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It’s a RPG Maker fanfic! And a love story! Yay!

This is a fanfic of the super fun RPG Maker date sim “Heartache 101 ~Sour into Sweet~” by flowerthief, which you can find on RMN here!

This story came to be as a result of RMN’s 2016 Secret Santa event. It’s my gift to Zakariya. Writing this took a lot longer than I expected so it didn’t get published till now. Plus it’s Valentine’s Day so I thought it would be nice to publish a love story now.

This is a young adult sweet romance with a Teen rating (so no explicit rowdy scenes folks :p) . As it’s somewhat long (~21000 words), I couldn’t post it directly here. Instead, to read the story please follow THIS LINK.

Hope you find some enjoyment from this story and Happy Valentines!
That looks amazing.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I thought I'd reboot the thread since someone asked me to write Kloe x Luigi erotica in 15 minutes... Here we go!

It felt like an hour since the Green Plumber had left the room, and left her in suspense. Her loins burned with burning hot passion as she longed for the Moustached Hero to return.
A moment later she heard the click of a door handle, she couldn't see it though through her blindfold.
She also couldn't move. Her ankles were bound to bed, spreading her legs shamefully, leaving them wide open for use by the italian man. Her arms were likewise bound, leaving her spread eagle on the bed.

She started to tremble with anticipation as she heard the unmistakable sound of a fly being undone, pants hitting the floor and felt the heat of his body as he crept ever closer.
In an instant, she felt the pipe of the tall green-hat-ed hero fill her insides, without a single moment of warning. She moaned, unable to contain her pure pleasure. Kloe could feel his warm breathe on her neck, and as the italian started to thrust viciously, she couldn't contain herself, and was flooded with pleasure as she came so soon. Being left in suspense so long had obviously gotten her pretty worked up.
Luigi then removed his pipe from Kloe's nether regions, to the disappointment of the pink haired gal, so she protested:
"Hey, why'd you sto- MMMMPHHH!"
She was cut off but the sudden filling of her mouth by the huge pipe of the plumber. Her most intimate places also felt the warmth of his breathe across it, making her tickle. She got to work, doing what any good Kloe would do, suck at everything. Soon enough, Luigi's breathing became deep, and soon enough he pulled put his pipe, only to explode upon the horny girl's face. She felt it drip down her face, and tried to lick some up with her tongue, but Luigi, disapproving of this, wacked her face with his pipe.
The girl again, couldn't resist an explosion of her own, but that led to the italian plumber's immediate reply:
"Tut tut tut girl, you did it a-twice! It's a me, Luigi, I did not tell you to, so byebye!"
And with that, she was left in suspense, again...
Aaah, a terrific revival! Tres Bien!
a pointless story

Lia and Claire were studying inside the school library together for their upcoming final math exam. Claire was having trouble concentrating on her studies, though. She gazed listlessly at her messy, disorganized notes with a sadness. Her notes: were more a series of littered, haphazard doodles with footnotes derived from the complete nonsense of her mind; rather then anything of use or value to this world. Claire could not help but compare her notes to her friend, Liar’s notes. She could comprehend the stark discord between the two, which she felt was akin to the deep voids between the stars and the galaxies alike. To Claire, Lia had the most beautiful writing she thought a human could possibly have. And anything Lia decided to create, had this divine sense of deliberacy to it.

This truth caused disrepair to permeate through out Claire’s rippling heart.

Because, more then anything in the world, Claire wanted to go to the same school that Lia would go to. She dreaded the day she would have to say goodbye to her best friend, as she had her mother.
Simply put; Lia was destined for greatness, and Claire was average, at best.

She knew this because she could see her friends intellect; which seemingly approached infinity, transcending reality. This was a fact to Claire, a fact as strong as how we can see the moon hanging in starry heavens of the night sky.

Was their something Claire could give her bestfriend before she departed from this world, though?
“Claire, are you okay? You look really sad today! I’m worried about you, you do know this, right?”

Claire flipped threw a few pages in her scrappy note book as she listened to Lia’s sweet words. Her eye’s wanted to weep. The whole universe felt as if it was sloshing around inside her mind as a primordial ooze might, all of her hopes and dreams were incompatible with reality. People come, and they go. This is the law of life and all of creation; entropy.

Lia continued to analyze at her friend Claire with confusion and consurn in her eyes.
“Claire..? Are you okay?”

Claire began to tremble as she tried with all her will to hold everything inside herself, away from the world to behold. The seams of her very being were breaking apart,. Lia rested her soft hands on Claire’s and caressed them. “Claire. I am here for you.”

In that moment, the seams inside Claire’s heart cracked open, and she melted away into library’s table. She was a pulpy wet mess that wished to dissapear into oblivion and never be seen again. Her face was hot, her teeth clenched together as tears rushed from her eyes. “I’m so sorry Lia!!!! I’m so sorry!!! Lia...!!! I-I’m, really going to miss you... When you go! I-I really hope you know that!!!”

Lia scratched the back of her head and let out a heavy sigh, this was a very embarrassing scene to be a part of, but Claire was in pain.

