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So, Kentona has passed on the torch. He ran out of steam, and couldn't keep doing it every week - no surprise considering that he is aged and has less stamina than the rest of us. I will be providing Top Ten Topics from now on (these are official by the way). Since I am young and vigorous, I will hopefully be able to top his record of 51 weeks straight.

Please note that I encourage you to post a top 3 or top 5 or anything else if you want to - 10 is really a lot of typing. I will try and be more esoteric and less video game-centric than previous topics were in order to spur interest.

..:: Top 10 List of Favorite Animals ::..

10. Sloth

According to Wikipedia, the word that most languages use to describe the sloth means "Sleep," "Eat," "Dirty," or a combination of the three. Sloths are endearing because they are really lazy and stinky and somehow retain their dignity even though they look like homeless people. I envy their steadfast ethic for my third-favorite of the Seven Deadly Sins. Now, if only there were an animal called Adultery!

9. Blue Whale

Blue whales are ridiculously huge. It is hard to even imagine how huge they are. I believe that it is worth mentioning.

8. Dobson Fly

Dobson flies are the second-most disgusting thing you will ever see. They are several inches long and have huge pincers on their faces capable of drawing blood from a human. They smell terrible because their bodies begin decomposing when they hit maturity - they are a little bit like zombies.

7. Wild Turkey

The wild turkey is a noble and underrated creature. It is nothing like a domesticated turkey. They are extremely intelligent and are excellent hunters and they have extremely lean bodies. It is often cited that Ben Franklin preferred the wild turkey over the eagle as the United States emblem - this is untrue. Franklin was unimpressed with the eagle (who "earned its living dishonestly" as Franklin put it), but did not ever officially endorse the wild turkey.

6. Penguin

Penguins are really cute. They are also super tough! If anyone has seen March of the Penguins they would understand. They withstand some pretty awful weather and just stand out in the open, taking it. I believe they escape predation by migrating to places other animals cannot survive in. Penguins maintain committed, monogamous relationships, which is pretty cool. Also, if they cannot produce their own children, couples will try to steal children from other couples - weird.

5. Angler Fish

The only thing more disgusting than a dobson fly is an angler fish. They really bother me. I find them fascinating not only because of how gross they are, but how they hunt - in the gloomy depths of the ocean, they lure prey by illuminating a tiny lantern on the edge of a stalk in front of their mouths. When an unsuspecting prey swims near the lantern, the angler will snap its mouth shut.

4. House Cat

We all love housecats. They are very friendly and they purr at you when you stroke them.

3. Wolverine

Wolverines are generally regarded as being able to defeat any other land animal in single combat. They are tenacious and never show defeat. There are many documented cases of wolverines fighing grizzly bears - on purpose. I once watched a video where a wolverine dove into a hollow log that was infested with bees. It would dart in, get stung for awhile, dart out, and repeat. It did this about a dozen times. Whenever a bee would sting the wolverine, it would die. Eventually, the wolverine had completely wiped out the entire bee colony. It had probably been stung 10,000 times. Afterwards, it sat down and feasted on delicious honeycomb.

2. Viceroy Butterfly

Most animals develop a natural defense against predation. The defense of the Monarch is that it is poisonous and foul tasting. The defense of the viceroy is that it looks like a monarch - it is not, itself, poisonous or foul tasting. I just looked this up and it turns out that it is not true. The viceroy butterfly is indeed even MORE poisonous than the monarch. This is no longer my second-favorite animal, but since I have already made the list I am not going to change it >:(

1. Unicorn

The unicorn is my favorite animal. No other animal is as beautiful or compelling. A fully grown unicorn is only barely smaller than an elephant, making the unicorn the second-largest land mammal (this was observed by famous explorer Marco Polo). Unicorns are not only beautiful, but they are magical, too. Just seeing a unicorn in the wild will bring you years of wealth and good fortune. Also, the horn of a unicorn, when ground into a powder, is capable of curing any disease as well as granting eternal life. Capturing a unicorn is difficult, however. They can only be tamed by "the gentle and pensive maiden"; when the unicorn is distracted by the maiden, you have access to your narrow window of opportunity. Do keep in mind that killing a unicorn will bring you a lifetime of poverty and misfortune. If you hunt a unicorn for its horn so that you might live forever, be forewarned that your eternal life will be a miserable one. There is as of yet only a single recorded case of a unicorn willingly sacrificing its horn (and thus its life) for another. This is in the case of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, to whom a unicorn gave its horn to allow him to rise from the dead and ascend to heaven.


