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Anti-Procrastination Initiative

You have this awesome game project sitting on your computer, waiting for you to finish it. You recently played this one game you really want to write a review for. Or there is that piece of music or art you've been working on to submit for an event or as a resource. But even before you can start to work on it again, you realise how overwhelming the amount of work still to be done is, how exhausting even thinking about this project is, how hard it is to concentrate on it right now.
So maybe just clear your head for a minute first, and play a little game you haven't touched in years, and for good reason. Perhaps visit some website to read a few forum posts in topics that normally don't interest you. Or just watch an at least remotely entertaining video for a while. Or two, or three, or five.
Because right now,
anything sounds more appealing than working on that project you want to see finished so much.

Does this sound familiar to you? Then I regret to inform you that you, too, have fallen victim to the cruel phenomenon known as procrastination. I feel your pain.

But the times they are a-changing! Welcome to the Anti-Procrastination Initiative! The aim of this event is to provide a frame that encourages RMNers to take the opportunity to overcome their tendency to procrastinate. If you are one of us who struggle to stay focused on a task for a longer time, now is the time to start fighting back, and you can earn yourself a shiny achievement and some Makerscore in the process!

Here's how this is going to work:

Starting on Friday, June 10th, everyone who decides to join this event will have the chance to announce a certain goal (or multiple smaller goals) they want to achieve within the next week. I will write down this goal and the day you posted it. Once you have publicly announced what your goal is, you have exactly one week time to get it done - it doesn't matter on what day you post it, you always have until that same weekday one week later.
If you manage to complete your goal before that deadline, produce some evidence - such as a screenshot, a video, a snippet of text etc. - and post it in this thread. Doing so will count as one success on your part, and you can announce a new goal. The complete event is going to last for about 5-6 weeks. If you can achieve 4 successes within that time, you will be rewarded with the Anti-Procrastination Pro achievement, and you can proudly say that you have overcome your inner laziness.

The Rules:

- Be reasonable with your goals. Try to keep them realistic, so that you don't get overwhelmed by an impossible task. Small but manageable steps are the key to regular progress. But don't make them so tiny and easy that they require practically no effort on your part, either. The point of this event is to become better at combating procrastination, and an empty success on paper will not help you in that regard.

- Try to focus on game-making and RMN related goals for this event. Sure, if you want to use this event to encourage yourself to continue your half-written novel or academic thesis, I can't stop you. But the other participants, and the site as a whole, benefit more from this event if what we do here has some relevance for RMN. (Plus, it gives you a chance to build up some hype for the projects you're working on...)

- Do not despair if you can't make a goal in time. There should be enough time available throughout the full event to make up for missing one goal. Just announce a new one instead. And either way, this is not mainly about achievement hunting. Every little bit of work that you have been enouraged to finish by participating in this event is a positive development in itself. Keep that in mind and you should hopefully be able to use the pressure of deadlines to your advantage, instead of seeing them as discouraging.

Good luck and happy not-procrastinating!

List of participants:
1. NeverSilent (5 Successes)
2. pianotm (4 Successes)
3. Liberty (4 Successes)
4. Frogge (2 Successes)
5. Dyhalto (4 Successes)
6. AubreyTheBard (1 Success)
7. Kylaila
8. Zephire98
9. TungerManU (4 Successes)
10. Ratty524
11. Cap_H (4 Successes)
12. Gredge109 (4 Successes)
13. Pizza (1 Success)
14. captainregal
15. LockeZ
16. JosephSeraph
17. LouisCyphre (2 Successes)
18. Corfaisus (4 Successes)
19. Zero3D
20. Seiromem (1 Success)
21. Illy (1 Success)
22. psy_wombats
23. charblar
24. mjshi (3 Successes)
25. zDS (6 Successes)
26. Mirak (1 Success)
27. MrChearlie
28. WolfCoder
29. Punkitt (1 Success)
30. Chilly (4 Successes)
31. Nirwanda
32. thesacredlobo (6 Successes)
33. Dudesoft
34. Irog (8 Successes)
35. FlyingJester (4 Successes)
36. outcry312 (4 Successes)
37. Marrend (4 Successes)
38. Adon237
39. OpticMagic
40. genxia
41. XoeisCool
42. Jackus
43. Gourd_Clae (4 Successes)
44. Beaker (6 Successes)
45. orochii
46. karins_soulkeeper
47. Luiishu535 (8 Successes)
48. kentona
49. GreatRedSpirit
50. Perihelion (1 Success)
51. alterego (6 Successes)
52. ahillreborn
53. Fruebis (4 Successes)
54. El_WaKa (4 Successes)
55. XBuster
56. Bobhostern
57. Zeebree
58. volke_locke (4 Successes)
59. MikuLeRoux
60. Arandomgamemaker
61. Healy (1 Success)
62. Preki
63. Faenon (1 Success)
64. TsunamiJurai (4 Successes)

