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I'm proud and excited to share you a video preview of every level in my game. Procedural Generated Levels.

Listen to a preview of the EPIC & MAGICAL soundtrack. i'm looking for opinions on the levels and particle effects. is the variety varied enough?

Do you think from video game looks polished enough? What do you think of the menu screen?

As for Title Screen, and the tackiness of it. I think it's fine. If you have opinions or advice, please leave a comment. Thank you.

The green portals you see are placeholders only by the way.

- Note: The levels are empty, as i haven't gotten to working on that part yet. Since I've been working on the CORE.

Ah so these levels are procedurally generated. I see. What is the goal of this game? Just wander and wonder, or something else?

The worst thing in procedurally generated systems is that maps get very repeative after some while. If you can solve that in some way, game improves a lot. Now there are just these labyrints, which is not bad in itself, but player will get bored after some while, at least I would.

Musics in this are really nice. If I were you I would change the sound effects from regular rtp ones.

Good luck for the development
The goal is to reach to Top Ranks in the Monster Arena, and defeat the World Champion.

As for gameplay, theres lots of things implemented. It's like Pokemon where you catch Monsters and raise them. Theres TONS and I mean TONS of customization features for your Monster Collection.

As for procedural levels, I have random puzzles I'm working on, and theres random traps in the game too. And random quests from random npc spawns.

As for sound effects, I would change the default but I can't create some of the effects like cursor or cancel or confirm for example. I might look for some instead since i cant make of myself. Hard to get the right sound you know?

Thank you.
I have a massive interest in procedural games(if you have seen my project Grimoire of worlds you will see what I mean)
This has lots of potential. Like shade_hunter says its about solving the repetitive nature of dungeons. with a pokemon style game this could work well as you are always hunting for new enemies and each dungeon could be the one where you find a new awesome creature.
*grindalf. nice job on your grimoire of worlds project. I personally think you should go with a minecraft graphical look but thats just cuz i think it be easier/seamless with voxels. You current artwork reminds me of nintendo64 and for some odd reason dragon quest monsters joker. which is neat. as for repetitive nature of procedural games, like you said, it's gotta catch em' all. the idea of collecting monsters and random almost everything, if not everything, including flavor text, i think adds lots of detail and adds a little extra "immersive experience" to randomness that you wouldnt get otherwise. check out my new thread on my "Empath System" tell me what you think of that?
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