Oh, I understood that. It made me laugh quite a bit, but since such an entity didn't exist, it didn't show up in the sacrificial quotes. Just like the bears. ;p
Actually, I died just before the vote count. So my vote was not taken into account and the other players where still in doubt about the existence of such entity. Kloe's reply about it made me smile.
Oh. I actually did tally it up but removed it when you died, which is why I remembered tallying it. I'm pretty sure I posted that it wasn't a thing, though, in any case. Maybe.

Either way, lol.
Blob, I have to ask - where in thundera did you get all those awesome dragon avatars
With the exception of the fluffy brown dragon, they're all made by Diives! He doesn't only do dragons. I think I found all of his dragon ones.

The fluffy brown dragon...uh, I don't really remember who made it.

Other diives stuff:

Some of his stuff is NSFW so view at your own discretion.

I know this is done and all, but I just saw this, and that gif is .. SO.. CUTE.
Thank you <3 made my evening hahaa
(I couldn't find much else interesting, but 'tis cute still)