Current goals:

June 10th - June 17th:
- Punkitt: 3 or more emotes for Happup - DONE
- Liberty: Redo the introduction of Love in Blue - DONE
- FlyingJester: Get cell heightmap drawing working (again) in my game. - DONE
- Cap_H: Make a world map chipset - DONE
- Frogge: Finish waterfall map - DONE
- LockeZ: Finish dungeon for Iniquity & Vindication
- karins_soulkeeper: Finish "lifesteal" script
- captainregal: Complete Charcoal City and Port Firia
- XoeisCool: Drawings (?)
- Marrend: Finish the Temple of the Spirit - DONE
- Pizza: Sprite and implement three enemies for Songs from Aelsea - DONE
- Adon237: Finish the next branch of Diabolica
- Kylaila: Comment on more music pieces for Summoner of Sounds
- mjshi: Finish Conditional Branch+ script for VX Ace - DONE
- Zero3D: Finish the last 2 dungeons of Nightmare Hunter
- NeverSilent: Comment on chapter 2 of Summoner of Sounds and on the next chapter of Flip Dimensions - DONE
- kentona: Replay and analyse Hero's Realm, and get back into the RMN codebase
- GreatRedSpirit: Create and submit an item script
- Jackus: Finish tutorial events
- OpticMagic: Set up new resources in the database
- Chilly: Make a town and a dungeon
- Perihelion: Finish revamping website and making promo materials for my game - DONE
- Seiromem: Finish level 1 enemy balancing - CANCELLED
- alterego: Draw a backdrop - DONE
- Luiishu535: Finish the Fancy Clothes quest - DONE
- Illy: Correct the first chapter of Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors - DONE
- outcry312: Complete level 3
- Irog: Implement customizable key configuration and develop a save game function based on the save map function - DONE
- Corfaisus: Start and complete Graveyard of Shadows exterior Finalize Custom Message Displays - DONE
- Ratty524: Edit Afropup sprites, finish Pupictya battle sprites, and make the sprites for Mantennae
- Beaker: Finish the cutscene and bio summaries for chapter 3 - DONE
- thesacredlobo: Complete a review for Spirit Blade - DONE
- AubreyTheBard: Finish DynRPG plugin - DONE

June 11th - June 18th:
- zDS: Finish current dungeon Three Ghostly Roses, and make 3 enemy sprites and the data for them - DONE
- Zephire98: Complete some more of Dusk of Renica (maybe up to midway through the first dungeon or the beginning of it)
- Gourd_Clae: Get Bound's demo to a playable state, add two scenes to Degree 3 - DONE
- Gredge109: Get a barebones battle system going for a new Project - DONE
- WolfCoder: Add variety to the world generator (2 enemies, 2 POI types, 1 music track)
- ahillreborn: 30 minutes of gameplay for Imajyeon Tales

June 12th - June 19th:
- Mirak: Finish recipe booklet - DONE

June 13th - June 20th:
- Dyhalto: Write one complete set of support conversations for Valor Emblem - DONE
- Cap_H: Make two chipsets for exteriors and make progress on the world map - DONE
- pianotm: Finish playtesting in time for Illy to meet his goal - DONE
- Pizza: Learn to use the NES palette more effectively
- Seiromem: Make the game's intro again - CANCELLED

June 14th - June 21st:
- zDS: Complete half of the next dungeon for Three Ghostly Roses - DONE
- genxia: Finish rework/rearrangement of a 6 year old piece, and upload it to youtube and soundcloud

June 15th - June 22nd:
- LouisCyphre: Create functioning fairy/navigator commands that consume the party's resource - DONE
- mjshi: Write up forum posts and official description stuff for the script/plugin - DONE
- Fruebis: Finish up some character portraits - CANCELLED
- Irog: Develop a charge attack - DONE
- thesacredlobo: Review Nightmare and Mysterious Room Escape, and update Luxaren Allure LP - DONE

June 16th - June 23rd:
- El_WaKa: Remake and draw new system graphics - CANCELLED
- Marrend: Make a mafia mini-game - DONE
- Frogge: Review Black Winter and The Hunt - DONE
- Luiishu535: Review a game on RMN - DONE
- FlyingJester: Fix the camera controls for the new drawing system - DONE