“Claire... We should go outside and get some air. Okay? We need to talk.” Claire returned to her senses and sniffled as she looked up into Lia’s consoling eyes. She felt embarrassed for the two of them, more so then anything else; as all the eyes of the library were now on them. “I’m sorry Lia.. I’m so sorry! Please forgive me, please?” Claire knew what she had just done. Claire rubbed her eyes, “Okay you’re right Lia, let’s go outside. I’m sorry.”

The two of them packed up their belongings in a hurry as the murmurs of the the library pressed against their bodies. They exited the library into the schools hallway, and made their way to the exit. A few groups of students were seated in the cafeteria joking with one another. and to both the girl’s astonishment it was raining outside now, and it was raining abnormally hard. The sky was falling back down onto the earth washing everything and lay upon it away into the overflowing sewers. Claire’s face still burned from her tears, “Oh no... I don’t have an umbrella.” Lia was prepared for this situation though, as always, and unfurled her umbrella. Before Claire could protest, Lia grabbed Claire’s hand. Her gripe was firm on her hand, Claire forgot that she was crying a moment ago. “Let’s go walk in the rain together Claire.” Claire wanted to protest but before she knew it they were both thrust outside in the storm.

Lia kept grasping Claire’s hand firmly with one hand and the umbrella with the other. Claire felt her heart flutter, this was all happening so fast. Where was Lia taking Claire? The world was falling down around them and Lia was looking off into the distance with her destination clearly in mind. It made sense after the fact though, Lia had taken Claire to a safe place under a roof with a bench.

“Okay we can talk here Claire.” Lia lowered the umbrella and sat down on the bench calmly. The heavy rain, the roof, it felt like Claire was in another world safe from anything with Lia.

Lia started laughing loudly, she would not stop laughing. Claire felt confused, and scared. “What’s, so funny Lia? Lia?” Lia looked up at Claire with a wide open conflicted look in her eye’s her face contorted. “I have been thinking about the future a lot lately, I am almost done highschool. I must decided what I want to do next with my life. I have many options and the possibilities are quite literally limitless for myself, but in the end I must decided what I want to do with my life. You are sad that I am going to be moving away to school right?” Lia looked around her surroundings. “Claire, please sit down, Claire.”

Claire hesitated, but sat down next to Lia. “You’re sad that I will be leaving you soon right? You’re sad, right Claire? Well, so am I, okay? I’m really sad, you have no idea how sad I feel inside. You never have and never will” Claire did not know how to respond.

“My parents are going to kill me, Claire. My parents are going to disown me Claire.” Claire was having trouble taking in Lia’s words. She has never acted like this before.

“My parents are going to hate me Claire!” Lia’s conflicted look began to melt into sobs. “I...I, Claire, I.” Claire sat perfectly still. “Claire, I am not going to school.” Claire was stunned. “W-what do you mean Lia? Why would you not go to school? You could go to any school you wanted, y-you’re... something else entirely.” The look in Lia’s eyes was wide and psychotic.

“I think I like girls. Claire. I think I like girls. My parents are going to kill me! My parents are going to hate me, my parents are never going to forgive me.” Claire’s heart began to beat fast but she was at lost for words. Lia grabbed both of Claire’s hands and looked into her eyes. “I know I’m suppose to go to school, but I feel like I can just teach myself something and I don’t even need school. Maybe I don’t need to leave this world yet, maybe I can stay here with you a bit longer.” Claire did not move, she just felt frozen as she looked into Lia’s eyes. Claire's eye’s fluttered and slowly closed, inching closer to Lia.

Claire felt Lia’s lips forcefully connect with her’s.

Nicely done, lonestar! Sadly, a reality a lot of people still face :(

Also, that amv was pretty ballin - but that looks like the anime of a million tears ( :_:) i must never watch it....
Thanks Hexatona means a lot to me coming from you!
I don't think I watched that Anime, but I really liked 5 Centimeters Per Second and Your Name.

I wrote another today, I know it's not fan fiction but I wasn't sure where else to put the story.
You could basically say it's Winnie the Pooh if you want to.

It was just like any other day; I was on a routine delivery route, transferring some exotic food stuffs to a very distant planet on the far reaches of the universe. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye this changed, and I found myself in an astonishing predicament, which spelled certain doom for my self. My hyperspace drive had malfunctioned, I think(?) and I just so happened to have exited into normal space in between two black holes. The two bodies were far apart, I thought, but I could feel the tidal forces between the two shredding my body into a mess of soupy matter.

I died: I must have, but what I could not comprehend was how I still held onto my continuousness(?) I heard a strong ringing noise inside me that grew louder and louder until it was so loud is shattered my very being into small pieces of data(?)

I was thinking, and I was aware, even though my senses were distorted in utterly incomprehensible ways. I found it impossible to determine the size or density of the two bodies. Still, I could feel the two slowly drifting towards each other. Time was an inanity between these two black holes, it wasn't going forward, backwards, left, right, up down. It was folding in onto it’s self in a strange extra dimensional manner that a mere human could not comprehend.

