Every misdeed has its own punishment, and every good deed has its reward.
I have an idea on who my santa is, but I won't say it here. XD

I don't doubt your skills for a second. :P
Merry Christmas, everypony! Now, I'm off to go back and get another bailey's on the rocks.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Ah haha i spoke too soon i guess, for some reason my mailbox didn't notify me.
Thanks and merry christmas!





Whoever did this! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

EDIT: I was Kloescared I'd never figure out who made this.

I can feel the Kloe in this
In the best way possible
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Yes, that one is strong with the Kloe.
This made my Christmas.

...and that's not all! My awesome Secret Santa also offered him/herself as a future tester for one of my games! Thank you SO much, whoever you are! ^^

I'm not sure who my Santa is, but I'm getting some Zephire98 vibes for some reason. xD
I hope my gift goes over well. It was a bit harsh in some of its criticism.

I've got a let's play as gift and seeing this really spooked me out before watching it. x.x

However, the video analysis turns negative for robot presence, which leaves me clueless on who to thank for it. :p

It was a chaotic Christmas day for me. When I finally sat down and opened my mailbox to find a present , I did a little happy jig:

It's so cute and clean!
They're (beautiful) enemy designs for Spiritome, and I adore them. I can't wait to create the sprites and implement them in game! Thank you , whoever my Santa is!
Many thanks to the person who made this:

Special mention to Varric's dudely chest hair (and abs, apparently)

A merry xmas to all!!!! *scuttles away*
I got some lovely graphics that almost makes me feel like working on an old game... HOW WILL I COPE WITH THIS. I'm not supposed to gamemake... :)
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Great thanks to the person who made me a full-fledged game, or at least 2 completed chapters of a planned 7 chapter game starring a cat as its main protagonist. I am deeply grateful and I would like to see the other 5 chapters of this riveting story when they are completed. Much thanks, and kind appreciation to you for creating a game for my amusement. The following is a moment-by-moment breakdown of my experiences with the game. I hope you enjoy this.

I got a soothing game called "Neuf" and I am so thankful! :D

Being introduced to a great game!

With dialogue and everything.

Violet is expecting me!

Very cute vibe. I believe this is using the Mack & Blue tileset.

I picked a Yellow Flower. It's Violet's favourite!

Another neat map! Secret Santa is so neat.

Someone has kidnapped Violet!

Chapter 1 - Un complete.

Oh no! My house is completely on fire.

So we have to figure out why the house got burned down...

Nice bar...

This even had a nice dodge game.

Whoa. A rat. How scary.

Full-on 100% RPG battle mechanics wow!

Plus, I'm Neuf the 2nd. I wonder what happened to the first Neuf?

Quite an interesting set of "cattacks".

It must be very late indeed.

The plot thickens! It's actually a very interesting story. Not really Christmassy, but very very thick and you play as a CAT!

<screen of the ending of chapter 2>
Oh no! :(

And it's done! But there's 7 chapters left. And I really want to complete it. Nonetheless, this was a fantastic present and way more than I could've dreamed about. Thanks gift person a.k.a. Secret Santa Claus! It was the best. And actually, quite a riveting story.

Many thanks again to my Secret Santa who I am going to assume is... either Gredge109, Frogge, TungerManU or KatanaHiroshi??? I may be wrong, but if I am, please forgive me, yo!

Merry Christmas, all!!!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Seeing all these cool lookig games makes me wish I made a game aswell. Does anyone want another extra present
<3 I always take extra presents. If .. you want to *blush*
Hehe : )

Kool stuff here~
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Haha, kylaila getting a game from me for a second year.

In fact, hey, why not make an rmn community christmas game! A gift for EVERYONE! Who knows, maybe it will be just as good as RMN christmas card 2009. Pfffft who am I kidding nothing can surpass that
I'm going to guess my Secret Santa is Cashmere because the person left me a note that was ridiculously sugary sweet and that fits Cash to the letter. XD Kloe is another option, but I really think it's cash.

I also got an adorable ticket for a future review which I appreciate. ^.^
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Someone was nice enough to make a game for me!

But when I try to play it, I get this:

Oh, you gonna be like that, huh?

Since the file wasn't in the package, the event stops and loops back to the beginning. Based on the few text boxes before this one asking for security ID clearance levels (in-game, not for my computer) and the fact that the game files were encrypted, I interpreted this as some kind of challenge.

Being it on, Santa! I'll crack your game!

I created my own id.txt file it was looking for, but there is a certain piece of data on this file that the game is trying to read but isn't there. After experimenting with different names and authorization levels, I finally figured out the winning sequence, and the game proper begins.

LockeZ could possibly be evil enough to give someone a game but keep the key to playing it. CashmereCat would throw a puzzle at me that breaks the fourth wall. So far, I can't think of anyone else who would do this right off the bat, so I'll keep playing and see what's in store for me. Exciting!
A game that's a puzzle to play. That's genius.
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Well, either Red_Nova's Santa screwed up, or was following the Diary of the Masochistic Monk.
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Marrend, you may not be too far off about Masomonk.

taken from my Dark Souls 2 Barehanded playthrough in case anyone was confused.

So I finished the game (at least I think I did), and am leaning more towards the Masomonk theory. The game's skills straight up lie to me. One of my magic spells said I was immune to damage... but I'm not. Another skill allowed me to be immune to damage for a turn, then regenerates 250% HP and 100% MP. None of that is true. I healed a flat 250 HP and 5 MP. Yet another skill's description indicates that it boosts my attack by 40% for 3 turns, but the battle log said it was boosted by 25%.


Despite all that, I beat the boss on my second try. I saw some of my own tricks thrown back at me but taken up a notch (funny little Santa tried to scare me by dropping my real name), so it has to be someone who has played some of my games.


Another file that was not packaged with the game. Either my Secret Santa forgot a few things or genuinely hates me and this is just a prank gift. Considering there are two other text files packaged in this game, I'm starting to think this was intentional.

What is the deeper meaning?! WHAT IS THE DEEPER MEANING?! I MUST KNOW!! I'm gonna get to the bottom of this if it kills me.