” Yukari thought. . . “We. . . could move somewhere new, and start our new lives, 'together'.”

Makoto nodded and looked out onto the rainy pavement,

He saw a pretty looking girl waiting at a bus stop, she was holding a yellow umbrella.

Here is the epilogue.


a persona 6 fan fiction.

It is the year 2020. And it is Persona 6.

Yukari and Aigis really got it on. Makoto was saved by Aigis thankfully, and is now dating Yu.

They really got it on too. It appears they are all happy.

Yukari and Aigis both have terrifyingly powerful personas! But it's not enough, they need some outside help!!!! Yukari approaches her old boyfriend, Makoto.

“Makoto, I will pay you an exuberant sum of money if you lend me your powers for a large project I am working on.”

Makoto jumps for joy then has sex with Yu for a couple hours.

I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I know everyone is free to write what they want. I didn't say feaful can't >:P (Unless he does want yandere mode muhahaha) (No I wouldn't actually go yandere so go ahead if you wanna) (I can just imagine being kamina muhahaha)

Kloe that is the best thing I read today in my life I'd love to see part 2 hehehe
Frogge wins the war!!!!
Fearful loses.

Xoe wins by default. nya.
Rainbowvein wins by default but must lose first.

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