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I'm having a problem with MV - the water tiles are desynchronized from each other. Different rows enter the next frame of the animation at different times (the top row first, then the next row etc.) It looks really weird and stupid. My graphics card supports Open GL, I have the newest version, all plugins are disabled, and I've even tried running in canvas mode. No luck. Has anyone else had this problem? What do you think might solve it?

Here's a video of this mess
can we see a gif or video of it in action? Is it the RTP tiles or some other tiles? Do you have any plug-ins that might affect it? Have you updated to the newest version of MV? Can we see a screenshot of your tileset set up?
It's RTP tiles, I have no plugins, and I have the latest version of MV. I'll try to get a gif up, just having a little trouble recording. The tile setup is just the default one.
Could you... share it?
It's in the OP:

e: youtube plz
How did I miss that? XD

How very strange. It looks like some sort of lag issue caused by the speed of sailing. I tried it out in my version and it seems to have the same issue. I'd guess that the speed of the vehicles is such that it causes a discrepency between the non-shown animations and the shown animations. That, or there's no animation to the water tiles until they come on screen and it happens so fast that they don't get a chance to catch up, frame-wise, to the animations already on the screen.

I know that to cut down on lag the engine removes animations from any event that is off-screen (though there are plug-ins that allow off-screen movement for events), but I didn't think it would do the same for water animations. I wonder if there's a plug-in that fixes it.
Hmm... that's interesting. I know it's not just sailing, because it happens even when not in the boat. Maybe a plugin that allows off-screen animations would work.
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