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I think ever since the re-introduction of RPG MAKER 2000 & RPG MAKER 2003 that eventually the old versions will one day disappear due to the relatively new circumstances. I think there should be some kind of preservation initiative to get the old games to make the jump to the real official versions, and also it would clean up the RMN database one game at a time. Normally this should not be a issue, but the new RTP for both are different than the original versions if I recall correctly, so this presents a problem just to get the old games to run for future players down the road.

Though I'm wondering if such a task is easier said than done? Could we try something like this or there is some roadblocks to consider?

On the other hand..I just saw Oblivion Quest on here, and it is more recent Old Version 2003 game (2016), so I guess it does not really matter? Somewhat confused on this. I would think at this point the company wouldn't like it if people were still supporting the older versions.
hrmmm.... well, it would have to be completely voluntary. We don't have the rights to just go to anybody's gamepage, download the game, convert it, and overwrite their download.

But we could try to incentivize it somehow, or raise awareness (though I don't think lack of awareness is the issue). We could try to deter the use of the old translations for new submissions somehow, too. But it's a strange situation caused by the unavailibility of the old makers for so very long. The hobbyist RM community was built on the unofficial translations, whether you like it or not. And RMN isn't in the business of policing what engines people use. So, my personal view is, we should only attempt to do some Positive reinforcement at getting people to use/switch to the official RM2k/3, and not attempt to do any negative punishments of those that opt not to. There are still pretty big differences between the official RM2k/3 and the decades+ old translations, so I can see why someone would use them.

tl;dr - a positive reinforcement/incentivized way to get people to convert to official RM2k/3 sounds good to me.

What did you have in mind?
I think as a incentive would definitely be a X amount of maker score for each project conversion if the Developer wishes to participate, and it would also give them the chance to fix any previous bugs (specially game breaking bugs) caused by the old versions that the new version has fixed for each specific game they developed in the past.. Also I think a special Maker symbol could be rewarded to be placed on a game page that shows that this legacy project was converted. However there needs to be a certain year range since some games are still developed on the unofficial versions, so the games in question have to before the official release years for both RM2K, and RM2K3.

Also some here will probably have to contact some of the developers that may have not visited RMN in quite some time if their email is still available, and if they wish to participate in this event. Some projects however have reached a expiration point if the developer no longer has contact info (things like Final Fantasy Nova, and a few others), so unfortunately there is not much that can be done about those.

Also you're correct, I was not looking to see the developers punished, but I was just worried if the official company would eventually look at us, and get a bit irritated with continual use of the old versions, but I guess just as long they're not profiting from the project that it could explain why they never bothered with RMN yet, and that was my only concern really. Actually that might be the reason, but I'm not sure.

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