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Hey guys, I need some support onĀ Emerald's Skill Tree. The script itself works fine, but I'd like some support on how to create an item that can give any actor that consumes it a skill point. Is this possible?
My quick and dirty way would be to make a regular consumable item, give it HP Healing damage, and in the script box add:
a.total_tree_points += 1; a.tree_points += 1; 0;

Change the 1 to how many skill points you want to give.

Test a save/load, I'm not sure if it'll persist with how weird the script handles the points.
Works on my end (barring an issue where the game decides somebody at full hp clearly can't use a HP recovery item! What hogwash!). Does it not give any SP to your target actor?
Yeah, no go, I'm not getting any SP gained when I use the item. I went ahead and made the item give 100 Max HP because Fuck It, so that solves that problem at least.
That's weird. Here's my test project with the default script (upgrading the spell on the right crashes the game, I fucking wish more people would include simple demo projects that they test with >:x ). See if there's any difference in what you're doing and what I'm doing or if your steps lead to the item having no effect and I overlooked something.

Is the version in your game still v1.5d? Maybe you have an older version where something was changed breaking compatibility with my horrible hack.
Haha, I'm so crazy, I put that script you gave me in the Note box and not the Formula box. I didn't know script calls worked there! But it works for now.

I'll keep playing around with it to see if it breaks.
Alright, I'll throw something together so that it can go in the notebox (and so that it isn't doing dumb hp checks for consumable items and it actually feels like a real item and not my latest five second hack). It'll be... sometime this weekend (yay work deadlines
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