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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Like taking screenshots? Like showing off the sexiness of your avatar in mmos/games that allow you to customize appearance? This is a thread where you can dump them for the world to see.

Me starting with FFXIV:
In my Archer set, the stars look particularly nice in this game.

I recently started my second DoW class as a Pugilist, working my way towards becoming a bard. The thing looks like it's about to bite my head off.

And here is my current, low-level pugilist attire. I was surprised to see that the night backdrops of Ul'Dah look particularly stunning.

I also was a big Spore player, and these were just a few of the creations I played with:
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I thought I had a picture or two but I've lost them :(
That last spore is awesome btw :D
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
These are old.

April 05, 2014

November 25, 2012
If you take more FF14 screenshots you should hit the button that hides the UI off first. I think it's Scroll Lock? FF14 is a pretty game and hiding the UI makes screenshots look even better.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
If you take more FF14 screenshots you should hit the button that hides the UI off first. I think it's Scroll Lock? FF14 is a pretty game and hiding the UI makes screenshots look even better.

Thanks! I'll try to find it.

@Corf: is that last screen from WoW? Those humongous elf ears are great.
Final Fantasy 14

There's my FF14 character which is recent. I just came back to the game, and I keep switching between Dragoon and Monk. I want to be a Monk, but I also want to be a Dragoon. And, I want to be a Ninja. I'm pulled apart between the three. I started as a Ninja, but that ninjutsu system is kinda' hard on a PS4 controller. The Pugilist, to me, is the coolest, but there's so much you have to do which, again, is difficult on a PS4 controller (though I'm sure I could learn it over time). Then there's the Dragoon, which is far more straight forward.

Basically, I'm torn between the three, and currently I am stuck between which I want to be... and the areas around level 30 are starting to get rather annoying to replay.

World of Warcraft

All right, so this is what we got. This is my WoW character, which is actually a boosted 100 (from the xpac purchase). So, why did I post my boosted character? Well, I've got another 100, named Volcanoes, who looks pretty much the same, and is a Paladin. But for some reason, the armory won't show him, and I don't have any screenshots on this computer. Then there's another character that is around 91 or so, a Death Knight named Antagonism.

Thing is, if you've seen one of my characters, you've seen them all. Their appearance are all the same. My sister caught a glimpse of my character screen one day, and said "They're all the same. That's very weird."

What can I say? I like the face.
solos collectors on purpose
I love customization options and dressing up characters. I can get lost in all that for hours! haha

This is my elven mage in my current playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition:

The following colorful ones were taken while trying to figure out how to use the Cinematic Tools program. In a nutshell, it unlocks the camera and can add blurring and color balancing adjustments. Kind of hard to use, but pretty neat, I think!

(spoilered to save space)
Her weapon is that one lightsaber staff that acts like a greatsword, but unfortunately it didn't show up very well, with or without special effects. :c

Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
I'm a person that doesn't get the appeal of customizing characters whose faces and outfits will soon get hidden by a helmet and changed to a bad combination of pants and cuirasses respectively, so i don't have many pictures of my characters because most of the time i skip the character customization feature in games. The most inane one i found was the dark souls character customization feature. Like, i took real good care of choosing a hairstyle and proper figure and eye color and the first thing you find after exiting the undead assylum is a helmet and armor combination that made me look like every other bloke playing the game. I don't see the point.

Still, i took two screenshots many years ago.

A redheaded dwarf in dragon age origins. I think i called him Flint.

Sir Fucketh, the spook that came to rule the world in Mount & Blade: Warband.
As you could notice, only 11,550,632,113 people in the world look the same as me.

That last screenshot brought good memories of that game. There hasn't been a game that truly made me feel like i was in a true battle royale like this one where my 500 swadian knights battled against 800 bandits in the rhodok plains.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I decided it was high time for a change, so I became a woman with a stylish, no business haircut.

I've also got wealth.

