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I'm a guy who hasn't "loved" Zelda since A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening. That's a long time to just be kind of "meh" towards this series... but today? With Nintendo officially slapping a name on the next game in the series and finally showing it off? I'm already stoked. Really stoked.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an open world game seemingly set in the future (or something?), as Link is brought back to life, or out of some kind of stasis, in a place called the Shrine of Resurrection.

From there, we get to observe...

  • Voice acting and branching dialogue choices.
  • An expansive open world with ambient sound effects taking the center stage, no constant overworld music to be heard.
  • A jump button.
  • No healing from hearts. You have to eat and cook food to restore health now.
  • Hunting wild animals.
  • Gathering and crafting systems.
  • Several weapons within the first few minutes, only one of them being a sword.
  • Stealth mechanics.
  • Few signs of humanity as a lone old man says that Hyrule is in a state of decay.
  • Item durability.

I could go on, but these two videos should do all the talking:

The game world seems absolutely tremendous, and the fact that it seems to be a futuristic Hyrule that is full of lifeless ruins and an absence of humanity could make for a very lonely yet immersive experience. Honestly? I feel like this could end up being a REALLY stellar game!

Remember, it will be out for both Wii U and the NX when it launches.

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Also I'm at work so I can't watch the videos but
  • No healing from hearts. You have to eat and cook food to restore health now.
  • Gathering and crafting systems.
  • Stealth mechanics.
  • Item durability.

(Maybe Nintendo can make these interesting but I'll take the safe bet on 'No'.)
God, it's so weird to miss an entire Nintendo Console Generation.

Also, you neglected to mention climbing.

Let's just say I'm viewing this game with dread but cautious optimism.

I think some of the conclusions you reach are premature.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Yeah those features feel dangerously close to being "not Zelda" but this looks amazing judging from the trailer.

I hope this game offers a similar non-linear experience as the NES/SNES zelda games.
Yeah those features feel dangerously close to being "not Zelda" but this looks amazing judging from the trailer.

I hope this game offers a similar non-linear experience as the NES/SNES zelda games.

I'm kind of thinking that might be how it feels. The first game just had a few random people in caves and such, and I think the only person other than Link who has been seen in this one so far is the old man who tells him that Hyrule's in a state of decay or whatever. I'm wondering if this incarnation of Link (are they different Links or what? I have no idea, I'm not up to speed on the Zelda timeline) was brought out of stasis/sleep/etc. long after Ganon prevailed and wiped out Hyrule or something. I'm REALLY curious to see why there are no apparent signs of a current civilization in the game. They're really going out of their way to avoid showing other NPCs beyond the old guy near the start.

There's "something" towards the end of the trailer that Link activates that could maybe be a dungeon entrance or something? There are some pretty huge looking baddies outside though, so who knows what they're doing.

(Maybe Nintendo can make these interesting but I'll take the safe bet on 'No'.)

Some of their design decisions do sound pretty anti-Zelda in nature but, from what I've been reading, those who have been able to play it today have been pretty impressed. I'm optimistic for now, at least until we see more.
IGN did a first-impressions and an interview with Aonuma. I thought this part was really intriguing:

"Nintendo isn’t afraid to emphasize how different this adventure is from its predecessors, even in the game’s name. “Even the subtitle itself is different from previous Zelda titles,” Aonuma said. In past games of the series, he explained, Nintendo would use item names like Skyward Sword or character names Twilight Princess as the subtitle for a new game. For this project, Aonuma worked closely with Nate Bihldorff from Nintendo’s Treehouse over the span of many months before they landed on the name, Breath of the Wild. ”It took a while,” Bihldorff said, “We talked a lot about plot points and items and characters, but what we kept coming back to was that the world itself is really the soul of this game.”

To Bihldorff, the stark, final image shown in the trailer really represented what the game was all about. “The ruined, crumbling masonry and the quiet field with a breeze running through it,” he said. “The sense of melancholy that pervades this place, what was once a beautiful kingdom is now fallen to ruin really felt like the soul of the game to us.” We found a Goddess Statue sitting inside the ruined Temple of Time Bihldorff described. The sad scene sets up so many mysteries that appear to be an integral part of the next Zelda.

“Really, the world is the main character,” Aonuma added.
I really approve the trailer of the game. Instant success if things
don't go wrong.

Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Boy am i excited for this game. That i will never play.
But hey! There will always be longplays and such.
Can't wait to see how the NX version will look like. The Wii U version seems to have a lot of bland areas, lacking in detail. I am guessing that the NX will improve upon some of that, mainly since the Wii U version's pretty inferior.

I love the cel shading art style though! The new features sounds a lot of fun. It's also clear that the main inspiration comes from the original's open world-style of gameplay.

I was hoping to see some footage of any of the dungeons, but I suppose that showing that stuff might contain certain spoilers that they didn't want to show.

The biggest surprise for me was the return of Koroks: hopefully we'll be able to see all of the different races coming together into one game! Even Wolf Link is in the game, so it's entirely possible that we'll see more returning stuff like that in the game. Flying on the back on a Loftwing (without the motion controls, hopefully) around the new Hyrule would be pretty rad.

I also hope that there will be a town, or at least a village in the full game. Although, since the game is more about survival now, I wouldn't be surprised if they would ditch towns altogether for this one.
Notes from someone on NeoGAF who appears to have played it at E3.


•Open world, go where you want from the start. Obviously some places you wont be able to reach until you get an item.
•Link can jump, climb on anything, swim, run, all governed by a stamina meter.
•Dynamic weather effects the game, if there is wind you can use it to spread fire. If there is a thunderstorm metal can be struck by lightning. Rain will put out fires.
•Temperature plays a role, link cant go into an area too hot or too cold or he takes damage. Need to get better clothes. Or build a fire to stay warm, or use a torch. Or cook various objects and make a potion that gives certain resistances.
•There are shrines scattered around the world, over 100, each have trails of puzzles or combat. Treasures and sometimes new skills are found within. These are not the full dungeons you will also find.
•There are enemy base camps, some have a treasure chest that only opens when you clear the camp.
•You mark the world map. Its not filled with a ton of stupid markers. If you see something you cant reach yet, leave a treasure marker, or an enemy marker for a tough enemy.
•The E3 demo is only the plateau, a small elevated chunk of land where you can spend hours and hours exploring and its like 2% of the full game.
•There will be towns and NPCs but most have been removed for the demo.
•There are hidden Kuroks all over the place, this is from WW so this is tied to that timeline.


•Giant physics based playground, everything is governed by physics. See a boulder, roll it down a hill, it may crush enemies. Can cross a chasm but see large trees, chop it down to create a bridge.
•Fire reacts like fire. If you have a wood club put it in fire and now you have a fire club to light up enemies. Need to make a fire, cut trees to gather wood, find flint, put the two on the floor, use a metal object to strike the flint it mixes with the wood now you have a camp fire to cook. See withered grass, set it on fire and let the wind spread the fire.
•You can obtain a hand glider to fly around the massive world. You can use hot air from a fire to make the glider rise.
•One item is the magnet, it allows you to manipulate any metal object in the world. See a metal box, cant break it with normal items, pick it up with the magnet and crush it against something. You can located hidden chests under water and make it rise. You can pick up metal platforms and use it to crush enemies. You can throw your sword on the ground, use the magnet to pick it up and then swing it around using your magnet power.
•One item is called stasis it freezes an object in time. See gears moving some platforms or a bridge, freeze it. See giant metal spikes rolling around, freeze it. See a seesaw bridge that doesn't let you cross when too much weight is put on one side, freeze it.
•Stasis can be used to freeze any static object then you can hit the object with your sword or another object which transfers kinetic energy to the frozen object so when the stasis wears off that object will explode in the direction you were hitting it. This can be used to launch boulders into the air like a cannon at enemies.
•You get two kinds of bombs, one is round so it can be rolled and one is square so it can stay in one place. You have unlimted bombs, they are on a timer. All bombs are remotely detonated. You can place a bomb, lure an enemy to it and boom. See an enemy hut with explosive barrels, roll a bomb into it and watch it explode to oblivion. you can use bombs to launch objects the same way you do with stasis.
•There is the water ice maker thing. This lets you turn any body of water into a column of ice. See a gate with a puddle of water under it, raise the water up to raise the gate. An enemy is firing lasers at you while you are in water, create cover by making columns of ice. See a freezing body of water that link will die if he goes in, create the ice pillars so he can jump across.