I thought; maybe, an infinite amount of time has transpired, and it looped back into it’s self, over and over, in every single possible way that it could; all at once.I tried remembering my life, and my wife at home. I could see distorted images, I could see dreams we had had together in every possible universe that could ever had been. I thought maybe that’s the true reality; maybe we live out our godly lives in a divine forking manner, and our one perspective here, in this moment is akin to a single hydrogen atom inside the entirety of all of creation.

I began to see fractal patterns, and an infinity of space made of math and time. I saw beings, “here” and they urged me not to give into my astonishment. They wanted to help me, they wanted to teach me something. I remained still and unmoving, I was a watcher, I was the awareness, and it meant nothing and I was nothing.

I saw something that I thought maybe was my wife drift towards me and embrace me with a hug exponentially greater then heroine. I had never done such a thing but I think that's the only way to describe what I felt. I remained still, simply because I knew I was nothing.

The divine palace dissolved around me and I shot threw a tunnel of light and entered the void. Inside the void I perceived a shining black body. I knew what this body was too even though I could not comprehend it. It was every possibility that ever was and ever will be; the root of all of creation.

I drifted towards it slowly, at first. I felt my eyes water but I kept them open, I had to remain aware to learn what the beings wanted to teach me. I drifted closer and closer to this shining black body, and I speed up faster and faster the closer I got. Eventually I thought I might be moving towards it faster then light travels.

I don't know who I am anymore. But I am okay with that, as I wasn't anything to begin with.

I began to feel like I wanted to say something before I became one with it.
Opening my mouth, I then managed to exhale a weak whimper from myself.
I could not think of the words to say.

And then, it happened. The two black holes merged into one, and released more power in an instant then every star in the universe combined multiplied by 10 000; in the form of a gravitational ripple threw out the space time continuum.
Exactly like a droplet of water hitting the surface of a still body of water.

I woke up then; breathing heavily, shaking, sweating. I looked around and saw my wife sitting next to me smiling. “So how was it Mai? What did you see?” I sniffed. Trying to think of a word to describe a fraction of what it was I saw.

“Everything and Nothing.”
Hot dang! That was some damn nice work there, lonestar!

You know, I made something for Ozzy the other day. I should post it here. It was just for fun.

Neville Longbottom stepped forward. He was beyond dirty. Ash and grease covered his face, his clothes. What was left of them was burnt and torn.

The Death Eaters laughed. Voldemort smiled wryly and said, “Well... I had hoped for better. Come now, young man. What’s your name?”

He cleared his throat. “Neville Longbottom.” The Death Eaters laughed again.

Stifling his own laugh, Voldemort said, “Well! Mr. Longbottom. I’m sure we can find somewhere for you within our ranks. Come, come.”

Neville stayed where he was. “I want to say somethin’.”

The pasted smile on Voldemort’s face melted quickly. “Hmm. Well, go on.”

“It doesn’t matter. That he’s dead, I mean. Doesn’t change anything.
We’ve all lost something. Friends, family. People we love. But we’ll still fight you! Every one of us!”

Voldemort’s face resumed its accustomed sneer. He was about to say something, when the boy reached into a mouldering hat, and pulled out a sword.

Neville began a war cry then, and charged the ranks of the Death Eaters. A war cry joined by hundreds of other voices, as they charged as well.

Just then, a strange man walked in between the two groups, and they both stopped to look at him.

He was an average sized man. Mocha skin. He wore tight acid washed blue jeans with a vibrant yellow belt, and black boots. Retro Sunglasses. What was most striking about him was his jacket. It was black leather, shiny and form fitting. On the back, was emblazoned the word OZ in thick white letters. In his hand was a mini Rolandtm Keyboard, with thin metal fold out legs.

As the man walked, he walked with purpose and style. Effortlessly he carried the keyboard, and snapped his fingers in step. In a fluid motion, the keyboard was set up, he turned to face them all, and his fingers began to dance along the keys.

As soon as he began, a funky baseline began to accompany him, and his face lit up into a deep, knowing smile. With every turn of the chords, he began to dance new and amazing dances. A seemingly endless supply of fresh jams and seamless moves blended together into the most unfathomable display of musical and athletic acumen that all present had ever seen. His face took on almost as many transformations as his feet. Each new expression perfectly fitting the tune and move at hand. From silly, to coquettish, shy, angry, exuberant, and ridiculous!

Soon, he began to point at each of them in turn, and instantly each among the throng began to sway and jive in near perfect mirror. Nothing made sense, but it didn’t have to. Soon, everyone was absorbed in the bacchanal. None were immune, and soon everyone held sway to his whims. It was impossible, but this man had done it. Harry Potter was there, alive again. Voldemort danced with Wormtail. Bellatrix danced with Ginny. Dumbledore was there, somehow. And Tonks. Moody, all revived by the ancient magics so long forgotten as to have never been known by even the great Merlin.

None saw him arrive, and none saw him leave. The man, who had never spoken, known only as OZ, had himself long disappeared before the savagery had ended, and the dawn of the new day brought with it a true, and final, peace.

All that was left was his footprints, stained with the soot of the previous day’s carnage. Somehow, they spelled out one final message.

So long, Space Cowboy