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After much planning, pre-planning, procrastinating, and visiting the IRC channels, I'm ready for my staff. I asked once before, and I was asked for some information regarding the game. Now I am ready, and I am due to release the first trailer for my game by November 2nd, 2008.

Which ultimately gives me a little less than a month to put a trailer together and get this game into real development.

Most of the storyline, at this point, will be kept under wraps. However, I will release a little blurb about the basic focus of the game. Whoever is interested in joining my team, please note that 75% of the planning is already finished, and very little is needed to finish what remains. In other words, the remaining 25% missing on paper is things that I need to develop as I create the game (like most skills).

Here is the blurb, as promised. This could be on the back cover of my game if it were released commercially (for an idea of what I'm trying to accomplish here):

Government agencies exist to control citizen life.
Anti-Government coalitions have their own ideas of how things should run.
As numerous organizations arise, even in coordination, strife and altercations arise.
When these organizations begin to defend themselves from fusillades internally and externally, it's a sure sign of global turmoil.

..Or something like that. This is about as much as I can give without giving away too much information. Again, the storyline is finished! What I need:

Sprite (Motion) Artist/s
The name says it all. Motion Sprite Artists will create walking graphics (as well as variations) for the game.

Sprite (Combat) Artist/s
Again, self explanatory. Combat Sprite Artists will assist with battle spriting, as well as animations and anything battle-related. Monster design is a huge plus!

Ideal Composer will be creative, intelligent, and work without major supervision. Will take (contstructive) criticism well, and will take praise and worship well.

Motion Animator/s (I hope?)
This is a hopeful for me. I'm hopeful that I will come across someone who would be interested in motion graphics for *short* movies during the game. I really mean short, the longest single movie I'd like to implement in my game is about six seconds long.

Of course, I have alternatives to movie-making. They just aren't my preferred.

(2nd) Project Manager who has ideas
Basically assist with throwing ideas. Must live in American Time Zone, or be online on these times for constant idea-swapping back and forth. Must be able to program. Must be able to manage my current team.

The ideal Project Manager will be able to take parts of my project and create them using the resources available. Must be good with tiling/map making. Must be CREATIVE.

Again, I'm not looking for someone to rate (or berate) my game, although your opinion is always welcome. I'm looking for staff. Please PM, E-mail, AIM, or MSN me (I'm on MSN *right now*
You are ready, but maybe not on the right section? Dunno, am new here :P

Anyway, you need a lot of stuff really... good luck getting all that o.o
This request for staff is moving to the Help & Requests forum.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I can do the idea shit, and will, since I owe you one and I assume your ideas are interesting. I cannot help with art shit.

I am confused by your use of the word "Fusilade" in that blurb!

Oh, and some advice from a very, very, very experienced game maker!


There is NO NEED TO (you are not in the industry, you don't need to worry about "sending product out on time" or "hitting your target demo" or any of that corporate bullshit) and furthermore RM release dates 1. Are Never Met or 2. When they are met, result in a rushed and shitty product.

Basically, I would like to help you, but I can't even promise that if you insist on setting a release date. Release dates are a typical and horribly common rookie mistake. The only release date any form of any game should ever have is: when it's done. (I.e. I am capable of living my life and making my games and helping you and doing a good job OR living my life and making my games and helping you get something done by November 2nd but almost certainly not both.)

Most vets around here will, I hope, agree with me.
:P That's the release date for the trailer. I will probably release it before will be a 5 minute trailer at max.

Besides, it gives me enough time assuming I'm working by myself. I can sprite, compose AND program :P I'm multi-talented.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
Alright, miracle man. If you can one-man-show a trailer together by November 2nd, but in my experience game development, when done properly, takes time.

Of course, I one-man-showed a full length game together in a month for the 2005 Release Something at GW, but that did not have custom graphics or anything.
Get MSN and let's chat.

lvega1986 at

Get it quick!

EDIT: I would get AIM, but I don't want to hear bullshit for things being on company computer that weren't there before.
EDIT2: Max McGee, are you even online? I loggedon AIM and I don't see you there.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
No I'm usually more active later in the day. Today's a pretty busy day for me (yes, I do have busy days even though I'm unemployed). I'll chat with you on AIM (or, ::groan::, I'll bring myself to get MSN) later in the week, though.
Motion arsists, ey? Well, well, well! I happen to have an excellent program for charecter sprites, depending on the gaming program. RPG Maker 2000-2003 are what my program is made for. And if this game IS for RPG Maker 2003, (ONLY works for the program noted) I can whip you up battle sprites as well! The ideal program for my help is RPG Maker 2003. If you have RPG Maker 2000, this works too. Otherwise, I can't help you there. :P
1) I am pretty sure he is talking about an actual motion artist. As in, an animator.

2) He has mentioned previously that the project is in RMXP, though he didn't mention it here.

3) Your sig is too long and I edited it.
I'd love to compose for your game. Here's a link to my post, which has a few of my samples.
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