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hi, all. I wanted to share you a preview of my "Empath System". It's similiar to shin megami tensei but with a little more depth and complexity. It's designed to add flavor and make battles more "Lively". Based on personality and emotional responses from monsters. Depending on your choices, this may offer positive or negative effects in battle. Such as gifted items, more gold rewards, Buffs/debuffs, or conditions/states, the monster might even flee etc.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it adds character to battles, where most battle systems are rather generic and don't add any flavor.

What do you think of the Encounter Flavor Text? When the battle is initiated?

I haven't seen many systems like this in RPGs, so well done! I think your Empath System adds does character to battles, and the Encounter flavor text further adds to this. I like it when games give the opponents a bit of personality like your game does instead of encounters just seeming like things for the player to fight. It makes it feel like you are actually combating an opponent instead of battling stuff the computer throws at you.

Long paragraph short, I like your Empath System!
Uh, looking at the vid.. what DOES that do? I have no idea.
The end just says "Monster likes you" .. well uh .. what does that mean? What can you do with it?
What are you bribing the monster with ..?
I don't even know who is asking the question. You select a course of action (without narration) and a question about it follows? I don't follow the conversation logic much at all .. does the monster (here dragon) ask those? But if so, they could have some replies too .. or if they aren't capable of speech, they could still gesture n make sounds n stuff.

Also while I do love the idea n system (I also happen to love smt) the fact it's all empty questions and the responses are very analytic (happy, unhappy, fearful) they feel very distant and generic actually. To me, anyway.
It feels like there is zero input from the monster, other than the system telling you how it feels. The monster isn't showing you how it feels.

As such it would feel more like a thing to fiddle around with but less character.

Edit: PS: I like the music. Haha, it's kinda a high fantasy epic music.
For people who haven't played SMT or Persona 1/2 like crazy a good tutorial is super needed in the game demo/finished version. (Persona 2 was pretty darn bad at this.) Also maybe some more visual feedback would be nice to show the player how much of each emotion they are at. Will you add in character/personality based flavour text/events to the different options?

All in all if you can nail this system well thats pretty awesome! (totes want to recruit that dragon)
I have no idea what's going on. Like, is the monster asking those questions? What's the point of actions like taunt and bribe when they all lead to a random question? Plus, it's unclear how any of it affects the battle.

The whole system can definitely benefit from being more transparent and explained/tutorialed.
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