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Hello guys,

As I can't create new threads because of a website bug, I edited this message in order to post my message.

Pixels for sale:
Like other pixel artists on RMN, I'd like to offer my services.

Looking for suggestions:
I'm actually interested in selling my art as "packs" for rpgmaker games as an alternative to the basic set.

In order not to make things that people won't want, I wanted to ask you guys what your needs were.

Things so far:

For my first pack, I thought making icons would be a good idea. So I made 55 icons for 5.00$.

Click the image if you're interested.


I'm also currently working on a racing game elements.


I can pretty much sprite anything. Is there anything you think people would be interested into as far as tilesets are concerned?

Looking forward to your suggestions. Thank you.

I'm always up for VA, if you don't mind my definitely-australian-and-not-English/New Zealander/Austrain(idek) accent. I've had a little experience (did two voiced parts for Love and War Part 1, and VA'd my own game The Sound of Flames - both of which are on the site) but can give examples if needed.

If you can't find someone else, consider me. XD

(My throat is currently shot due to a cold but I should be okay in a few days.)

What's going to happen is I'll write the lines people interested in VA here. Then anyone can give it a shot if they want.

This is part of the screen. It's still very rough and incomplete but should give you an idea:

Could a mod change the title to: "Pixel Art For Sale: Looking for Suggestions" please? I've edited the first message as I can't create new threads.

Thank you!
In future, I believe you can edit your own titles at the very bottom of the page. There should be an Edit Topic button there for you. >.<)b

What kind of art would guys like to see? What do you think would be popular?
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Deep space Sci-fi of the grittier style. There's already plenty of Star Trek-style clean sci-fi and urban sci-fi but I see very little industrial or frontier-type sci-fi.

What about underwater?

Disclaimer: I'm ultra sorry but there's no way I have the money for this. Not really the need either. So please see this post as a "things people may buy" instead of a "things I'd like to buy."
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