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Hi, I'm requesting if we could have manage pages for resources, etc.?
It's hard to go to submissions and manually check pages to update my old resources/utilities/articles or something.
That's an idea. Maybe we could do something more with those parts of the site too, especially since they're useful for devs and content creators.

I know a few people were talking about how it wasn't worth it to post packs vs little bits here and there because they'd get more MS for the bits and pieces, so maybe we could make a choice like with media where you can choose stand-alone or pack options, and based on those a change in MS is added.

Also, someone mentioned that putting up something from a collab wasn't worth it since you can't tag the other person as having worked on it (thus making it better to just split what would be a pack into parts so each person gets some MS out of it, too).

Another issue with resources is that the download button is missed by most people because it only shows up after you've already submitted the pieces. This means most people don't know it's an option to upload to the site itself. Might be an idea to make it so they can upload a file straight away instead of waiting.
On a related note... I haven't found any way to be notified of new articles or tutorials. Could something be done similar to the forum that shows the newest game-blog posts?
Front page has links to the newest articles, there just haven't been any lately. Tutorials are sorted by engine so you'll just have to keep an eye out on the Tutorials page. I can tell you that one came through today, but we don't really get many of those either.
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