Got any Dexreth amulets?
Good work, everybody! Everything in the OP should be up to date again now.
Just for your information, the Anti-Procrastination Initiative is going to end on July 22nd. So there's about a week and a half worth of time left. Based on how much you all have managed to get done so far, I'm very confident that's enough for a lot of people to finish their fourth goal, or even more.

Oh, and I finished part of my own goal as well. Here, see?
I did the menus


It took me the whole day almost... 8 hours
Don't worry too much about it. Sometimes the people in charge of the submissions queue just have a lot of other stuff to do, and it can take a while for them to view individual submissions. But either way, since you posted screenshots of your game a while ago, I have already counted this goal of yours as successfully completed. As far as I'm concerned, and if it's feasible for you, of course, nothing is stopping you from starting your next goal at this point. You don't have to feel obliged to wait for your project to be publicly available before you can work on something new.

Okay, then! Goal for this week is to get the first scene started on my upcoming IF Comp game! Everything up to the, y'know, part with actual puzzles and junk, at least.

Well, I got the reviews done for this week. So, this should cover all of my goals for the week.

Next Weeks Goals (July 13th - July 19th)
Let's Play
1) Blue Skies - Part 6
2) Luxaren Allure - Part 16
3) Zoids Whisper - Part 4

1) Cootie Patootie
Goal 2 is done

that is the second half

the part from goal 1 is done (the menus are posted bit earlier if you havent seen it)
The TM is for Totally Magical.

I figured I could a make a royalty free piece of classical music without stressing myself out too much. So, there's that done, and here's another.

Got any Dexreth amulets?
Well done, everybody! This is all looking very good.
Congratulations and huge kudos to pianotm! You managed to get your fourth goal (and more) done even though the circumstances were conspiring against you. So you have all the reason to be proud of yourself.

I'm glad you're back and had the chance to work on some things. I'm sorry I forgot to ask you this earlier: Would you like to announce a new goal now or within the next few days? You're only missing one more Success to receive the achievement, and I honestly think you deserve to get it.

Sorry, I'm having a little difficulty keeping track of your goals. If I understand everything correctly, you've finished work on the main menu HUD, and also remade the city maps as planned, correct? So your current goal is now to work on the dash mechanic or HUD. Is that right, or did I put something wrong into the OP? Thanks!
Goal 6 done: Add the bill-men unit and build some maps using the bill-men.

A bill-men attacks at range 2 but, unlike the archer, he can't attack behind an obstacle. On the other hand, he can charge the enemy. He is the unit of choice for your second line and provides excellent support when your formation charges the enemy.

Next goal: Add the crossbow-men, develop a weapon reloading functionality and build some maps using the crossbow-men.
@NeverSilent Oh, I probably should announce one more! Not sure what I should do... Eh, this should work!

Goal 4: I'll finish the market system I wanted to implement into Bound's hub town.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
ah shit sign me up as a failure

I pulled down a bunch of work hours (read: money) so I'm not gonna complain; though.
Sorry, I'm having a little difficulty keeping track of your goals. If I understand everything correctly, you've finished work on the main menu HUD, and also remade the city maps as planned, correct? So your current goal is now to work on the dash mechanic or HUD. Is that right, or did I put something wrong into the OP? Thanks!

Yea. I finished the map making and the menus. I just need to finish the dash hud and add the map location to the minimap
Finished my 7th goal. Unfortunately, I accidentally pressed F12 to take a picture of the end screen. The final boss(es) were pretty damn tough and the cutscenes were pretty long, so I'm wondering if I might be able to prove myself by telling something? I guess I'll just spoil the end, just in case.
Sidisin was defeated, Willis became an Angel, Raiko became the king of Nivlanta, Lucian became the leader of Vedanta, Azura went back to Cindel Island and the world was saved.

I hope that will suffice since I really don't want to fight the final bosses again. :/

Another thing I guess: this awesome song plays during the finale:

In any case, my 8th goal will be to review Feral Dreams 2. As a little bonus, I'll also go back and read my review of FD1 in hope of spotting any grammatical errors and/or typos.
Oh damn, life got in the way and I couldn't finish any of my goals, but I'm back to try to complete them again, my goals will be the same of the past week
Goal #1 COMPLETE : Write one complete set of support conversations for VE
Issued : 06/12/2016. Completed : 06/18/2016
Goal #2 COMPLETE : Try and start-to-finish this complicated defense chapter by the end of the week. Keyword is Try :3
Issued : 06/18/2016. Completed : 06/24/2016
Goal #3 FAILED : Finish this defense chapter.
Issued : 06/24/2016. Incomplete due to IRL interruptions.
Goal #4 COMPLETE : Finish this defense chapter.
Issued : 07/06/2016. Completed : 07/14/2016

I'm a day late, but how about an A for Effort? Coding the sappers to blow up walls and then making enemies enter was more of a nightmare than I anticipated.

Goal #5 : Write and upload a review.

Got any Dexreth amulets?
I've updated the OP to include your newest successes. Great work, everyone, this is some pretty impressive-looking stuff right there!

Are you sure you don't want to try and go for another goal or two? There's still some time left. And either way, you've already achieved two successes and, as you said yourself, gotten quite some other work done. So there's no reason to call that a "failure" regardless.
Whatever your decision, thanks for participating!

That's fine, no problem. A screenshot of one of the last bosses or something rather than the real end screen would have been absolutely sufficient as well - nobody expects you to play through the endgame again for this event. No worries.
Goal 3:

I wasn't able to add the map location on the minimap but I can keep trying
Mission Complete: I reviewed Cootie Patootie (how's that for a title?):


There's a new build of the game I've been play testing, so I'm going to get to that next (I suppose that's more of an extension of a previous goal than a new one.)
I did, something...

Last goal: Battle graphics/Enemies.
Goal 5 done:


That one was tough. I got busy after the weekend, but somehow I managed to just barely make it.

For goal 6, I'll want to create the easter egg scene for Chapter 9 (including the music track), finish writing the dialog for second half of Chapter 9, and make a new battle theme.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I accidentally put a few new goal down for the wrong day. Oops. It's fixed now, though.

This is some really good stuff I'm seeing! Just one more week, keep it up! And special congratulations to Chilly for completing your fourth goal! You have successfully struck back against procrastination. Well done!
By the way, I think that is a perfectly valid choice for your new goal. Good luck!