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I'm a Developer in the making or a Developer by day.
Although I focus on backend infrastructure development and delivering high availability infrastructures I am working on Games Development as a hobby.

Looking for a partner or two to collaborate on projects I'm considering to start as a hobby when I'm off University or work. Basically, I do the programming and coding and I need someone else to manage sprites, graphic arts, etc.

If you feel like you want to work alongside with me on projects I wish to pursue, please message me below and we can get in touch.

Thanks everyone and have a great day!

I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Many people make team threads, I suggest maybe adding a little more detail? Any past works? What are you capible of? Any ideas? ect...
I reccomend you check out Red_Nova's blog on Team Recruitment Threads to find out what to add. Also don't expect a huge amount of people to jump on, people are busy and no offense but most probably don't know you or anything.

Also please read this bit of the Job Board rules about Team Recruitment Threads:

(snipped from Job Board Rules)

If you are requesting for someone else to help you make a project:

If you have just joined this site and do not know anyone, chances are that people are not going to respond to requests to make a project with you. Most people here are very busy with their own projects are not going to accommodate a random person they do not know. Your best chance is to network; get to know people, make friends, express interest in other peoples' projects, and provide feedback. Once people know who you are, they are much more likely to respond amiably to your requests, especially if you have done something to help them in the past.

These are the rules for this:
When asking for aid you MUST include at least as much information as someone who is creating a game page.

For those seeking help there must be:
- At least 500 words describing the game - what you're aiming for, game genre, story summary, systems planned, anything that will draw people in out of interest and what plans you have for the game itself. If you can't meet the word limit you don't have enough information to go looking for people to make the game with.
- 3+ screenshots of what you have so far or what you're capable of.
- Precise details about what you're looking for in people - what type of skills (mappers, writers, animators, musicians, etc); the skill level (beginner, advanced, professional); what you're looking to get out of them (a few sprites, 20 maps, an estimate of songs); what, if anything, you're willing to pay/recompense them with (nothing, monetary reward, t-shirts, something from the RMN store); the estimated amount/length of work (a few weeks, a couple of months, a year, until end of development).
- Past pieces of work, if applicable. This can be in the vein of written works, art, story boarding, games (even just flash ones) or anything that can show you have some sort of skill and the level of such.

In the case that a thread doesn't abide by these rules I will ask that it be updated. If after 48 hours it hasn't been, then I will move said topic to the Archives. I will not lock, so that the creator has the chance to edit and once edited, they may contact Liberty via PM and, if it meets the new rules, it will be moved back to the correct area.

In the case of rejection, topic spam will be met with warnings and/or bans, as per the site rules.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines above will likely result in your topic being locked, and/or ignored. Please be respectful of other peoples' time and effort.

The RMN Staff

Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
I don't know.

I'm kind of interested, since programming is my weakness, but i would like to know more.

Like, should we pm or what?
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Yeah, I don't really see any precise details about who/what you want. That's the main thing that would make people uncertain, mostly "Can I do what he wants? What exactly DOES her want?"
Like, you want someone to do the art. Okay, that's good, but "Sprites" isn't the only criteria. What engine will you be using, and no it's not obvious because this is an RPGmaker website: people use other engines to make RPGs here as well like Unity or Game Maker.

There also is very little information about the "Projects I wish to pursue"
What kind of projects? Are they RPGs, shoot'em ups, platformers?

Anyways, that snippit Kloe got is perfect to go off of, hope you add more information!
the original sinn

He seems new.

What do you need Dave?
what kind of games do you enjoy making?
I am working with a couple of devs on a Martial Arts game. Would be free. If anyone's interested, we are still in recruiting stage, so PM me!
Do you need to travel time? I have a vicy nere machine. OH! Also, jesting and jousting. Both. Just let me slide the game down my gullet.
Hi Titor,
I guess I'm in need of your services.
I forgot to sugar the coffee I just drink and now it tastes...disgusting.
Is your time travel machine still working?
Hope so, I really really need it :3

Edit: You can join me if you'd like to jarbone :)
I will submit a gamepage soon
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