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So I made a game, playtested it, ironed out a few silly errors I'd made, and saved a few times throughout, everything went fine on Windows. Then I deployed it to Mac, and it won't save. The game loads and plays normally, and the save menu opens, but upon attempting to save to a file I get the error SE. Trying to go to the options after frustratedly rapidly clicking on the different save slots triggered a crash with an "Unknown Error," to the effect of not having permissions for the "Save" folder in the Resource folder for the game. I have not yet been able to reproduce the crash. The game does not have any plugins or custom scripts running.

Is there any known cause or fix for this? Is it a matter of running the game as an administrator? (How do I even do that in a Mac OS?) Do I have to change anything about the deployment process?
...In case anyone was wondering, what I ended up doing was looking at the filepath given in the error, manually creating the "Save" folder where it should have been, then manually editing the permissions for that folder (requires administrator credentials) so that anyone had read/write/edit permissions for it. It seems that as a .exe program with an unknown publisher, the game was not being given permission to write new files in any location by default. I'm not primarily a Mac user and I did this a month ago so I don't remember the exact steps, but I figured I should come back here since it's unlikely I'm the only one who had this issue.
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