•Mostly its like WW/TP but with new options. If you dodge at the right time you can do a fury strike which slows things down and allows for a super combo of attacks.
•You can pick up any weapon and use it, they degrade fast so you need to stock up on them. All of it governed by a stats system. Enemies drop weapons too, which you can pick up. Different classes of weapons fight differently like a spear is fast and used for thrust attacks. An axe is slow but powerful. Clubs are big and slow and can be put on fire.
•If you fight a skeleton you can shoot its head off and the body will search for the head, if you destroy one head and anothers body, the one without the body will pick up the head from the other guy and reform. You can also rip off an arm and use the arm as a sword, a sword that is constantly wiggling its hands to reach its body.
•Need to find a shield, killing enemies is best way to find them. Or sneak into their camp as they sleep and steal one.
•You can hop on the shield and use it to sled down mountains.
•Enemies can be scouted with the scope which reveals their health bar, most grunts are easy but the demo had plenty of super hard enemies that link was not ready for.
•Enemies have alert states that are shown with classic MGS ? ! icons. They will investigate sound, which you can keep track of with the sound meter. You can sneak up on enemies and do a stealth kill.
•With the arrow you can do some jump slow motion attack that freezes you in the air to aim and shoot.
•Horse back combat is back and its like TP, you can do combos like jump off horse enter glider then do slow motion arrow attack.
•Need arrows, why not taunt enemies to have them fire arrows at you while you dodge them then pick up those arrows to use against them.
•There was a giant rock monster that did insane damage where link had to climb it to reach its weak point.
•Guardians are all around, not sure what activates them but when they come alive watch out, their laser takes like 8 hearts.
•Red and blue enemies are back just like in Zelda 1. Blue enemies are far harder.

Gathering and Cooking

•Tons of stuff to gather around the world. Most of it is food, apples, meat, mushrooms, fish. Use those for health. You will not find hearts around the world.
•If you don't cook stuff you get a small heart increase. Cook meat and it will heal better. If you cook at a campfire its not a big increase, cook at a cooking pot and you get a big boost.
•At a cooking pot you can mix all kinds of ingredients, throw in plants that give better stamina with some apples and other foods and you may make an elixir that gives you more speed for a certain amount of time.
•All experimental, try countless combinations to get different potions and food items that will aid you.
•One mix gives you 4 extra hearts on top of your 3 that stay with you until you get damaged. Great for fighting tough enemies.
•Lots of ore and other resources that seem to be used to craft but that wasn't shown. Lots of stuff says it can be traded in for rupees which like hearts do NOT appear in the world.
•You can cut down grass to look for insects. Hunt boar for meat. Different times of days will bring out different animals.

OMG I cant believe that just happened

•Use the wolf amiibo from TP and wolf link appears in your game and is your companion until it dies. It will hunt for you, attack enemies, and so on.
•The scale of the world is insane, they would use the scope to see a tower far in the distance and then open the map to show where it is, its crazy how vast the world is.
•These shrines have great puzzles, one is a gigantic spinning gear with spikes, you need to freeze the gears in time to jump around. Another had a series of rooms with giant boulders which needed to be pushed. At one point you take control of a giant hammer to smack the boulder. You can use all your skills to solve these, no set solution, multiple ways to solve all puzzles.
The world is also 12 times bigger than TP's:
Even crazier, The Great Plateau only takes up 1% of the full world, which means that the size of the world is equal to 100 Great Plateaus (this sounds extremely insane, but if it's true, kudos) put together!

If the world truly is this big and each dungeons are about 2-5 hours long (along with over 100 shrines), then this game will probably offer a neat 100-200+ hours of gameplay!

I don't really get hyped for games anymore (unless they're Civ VI) but this looks like fun
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
I don't know, this sounds cool and all, but I'd rather have a typical Zelda game. I like how they're taking the non-linearity, open-worldness and exploration that makes Zelda great and taking it to the extreme, but cooking and weapon durability? No thanks. I have hope though. They really nailed Link Between Worlds.

I am a bit sceptical on the overworld being 12x larger than Twilight Princess's. The overworld of Twilight Princess felt very barren and desolate because of its size, so I feel the same might happen here.
You'd think MZ would use a dictionary for switches/variables by now?
Voice acting and branching dialogue choices.

Will Link finally say something? (Besides grunting, etc.)

Also, that monster from the trailer is really something.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
If they're taking a few tips from Dark Souls then that can only be a good thing.
I really Hope that there'll be no voice acting. Let Zelda be Zelda, yo!
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