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Just as the subject reads. I recently noticed the new(er) version of Rm2k3. I appreciate the fact that this has probably been asked many times, but I couldn't find any info on it and wanted to be certain before I took a journey down this old, nostalgic road and purchased it on steam.
Yes you can. When you attempt to open a project with the Official Rm2k3 you'll be given the option of port you project over. There may be an issue if your games used RTP files but other than that everything should be able to port over just fine.
There's variable support for a few 2k3 hacks too if you used them. None of the external dynRPG hacks work and some of the resource editor hacks didn't make it into the official RM2k3. For example I hacked my game so I could have higher enemy stats but if I import it into Rm2k3 it'll revert enemy stats to the old RM caps.

If you didn't do anything weird like that though then it's as ChillyPheese said and generally easy to deal with (dump old rtp into your game folder).
I was told by a couple people on a separate forum that it breaks some law somewhere to use the RTP. Though, there was a language barrier and he may have been saying that you can't EDIT the RTP. Appreciate the info.
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You can do whatever you want to the 2003 rtp if you bought rpg maker 2003.
If you bought the engine legit you can use it in any way within that engine (or any other that you also legally own in the series). That is, if you own Ace and 2k3 then you can use the RTP for both in either engine. You can also edit each of them as much as you want.

The only thing you can't do is upload it for people to download/make people pay for the RTP (this does not include making a commercial game with it, just selling the RTP by itself)/using in Non-RPG Maker engines.
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