Items of note: Legends Cape, Blue Halloween Mask, 10 Year Veteran Cape, Classic Cape, Skull Sceptre, Mask of Dragith Nurn, Iban's Staff, Blurite Sword, Explorer's Ring 4, Shade Robes.

And skills.

As you can tell, the last time I took the game seriously was 2012.
menasha perished long ago.
but i kept a photo.

he was a level 69 bandit with 1.3% left until level 70.
back then that was a big deal.

since his guild assassiNATION was dead, and all his friends were gone.
it was time for him to quit too.
i remember he did not care to much for the 3rd job advancement anyways.
he just cared about his friends.

amy was really really hot too. he talked to her a bit over the phone and stuff but the feelings were not reciprocated.

The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
@Xoe: I never would have thought you would have such a badass look.


I've unlocked the Aesthetician last night and decided it was time for BEAUTY REBORN!

with my current Archer armor set:
your super cute ratty dammmnggg
well this was 9-10 years ago, mind you...
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
As I'm going futher with this game, I'm starting to look a lot more like a Bard.

I've also found a new companion through the Yo-Kai Watch event going on:

This is a Noko, I'm naming it BlobofGoo.
Don't mind me popping in to just say:

Ratty: I like your character, man. Nothing wrong with looking like a bard - heh, helps disarm the enemy. They'll be all like, "Aw, shite. Tis a bard! Spoony twat."

And you can snipe them down with righteous, non-spoony fury.

Xoeis - Niiiiice weapon. Sweet coat-ish attire. Then again, I'm a sucker for coats, trenches, and the like. :P

Corfaisus Waaaaait, is that Runescape!? I barely recognize it outside of the menu! O_o I saw where they did a graphical update and was a surprised as hell.

Noice armor, though. Heh. :3

Mirak Sir Fucketh, the spook that came to rule the world in Mount & Blade: Warband. Okay, I snickered a bit harder than I should at this line. XD

Melkino Aw, man. You're making me wish I had pics of my elven rogue. I have this tendency when playing fantasy RPGs to make my elves look...otherworldly pretty. I know, sounds weird, but I have a highly flawed logic that never pans out.

If my character looks amazing, then no one would want to stab them. Too bad programming and events in-game make it where that naive notion gets stomped on. XD

Eh, my wife likes my elves cuz they're 'pretty'. So. Win? lol

Gredge OOOOOOOOOH! Dragoon! I haven't played FF14 yet, but that was going to be one of the classes I play as simply because: spear/lance weapons.

Also, your mage in WoW looks like Guan Yu with a shorter beard. :P Nothing wrong with that, though.

I think the only characters I could show off would be Saints Row types; I don't do anything HORRIBLY insane, but lately I've modeled my character after a story character naked Gecko, who is a green-dreadlock sporting arse who has an absurd sense of humor and prefers sandals to shoes or boots, and is never seen without an overshirt. >_> So, toss some guns in his hands and suddenly it's a killer townie.

On sunny days, I go out walking

I can't find any of the screenshots I took when my character actually had, like, clothes, and all his clothes were cool, so instead you get shirtless fashion disaster monk and polygon bird.
So, here are my two current Fallout 4 characters:

Cheska is a stealth/sniper. I went through the main storyline as fast as I could with her, siding with the Railroad. After finishing up Railroad business, I went through the Minutemen storyline with her as well. As such, I play her as a "good karma" character, even though karma doesn't really exist in Fallout 4:

Tyson is a melee character. I haven't tried melee much in Fallout games before, I've always thought it better to play as a stealth/sniper, or as someone who uses power armour and energy weapons. It's actually really fun, especially with the Blitz perk that sorta lets you warp around the place. I'm playing him as a "neutral karma" gun baseball-bat-for-hire, but my plan is to roleplay him slowly going mad because of how awful the wasteland is, and ultimately choosing to join up with the Raiders from the Nuka World add-on:

This is an interesting topic, I am also looking for something like that.
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