June 17th - June 24th:
- Liberty: Start designing the dungeon and start setting up a menu script - DONE
- zDS: Finish the second half of the dungeon - DONE
- alterego: Draw some charsets - DONE
- Beaker: Finish off the chapter 4 bios and cutscene summaries, and make the new music needed for chapter 5 - DONE
- Chilly: Get two new reviews approved - DONE
- Corfaisus: Complete Graveyard of Shadows exterior - CANCELLED
- Bobhostern: Write 3 music pieces

June 18th - June 25th:
- WolfCoder: Music tracks, enemy types and POI
- XoeisCool: Drawings
- Zeebree: Fix a tileset for use in a game and start on character sheets of the protagonist and 2 or 3 other characters
- outcry312: Finish initial battle gameplay balancing for level 2 - DONE
- NeverSilent: Continue MotW playthrough, and add flippable levers mechanic in Extinguished - DONE

June 19th - June 26th:
- Dyhalto: Work on complicated defense chapter - DONE
- Zephire98: Complete some more of Dusk of Renica (maybe up to midway through the first dungeon or the beginning of it)
- Gredge109: Place all skills into "armor," work on the characters' stats, and change the tooltip for all skills - DONE
- Gourd_Clae: Clean up the demo for Bound and get it to the second dungeon of the game - DONE
- volke_locke: Complete Syl subquest, open Waystation 2, make alterations to prologue, add new battle music - DONE
- Seiromem: Design level 3 enemies - DONE
- Zero3D: Redo the intro to a secret game project
- El_WaKa: Make the sprites for the 6 main characters - DONE
- Marrend: Create a shop whose inventory is based on items that players have seen in other locations - DONE
- captainregal: Complete Charcoal City and Port Firia
- Punkitt: Sprite three enemies
- Fruebis: Finish one of the goals on this list - DONE

June 20th - June 27th:
- Gredge109: Implement changes to core gameplay, add a maximum of 7 skills per character, and add more enemies and encounter types - DONE

June 21st - June 28th:
- Cap_H: Create interiors, 8 characters, do some repairs and upload it as a resource - DONE

June 22nd - June 29th:
- thesacredlobo: LP Luxaren Allure Part 12, Blue Skies Part 3 and Zoids Whisper Part 1 - DONE
- pianotm: Finish the next page of Bun-Bo - DONE
- Irog: Adapt the AI to properly use the new charge attack - DONE
- Fruebis: Finish one of the goals on this list
- mjshi: Update Conditional Branch+ to support checking for weapons and armors

June 23rd - June 30th:
- Mirak: Design player avatars

June 24th - July 1st:
- Arandomgamemaker: Update Doggie Dayz and fix A Wizard's Quest
- zDS: Complete half of the next dungeon - DONE
- Beaker: Finish Chapter 6 bios, and write three new music tracks - DONE
- Liberty: Continue work on Floor 1 of the Tower, edit some graphics, get a different window style working and finish fixing the item script - DONE
- Corfaisus: Play a game and write a review - DONE
- Marrend: Complete the events surrounding the Temple of the Mind - DONE
- Chilly: Create and upload a Let's Play - CANCELLED
- alterego: Draw 2 dungeon backgrounds - DONE
- FlyingJester: Get multiple cells loading - DONE

June 25th - July 2nd:
- Dyhalto: Finish current defense chapter
- outcry312: Add shop, optional content, and battle details to levels 3 and 4 - DONE
- pianotm: Finish the sewer level for a current game project - DONE
- Frogge: Revive the Frogge's Mapping Workshop thread by making at least 5 more maps - CANCELLED
- Healy: Upload an old fangame project with additional documentation
- Corfaisus: Play a game and write a review - DONE

June 26th - July 3rd:
- volke_locke: Complete revel quest, open up new city and finish its quest - DONE
- Seiromem: Write a review
- El_WaKa: Make/edit 3 monster sprites OR make/edit 4 NPC sprites - DONE

June 27th - July 4th:
- LouisCyphre: Finish class icons - CANCELLED
- LouisCyphre: Do finalizing work on unfinished classes - DONE
- Luiishu535: Finish the last scenes of chapter 2 and test the game until that point - DONE

