Legs are a burden. Return to snek.

Seer - Standard investigative role. Investigating someone will also tell what items they are holding at the end of the night. Stolen Items will not be detected.
White Mage - Standard doctor role. May not save the same person on consecutive turns.
Amateur Blacksmith - Creates shoddy shields and gives them to players. May also create a Vigilante's Sword if the existing one is destroyed. Blacksmith may give the same person a shield on consecutive turns. However, if they are holding a shield, the shield will be returned to the blacksmith. (Affectively nullifying the blacksmith's action)

Assassin - 1 time mafia nightkill that does not reveal the role of the dead person and goes through all protection. Assassin must be alive for mafia to use this ability. This kill replaces the regular mafia nightkill.
Thief - Attempts to steal an item each night. If he/she succeeds, the item is destroyed. If the vigilante sword is destroyed, the blacksmith may forge another. If the it is destroyed again, he may forge another, etc.
Black mage - Casts debilitating spells on town: 2 casts of slow, which delays a target's action by one day, and 1 casts of deceit, which makes a player flip as a role specified by the black mage when that player dies.

Vigilante's sword - Person holding the sword may make a kill and then give the sword to someone else. If the sword is given to a mafia player, the mafia may use the sword kill in addition to their regular kill, but the sword will be randomly dispersed to town instead of traded regularly at the beginning of the next day. If the sword is destroyed, a public message will be posted in the thread.
Shoddy Shield - If a non assassination kill is attempted on a player with a shoddy shield, that player becomes wounded and will die at the end of the next day instead of immediately. If a shield is destroyed a public message will NOT be posted in the thread.

All night actions happen simultaneously. All actions will occur regardless of deaths.
-Exception: Thief. If the thief targets the person holding the sword, the sword's actions (vigilante kill and trade) are canceled. A thief stealing a shield does not prevent someone's shield protection for that night. Therefore it's generally advantageous to target someone other than the mafia kill target each night.

Note: If a role dies before there turn in the queue they will still be able to use their ability. Deaths do not have any affect until the day phase.
Note 2: Wounded players cannot be lynched.

1. Kloe, the Haiku Prodigee - Thief
2. OddRabbit - Villager
3. Ratty McLeod, the self proclaimed "immortal" - Black Mage
4. Cap_H - Amateur Blacksmith
5. Gourd_Clae - Villager
6. LockeZ - Seer - White Mage
7. InfectionFiles - Villager
8. TungermanU - Villager
9. XoeisCool - Villager
10.Psy_Wombats, the Shepard - Assassin
11.Yellow Magic - Villager
12.TangledLion - Villager
13. Cave_Dog - UNKNOWN - Seer

Generals Rules - partially quoted from TangledLion
1. Do not share any PMs from the Gamemaster.- You Can tell People what I have said, But No copy-pasting PMs.

2. The game is divided into day phases of 48 hours and night phases of 24 hours. - The Day Phase can be Cut Short if players leave enough lynchvotes so that it is an unbreakable majority. Also Day Phases Will Start Early If all Night Actions Are Completed Early.

3. No talking to other players outside of Mafia on RMN, and NO PMING! You can PM me, but that's it. While I May not know about it, woe be to Anyone breaking this rule if I find out!

4. Each day, players discuss who is most likely to be mafia and vote for one person to be voted off of the game. Voting follows standard rules. Votes are to be presented in the thread, using the following format: #Lynch TangledLion. If you for any reason you change your mind, use the following tag: #Cancel, or simply cast a lynchvote for someone else. Nolynch votes are not permitted and will be ignored. Anyone choosing Nolynch votes for him or herself. Vote is majority. If there is a tie, I will cast the tie-breaking vote By kicking off whoever annoys me more using a dice roll.

5. You must post Every Day Phase. You GOTTA stay Active in the game, else We might all be waiting on you...(Note; If I see you doing noting but posting worthless things like "Posting here to avoid modkill" Too often, I WILL Count it as violation of this rule)

6. No editing posts. Only the moderator may edit his posts, you made a Spelling mistake? Double Posting is OK in mafia games, so just correct it in a second post!

7. No dead posting. Since The Consequence of Breaking the rules is a death in-game I'll kill you in your sleep IRL It might give a reputation as "That one who breaks the rules" in future mafia games, and you wouldn't want that would you? Besides, when you die I'll link you to a private dead-chat, as well as mafia chat to spectate the game!

8.PM all game related questions directly to the GameMaster. Do not post these questions in the thread as it can easily give away your alignment.

Failure to comply with any rules that can be broken will result in a Modkill In the most ridiculously entertaining way possible

Rule changes:
-Seer no longer detects stolen items
-Blacksmith can give the same person a shield on consecutive turns, but if they are holding a shield, it will be returned. (Nullifies the action)
-Players will know if they receive a shield, but will not know if it gets destroyed by the thief.
-Simplified night order. (Only thief is conditional, all others are simultaneous)

I would also like people to confirm that they are still around to play as It has been quite a bit since sign ups actually took place. And if you would like to give yourself a fantasy occupation for flavor purposes (please) go right ahead.

If you have any final questions, ask away!
Sign Me Up Blobby!
Sorry Bout the delay BTW, Forgot my family would be out of the house the weekend of the 4th.
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
Woo full signups. Now I just need people to confirm themselves.
Woo full signups. Now I just need people to confirm themselves.

Did you Post a Link to this Thread on the old one?
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
That's what I'm doing now.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Carrier has arrived.
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
Do you mean Courier?
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I have to say no. I fell extremely ill since this began. I'm actually in a lot worse shape than I thought I was.
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
Sorry to hear that piano. I'll take you off the list :(
Since we are doing jobs, Make Me Town Crier.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I was just quoting the protoss carrier to symbolize my confirmed stance.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Yes, I will join. My fictional occupation is Head of Diagnostic Medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Kloe of Haikus
Is here to play some mafias
Yay yay yay yay yay
I'm in to bring virtues upon you.

Edit: can i lynch someone already?
I feel bored. How odd.
I'll join the game.
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
Nice. Apparently I've had cap_h on the list twice this whole time though so we still have a spot open.
Nah, that was my card hidden in a sleeve.
I feel that Tunger has a hunger for virtuous townies.