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helloo all, I'm got alot of rpgmaker games from this site and I think it is a big and comprensive site. Which is cool, especially with that server failure a while back, so I am impressed.

Also I got some questions and was hoping you all can help. SO I started making this game on the VX Ace lite and just finished the first section after a ridiculously long time. I also noticed on this site there there are mountain piles of unfinished games and 'demo only' games that obviously will never be finished. For this reason I am hesitant about making a demo right now but I also think that I need some feedback as well. Any suggestions?

I also noticed a disturbing trend where alot of resources have expired (most notably kaduki's) and this is making me a bit worried. For example I was looking for a face graphic for the flower thingy from monster2 character graphics but the only link I found was expired.

I'd also like to tell you all something I found hilarious. Theres this free rpgmaker game on steam that has mostly positive reviews from the looks of it, but it's mostly made off the sample maps and is unfinished and weird. So I thought I could probably make a better game than that. Which is why I decided to make an rpgmaker game. I also like to mention another game that inspired me, it's called creepypasta land. It is the funniest game I ever seen, ever. And I really want to make a gam like that, for reals.

I see this site looks pretty active and stuff so I am also looking to participate in stuff, maybe. If some cool event pops up, that is. I also noticed theres alot of smbx collabs and stuff on this site, for some reason. I played smbx but not any fangames yet. Though smbx's physics is a bit more wonky compared to smw's, honestly. Just my opinion.

If you actually read all that, thanks. Most ppl online always want some tldr and dont read anything which is too bad. So the bottom line is, helloo everyone.
Guardian of the Description Thread
There's several reasons why a project might get abandoned. It's possible that the developer just doesn't have the time anymore. Or has moved on to another hobby/profession. Or has straight-up given up. There's probably other reasons that can be speculated, but it would be just that: speculation.

Seems like you are approaching the subject from a weird angle. Many people do not finish their projects. What does this have to do with you? You are working on a game is all there is~

.. do you want to finish it? Do you want feedback on your demo, ways to improve and know what is good? Then put it out and ask people to look over it. There's a few ways you can do that and it's their choice to do it anyway.

You can look over different past events to know what you may want to be looking out for, btw.
Personally, I'd LOVE to have a resource creation one.

Hello and welcome!
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The way I see it, rpgmaker is building a digital ship inside a digital bottle. Enthusiasts will care, but no one else will. That doesn't take away from this hobby at all. Like all hobbies, it's about what you enjoy doing.
If you enjoy it, do it. Doesn't matter how good you are, or whatever. Just build your ship in your bottle.
That said, people lose interest in their ships, the bottle breaks, their tools break, they run out of glue, or some other weird analogy.
Finishing a boat in a bottle is a long and daunting task, and sometimes people start excitedly working on a galleon, when they should start with a schooner.

Personally, I've had projects crash, get lost or fall apart for my unfinished.
Take Down Legacy 2 was built twice, crashed my laptop twice, and Atom Pulsar was a group project that fell apart.

Do what you enjoy. At the end of the day, we're all here to have some sort of fun.
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The funny thing is to people who make games like us in many different forms it's still special, I won't say it isn't but we are less amazed than people who don't make games.
I still get a kick when Im talking about gam mak or or show them my games and they are like "whaaat, that's awesome"

Anyways welcome to RMN! Have fun, it's the best place on the net for people like us!
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I always assumed Bics were made in a factory.

Welcome to RMN! Enjoy your stay! And you can make a better game!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
So I wasn't the only one who thought of lighters
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