June 28th - July 5th:
- Corfaisus: Replace all default message boxes with the customised message system - DONE
- TungerManU: Write a review - DONE
- Gourd_Clae: Implement 2 new monsters, create 5 rooms for dungeon #2, implement dungeon #1's Boss - DONE
- NeverSilent: Finish testing Shadows of Adam, and create the first few puzzles for Extinguished - CANCELLED
- Irog: Make a generic range attack function for ranges above 2 - DONE

June 29th - July 6th:
- thesacredlobo: Create new Let's Play episodes for Blue Skies, Luxaren Allure, Zoids Whisper, and Kindness Kills - DONE
- Gredge109: Create a crafting system
- zDS: Complete Three Ghostly Roses' last boss and ending - DONE
- Frogge: Make some progress on current project and start work on the opening of another project
- Cap_H: Write reviews for Bloody, To The Tower's Top, and Fragments of Mind - DONE
- NeverSilent: Give feedback on chapter 3 of Flip Dimensions, and create the first few puzzles for Extinguished - DONE

June 30th - July 7th:
- Chilly: Playtest a game - DONE
- Preki: Finish the first stage of Project: Dystopia
- Perihelion: Get all the dead ends for my game drafted

July 1st - July 8th:
- Cap_H: Create a playable 'tutorial island' level
- alterego: Create more charas and a custom message box - DONE
- Fruebis: Finish one of the goals on this list
- Beaker: Write the easter egg scenes for chapters 7 & 8, and write a few extra rain loops for chapter 7 - DONE
- FlyingJester: Implement directional movement - DONE
- Irog: Adapt AI to properly use attacks of ranges above 2 - DONE

July 2nd - July 9th:
- XoeisCool: Review 2 games on rmn
- Punkitt: Finish the sprites for Hector
- mjshi: Update Conditional Branch+ script to support checking for weapons and armors - DONE

July 3rd - July 10th:
- Healy: Upload an old fangame project with additional documentation - DONE
- outcry312: Test/Update Level 1/ Level 2 - DONE
- El_WaKa: Create 2 levels for Super RMN World 2 - DONE
- zDS: Play through and make improvements to Three Ghostly Roses - DONE
- Seiromem: Create 2 levels for Super RMN World 2

July 4th - July 11th:
- volke_locke: Create a new dungeon - DONE
- Liberty: Complete mapping the first floor , figure out the menu issues, and set up eventing for puzzles - DONE
- LouisCyphre: Finish class icons
- Faenon: Finish designing all maps for final chapter of The Cerebral Symphony - DONE

July 5th - July 12th:
- TungerManU: Finish Telephone Game drawing - DONE
- Luiishu535: Upload some Duo of Doom recordings to YouTube - DONE

July 6th - July 13th:
- mjshi: Finish part 1 of 3 of a game jam game
- thesacredlobo: Let's Play Blue Skies (Part 5), Luxaren Allure (Part 13) and Zoids Whisper (Part 3), and write reviews for Kindness Kills and over - DONE
- Dyhalto: Finish current defense chapter - DONE
- Irog: Add the bill-men unit and build some maps using the bill-men - DONE
- El_WaKa: Make/Edit 3 character sprites OR make another 2 levels for SRW2 OR write a review for Meat your Maker Event

July 7th - July 14th:
- Chilly: Write a composition for a game - DONE

July 8th - July 15th:
- Beaker: Make three new music tracks and finish the cutscenes for the first half of chapter 9 - DONE
- FlyingJester: Fix the coordinate system
- Luiishu535: Replay Feral Dreams from beginning to end - DONE
- NeverSilent: Write a review for the Meat Your Maker event, and post the next installment of my MotW playthrough - DONE
- Cap_H: Create a playable 'tutorial island' level and make a game design document
- alterego: Draw another background - DONE
- Faenon: Make the maps in the editor, as well as the teleport events between them

July 9th - July 16th:
- Fruebis: Write the script for the intro sequence - CANCELLED
- outcry312: Finish 3 SMBX levels - DONE
- Liberty: Playtest Floor 1, make a start on Floor 2, write at least one review, do the 3-hour gammak stream

July 10th - July 17th:
- Luiishu535: Write a review for Feral Dreams - DONE
- TsunamiJurai: Finish a more compact hud and finish editing the menu system - DONE
- Fruebis: Expand the backstory for a character

July 11th - July 18th:
- volke_locke: Complete Skill Books - DONE
- TsunamiJurai: Change the graphics of a city to the new graphics and make it look more organic - DONE
- TungerManU: Write a review - DONE
- pianotm: Create an ogg rendition of La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin by Debussy - DONE
- Chilly: Write a review - DONE

