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Hey folks,

I'm trying to create a conditional state relationship between two states: DROWSY and SLEEP, wherein a certain skill would have a chance to inflict DROWSY, and then, if the DROWSY state exists, create a percentage chance of the same skill applying SLEEP.

Basically, I would like to establish a relationship between them, where DROWSY could upgrade to SLEEP, with a percentage chance, but not require a separate skill to be used. As in, SKILL A was used, inflicted DROWSY, and now when SKILL A is used again, there's perhaps a 50% chance for SLEEP because of the existence of DROWSY.

I've been tooling around with Tsukihime's excellent Conditional State script and the also effective Gambit Upgrade State, but I'm having a difficult time creating this effect with either. Tsukihime's script is great, but it creates a 100% chance that the state would apply and I would prefer a percentage chance. And Gambit's script has been difficult for me to understand how to properly use.

Thoughts and suggestions would be tremendously appreciated!
You could try using a common event, with the two states being variables.
ah, that's an idea. would you mind giving me some brainstorming material for that, for someone who is less learned in the ways of clever variable manipulation?
I'm not very educated on it myself, I just did some googling around and that's the main answer I got. I'd suggest googling something along the lines of "Rpg maker how to make an event with random outcomes" and read up on it yourself.
This is an advanced thing, involving scripts. Will the slime use this attack to the already afflicted Player and give it even the worst kind of STD? Welp, it should be like this kind of logic.

if enemy_uses_this_skill

if player_is_afflicted_with_drowsy

The random variable (possibly the game variables) should be the percentage. Now, if said variable is above 50%... what would happen.

if random_variable_that_affects_sleep <= 50%

You should learn by yourself on how you RGSS3 to solve this thing. Also, make a balance as to which the DROWSY state gives you debuffs (like accuracy). Hope this would help :).
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