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Now with the introduction of a Mega Man Engine called Mega Engine created by Wrecking Programs, and the current contest going on over at sprites.inc that they actually heavily modified it even further where even the beginners can make something grand (Devkit is currently public right now). There is still things being ironed out in the devkit, so expect bugs.

I believe it uses Game Maker as the base that is combined with the custom assets, so if you have game maker experience then you're set.

I was thinking if we resident RMN people who can craft their own Mega Man sprites, and levels that maybe one day we could try a community event for this, I think it is worth considering.

Also there is tutorials that was provided for the contest going on right now.

Besides all of this..there is another developer creating a very accurate engine for Megaman X, but don't expect to see it public until sometime later in 2017.
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As far as an event for this goes, it would largely depend on demand and how many people having game maker studio (8.1 users would probably be fine to a point, but im not versed enough in GMS to know how well it imports 8.1 content, I'm assuming well enough though).

Basically, if some more people voice that they also want this, I'll get the ball rolling on an event for this.

Also, for anyone interested: http://sprites-inc.co.uk/showthread.php?tid=1648

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Yeah that is the Mega Engine, I would wait till the current contest is over or wait till they give the go ahead, and say that the MAGMML Contest II - Engine gets perfected with minimal or no bugs left to be found, Wrecking Program's original version will soon be replaced in favor for the modified one.

Here is the relevant link to the modified engine:


Though not to say that the original is now worse, but just that the modified version will have more things to tinker with. One awesome introduction was the Mega Man Slide that was first seen in MM8 in Frost Man's stage, and many other gimmicks to be expected, hope everyone will have fun with it.
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