Jack of Most Trades
Okay, time to get started!

Goal 1: Finish writing the Conditional Branch+ script for VX Ace
Goal 2: After releasing that, convert it to Javascript for MV use
My first goal is to finish the last two dungeons in one of my games, Nightmare Hunter. The two dungeons are almost complete but I have been putting them off for months.
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A general reminder:
Try to keep your goals manageable. You only have one week's time to complete each one of them. If you have one big goal you want to have achieved by the end of the event, then try to spilt it into multiple smaller goals.
And while encouraging productivity is the main point of this event, please also try not to overexert yourselves either. ^_^

My goals for week 1 are as follows:
Comment on the submissions for chapter 2 of Summoner of Sounds, and play another chapter of Flip Dimensions and give feedback to the creator.
As a voluntary stretch goal: Finish implementing the mechanic used for ground switches in the puzzles of my current project Extinguished.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I guess I should sign up for this:

Goal 1 (Game related): play through Hero's Realm, assessing the graphics, gameplay, and music, fixing minor bugs, and prepping it so that we can begin work on custom resources.

Goal 2 (Site related): Refamiliarize myself with the current status of the RMN codebase.
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Kentona, that is awesome and you're awesome! Welcome to the Initiative.

On a related note, everyone please feel free to help and/or encourage your fellow anti-procrastinators at any time.
For all those hesitating:

Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm not really sure I'm happy with what I have come up with in regards to this puzzle, or it's solution. I might come back to it later on and come at it from a different angle. For the moment, I want to focus on monsters and the pre-puzzle-room floor-plan. If that makes any sense.
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Marrend, if you'd like to talk about puzzle design with someone at some point, feel free to send a message my way, too.
I said I'd make a script for somebody so I might as well throw my hat into this fiasco! My goal is to:

1) Make a script so that when a item is used it will execute an eval in two contexts: A general fired once when the item is used and a specific one on for each target of said item. Basically give items a bit of horsepower through consuming scripts instead of whatever silly hardcoded limitations they currently have.

2) Make sure to hook it up with my json loader because I can probably make use of this script personally so why not? I might even submit my json loader one day! (because noteboxes are garbage)

3) The hard part: Actually submit it to the site! This includes having to write some basic documentation, help, and a test project akin to my only submitted script. This will get me more makerscore so I can upload more silly gifs to my locker.

e: also quit procrastinating and update my avatar. I lost where I put my intended next one so I'll have to find the source image and crop/resize it again.
Goal #1
I will uh.. finish up to the tutorial events in my game. I keep getting distracted from it <_<
This is going to be my first RM project in years so I'm excited to be able to start again with this little community event.

I recently found a great RTP revamp pack from a Japanese RM community so I'll be renaming them and setting it up on the database for my first goal!
I'm very high on the procrastination scale: despite working on games off and on for years, I never get as far as completing a dungeon, let alone developing enough that could qualify as a demo. Recently, I made most of a town, drafted an overworld map, picked out the scripts (and modified them) for my battle system, and wrote out the plot for my game (mostly during coffee shop trips), and I still felt like something was missing. Thus, I stopped working on the thing for awhile.

So, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to keep the scripts and my game's title, and perhaps some other elements (at least one or two of the characters' personalities, for example), and I'm going to otherwise start it over and have discipline. One of my new year's resolutions was to finish an RPGM game--regardless of whether it was any good--so I could add something of some sort to my gameography (I made some quirky little games years ago when I was young, but I don't count them as 'real', so to speak), beyond a brief text adventure that I put together for a dev event on another website (it was an adaptation of a longer project that I hope to finish at some point.)

Over recent weeks, what I've realized is that making one of these games doesn't have to be difficult (it isn't like I'm Squaresoft), but I have a habit of making, or believing things to be, more complicated than they actually are.

Goal #1: Make a town and a dungeon. It can be entirely in RTP: all I care is that I make something.
Count me in. I'm usually pretty good about being productive, but I've been dragging my feet over some things I don't want to do.

Goal #1: Finish revamping my website and making all the promo materials for my game.
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Sounds great, you all! I've put your goals in the OP as well. Good luck!

We've reached a total of 50 participants now, by the way!
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Goal #1: Finish level 1 Enemy Balancing
Tempted to do this. It's the weekend, so it's my allotted "stare at rpg maker and or photoshop and do nothing" time anyway, so why not? ...Do I get anything if I try very hard but don't get anything done? A badge with a sad turtle on it and worth 0 makerscore maybe? (I would actually not do anything just to get my hands on a badge like that. xD)

First goal: Draw a backdrop.
Goal #1: Finish the Fancy Clothes quest for Dope Quest: Straight Outta' Herbtown.

Progress: Almost done with the first scene with Kentona.
Goal #1: Correct the first chapter of Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors and release it once my testers are finished testing it!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Goal #1: Correct the first chapter of Final Fantasy: Sky Warriors and release it once my testers are finished testing it!