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Seja bem vindo a RMN! É sempre bom ver mais brasileiros por aqui~ <3
That looks lik a fun, if not a bit complex game.
What I just wonder is what it has to do with RM2k3/2k, did you program it? Or is it supposed to be a "printed" card game? (If printing I'd love to see your game on SPIN, the São Paulo indie game monthly meet c: !)
I didn't as much attention/interest for my work as I expected so I'm removing it.

Which is a shame really because I thought by posting it on RPG Maker website I would have gotten a lot more interest than on Facebook.
But I guess I was wrong, so I'm removing the content from this thread.

My thread has got 300+ views but just one comment? Come on people...
Is this a ghost house?
With that attitude you're not going anywhere lmfao
I have had my fb page for 3 years, consistently posting artwork, videos and shit and it's still less than 500 likes.
Same for my tumblr, at 550 followers. Create and don't complain, there are no instant fame pills. (unless you pay for fb ads? try it.)

But yeah that attitude... Failure will be the BEST potential outcome unless you fix it urgently.
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