July 12th - July 19th:
- TsunamiJurai: Make a hud for the dash and add the loction to the minimap
- Luiishu535: Replay Feral Dreams 2 - DONE
- Healy: Start work on the first scene of an upcoming IF Comp game

July 13th - July 20th:
- thesacredlobo: Let's Play Blue Skies (Part 6 ), Luxaren Allure (Part 16), and Zoids Whisper (Part 4), and review Cootie Patootie - DONE
- Irog: Add the crossbow-men, develop a weapon reloading functionality and build some maps using the crossbow-men - DONE
- Gourd_Clae: Finish the market system for Bound's hub town - DONE

July 14th - July 21st:
- Luiishu535: Review Feral Dreams 2 - DONE
- El_WaKa: Make/Edit 3 character sprites OR make another 2 levels for SRW2 OR write a review for Meat your Maker Event - DONE

July 15th - July 22nd:
- Dyhalto: Write and upload a review - DONE
- Chilly: Playtest a new build
- alterego: Create battle graphics/enemies - DONE
- Beaker: Create the easter egg scene for Chapter 9 (including the music track), finish writing the dialog for second half of Chapter 9, and make a new battle theme - DONE
- outcry312: Set up and test level 3
- NeverSilent: Write a review - DONE
- TungerManU: Write a review - DONE
- Liberty: Continue to polish floor 1, start work on floor 2, and write a review
- TsunamiJurai: Get a party switcher to work and edit it to match the new hud - DONE
- Irog: Review an unreviewed game - DONE
- Cap_H: Create a playable 'tutorial island' level and make a game design document
- Fruebis: Expand the backstory for a character - DONE
- Fruebis: Start working on the script for another Arcadia at Night - DONE
- Gredge109: Create a crafting system - DONE
- TsunamiJurai: Set up a new battle system - DONE
- Fruebis: Work on some line art and coloring for a picture - DONE
- Gredge109: Finish the first area of the new game project
- Seiromem: Finish writing next Highlander's Realm post, finish World 6 level for RMN World 2, and relax

The TM is for Totally Magical.
Mi mi mi miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...
Got any Dexreth amulets?
You're on the list, pianotm! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create.

And huge thanks to kentona for helping me set up this event and promoting it on the site!
I still need a 48x48 image for the achievement (without borders - the site adds that automagically) - and I barely did anything. All I have done is linked to the thread and posted some banners.
You can make that your goal! :3

I'll join this. God knows I need to not procrastinate so much.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I'm in. Sounds like fuuuuuuunnnn I'm gonna regret this
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I still need a 48x48 image for the achievement (without borders - the site adds that automagically) - and I barely did anything. All I have done is linked to the thread and posted some banners.

I already sent that Image to you before, but maybe it didn't work. I'll just send it again.
And I would never have thought about those banners and other things if you hadn't told me, and you gave me advice on how to organise this. Plus, I have no access to the site's database, so...

Liberty and Frogge, welcome to the list!
I would totally do this, but university is just too goddamn insane right now.

I'm taking a summer class that's the most condensed thing I've ever taken, and I have barely any free time at all. :s Story of my year.
Hmm, sure, why not. Let's see if I can finish the DynRPG plugin I just started working on within a week, it's a relatively uncomplicated one.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
This looks really fun and is a super cool idea, I procrastinate a lot... I just don't have anything to do for it...
Good luck everyone though! :D
Oh.. hmm. Sure, why not! I'm generally okay with things, but I've been a little out of it recently.

1. I want to comment on more music pieces before the event runs out on .. 16th?
I had about 40 already, 100 would be neat. Double achievment for double success.

2. I've been meaning to go back to regular Japanese practice. I'm the type to go for all or nothing, often, and knowing I won't be able to follow all of the lectures, I kinda let it slip entirely.
So .. that's for easy starters daily vocabulary and kanji practice.
-> doing Anki daily (flash card program)
-> doing .. say .. 2 kanji per day.

That's very doable.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I'll do this. Sign me up!

Write me down, Mr. Talkative. I need to finish my sophomore adaptation and than I'm free to go. It's perfect frame for a smaller game.
Throw me on there too.

I'll be out of town on the 10th, but should still be able to put in some work on my projects when I return.
who could forget dear ratboy
I'll do this
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
isn't this release something but with a bit more planning? are you the new lys?

anyway i'll be gone for the summer so it's a no-go for me.
Sign me up. Working on Glacia is getting to the tedious bits.