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Hey guys, I was just wondering, what plugin is the best for changing the screen resolution so a tile is 16 by 16? I know you can just triple the size of all the assets, but it seems like a plugin would be better if it didn't cause any technical issues. Any advice?

(Also, I accidentally posted this question in the wrong section a few days back. Sorry about that.)
I barely use MV so I can't comment on the best use but there is a script for changing the tile size to a user-defined one. It only takes place at runtime though so the editor still uses 48x48 tiles so there's some extra legwork in it all. You can check out the script on RMW. There's also a youtube tutorial of it here!

As for actually changing resolution, I don't know
Change Resolution using Yanfly's Core Engine. It fix other shit too.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
It fix other shit too.

i'm honestly amazed that MV has the same fucking issues that all the other rm*s have had since xp

remind me why i preordered mv again? #neverpreorderever

(yeah i know i've complained about this plenty to you already nessy, and that you've done a ton for MV overall, but buoniskfdlxc to the actual original devs)
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