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Hey, I was just wondering, is there any way to get rid of the active time battle system in 2k3? Maybe replace it with something that doesn't use timers a la the original Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?
Use RM2K or one of the newer engines. The only way to do what you want in RM2K3 is to create your own battle-system from the ground up.
Technically, you can set the battle system on "wait" and not give the player the option to change that (an option in the English release or by using DynRPG). Then set all the heroes speed to 100 (never let it change) and every monster's speed to 99 (also never let it change). Finally, hide all of the ATB bars (just eliminate their graphical components in System2).

This setup will simulate a turn based battle system where all the heroes act, then all the allies. The only problem is that after the monsters act there will be a "lag" effect while the ATB bar fills. Fortunately, the new English version of rm2k3 helps reduce that. I still didn't like it, but you may not find it that bad.

If you want to have slower and faster characters, you can, but just make sure the speed difference remains very small. If you don't, eventually faster characters will get an extra turn, which ruins the effect. So you may have five characters with speeds of 255, 254, 253, 252, and 251. But don't do five of 250, 240, 230, 220, 210. Nor 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. (Also, apparently having speeds above 255 slows the ATB bar, so don't do that either.)
Patch turn battle system by cherry for RM2k3 1.08

This isn,t RM2k turn battle, this is the same as hedge1 method without "lag" and have more options.
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