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Is the rpg maker mv any good is it worth buying like what stats does it have or am I better staying with rpg maker vx ace thanks
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Get the free trial first and see for yourself. People love MV. I had issues with it, but hey, it's been patched a few times, so I don't know what it's like now.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I'd maybe wait a bit until updates make it worthwhile. It was released in a horribly optimized, unimpressive state and right now Degica is providing some cool updates to the program that actually makes it usable.
It's not much different than Ace. The patches have made it a little better, but there's still some odd changes like the 48x48 tiles that are a bit of a turn-off.
It is not good at all... For me, these battlers are dumb (sorry if some like them)
Plus the best battle script from Theolized is not in MV, or even Victor animated battlers.
It´s limited for now, maybe in the future it will be better.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
All i know is that all the MV games i've played have had abysmal fps*.
The games feel slow. All rpg makers since 2k3 have gone downhill when it comes to frames per second, but god does MV take the prize for being the slowest.

It's battle system is acceptable. I actually enjoy fights, but the resolution of the graphics make it really difficult to make graphics for it so you have to get used to seeing samey graphics. The character generator alleviates this problem, but any developer worth their salt will want to use personal graphics, and MV's resolution will make making custom graphics very costly, as one deviantart user found out when he asked for the price of a single custom battler sheet.

* My pc is not the problem. I can run TF2 with all the settings on high.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
The lag of it is atrocious for me.
Never had an issue with it, myself. :shrug:
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I like the art style a lot and plugins are fun and lots of resources are being made for it and it keeps getting updated, so I like it! I have ace too, but I prefer MV.
Never had an issue with it, myself. :shrug:

yeah but you're a Degica shill so...
Never had an issue with it, myself. :shrug:
yeah but you're a Degica shill so...

Nah, I've just never had an issue with it. Well, okay, one issue tonight on stream but that was the plug-in someone used fucking up completely, not the engine itself. ;p
MV is exactly what it says on the tin. Look over the features list (portability, 48x48 tiles, javascript and more open backend, etc.) and if nothing grabs you then there's no need to upgrade from Ace. MV is largely the same besides its new advertised features.
I haven't used either VX Ace or MV just XP. I couldn't help but read that 48 x 48 tiles. Now XP has 32 x 32 tiles. Is it the same for VX Ace or does VX also have a different size?
As piano posted, there is a free trial for MV so you can check it out as well as see how it would run on your computer.

VX and Ace use 32x32. 2k and 2k3 use 16x16. This means that any graphics from 2k/3 can be upscaled for MV/VX/XP/Ace but the ones for Ace, VX and XP cannot be done so easily for MV (though there are some remade store packs for MV already).

I would wait, but if you see it on sale sure; grab it.
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