Feel free to post in any of the previous Top 10 topics! Necroposting does not apply to these topics by decree of Junior Executive Vice President kentona ESQ Brandon Abley.

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I'll try to post more later.
1. Rat
2. Ox
3. Tiger
4. Rabbit
5. Dragon
6. Snake
7. Horse
8. Sheep
9. Monkey
10. Rooster
11. Dog
12. Pig

Sorry, I know you said 10, but I couldn't leave out dogs and pigs!
- was a 0.3â€"2.6 metre (1â€"8.5 feet) long relative of centipedes and millipedes, native to the Upper Carboniferous (340-280 million years ago)

I remember ridin' these in my younger days hohoho!
1. Wolfies- Wolves are awesome, there is no denying it. Deny it, and they will eat you. Thank you. Good day.
2. Wolfies. Coyotes- They're a lot like wolves, just not. Their howls sound pretty similar though.
3. Wolfies. Foxes- Mostly for the cute factor. I'd like them more if they didn't threaten to eat my cat.
4. Wol- You get the idea. Siberian White Tigers- Tigers are cool, but they just can't compete with a White Tiger. Seriously, that's pimp. Yes, I know, I'm racist. =(
5. Lunar Moths- I hate insects. I really do. A lot. However, Lunar Moths, are pretty, especially when there are several thousand of them flying around in a snowstorm at dusk fifteen thousand miles above sea level on the summer solstice as the setting sun shines through the peaks and ruined buildings, through the fog and entrapping clouds and reflects off their wings all over the goddamn place. That was totally awesome.
6. Panda Bears- Not only are they goddamn cute, they can kill you in three seconds.

...Fuck it.

7-9. Wolfies- I don't care that I already listed it. In this order: Arctic, Grey, Tundra, Black, Red, Desert, Steppe, Asian, Hokkaido, Indian and then some more. They are fast, they are strong, they are beautiful, and they will kill you. Also, their howls are beautiful. Especially if you get a whole pack going.
10. My cat, Kira- Who is too cute to be legal, and is biting my other hand as I pet her while typing this. Also, she is prettier than your cat.
I also like Ligers.
1. Panda
2. Penguin
3. Hawk
4. Bunnies
5. Wolf
6. Turtle
7. Swordfish
8. Duckling
9. Butterfly
10. Blitzen
1. Pandas
2. Penguins
3. Platypus
4. Porcupines
5. Peacocks
6. Pelicans
7. Pigs
8. Pussycats
9. Prunes
10. Blitzen
member of the bull moose party
10. Bunnies.

9. Lambs - Cute animals, if you keep them clean.

8. Pigs - They make good dinners.

7. Cows - They make good dinners.

6. Penguins

5. Owls

4. Falcons

3. Hawks

2. Dogs - Friendly and funny buddies. What more can I say? Though I hate certain types of dogs ... (spoiled chihuahuas, even though my dog is part chihuahua, he is pretty cool)

1. Wolves - I can't really explain it, but they have a very splendor look about them.

i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Brandon, there is an animal for Adultery! Its name is Cheetah. Also, you're wrong. Wild turkeys are incredibly dumb... I'm pretty sure that I have more ACTUAL
EXPERIENCE than Wikipedia or whatever.

No seriously, wild turkeys are not very graceful and can't tell the difference between a human with a shotgun versus anything else. THE NEAT THING ABOUT WILD TURKEYS is that the females have a unique call they make when they descend from their nests. It's like kakakakacacacacawcawCawCawCAwCAWCAWCAWI'MDUMBCAW.

MODIFY: Also, I like cats.
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
Craze, why are all your posts stupid and/or filled with gibberish? Shape up or ship out.
author=kentona link=topic=2124.msg35340#msg35340 date=1222899770
- was a 0.3â€"2.6 metre (1â€"8.5 feet) long relative of centipedes and millipedes, native to the Upper Carboniferous (340-280 million years ago)

I remember ridin' these in my younger days hohoho!

10.Thunder cat
6.Donkey Kong ( That's right donkeys and monkeys)
10. Naga
9. Bahamuts
8. Hydras
7. Dracos
6. Loong
5. Quetzalcoatl
4. Wyrms
3. Wyverns
2. Dragons
1. Puppies
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem



Is it just me, or does the dog that Red posted look like ankylo?
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
That dog is equipped with and ready to deploy other dogs.
I hate dogs. All they do is shit everywhere. :P
dogs... kill babies!

they sink their muzzles into their tiny chests and rip out their heart and lungs

and dogs killed my grandmother! twice!
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem

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