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This is the thing. I am doing it.

Hi I'm dragonzx, which you're welcome to refer to me as, though Dragon or Zechs are also acceptable. The name Zechs is an English adoption of Zekusu (ZX) in Japanese, only mildly influenced by Gundam Wing.

The community I was once a part of, and hopefully no one remembers my garbage childish antics, was RPG Town. I've grown up, kind of. At least in the good ways.

I'm in my late 20s, and I play video games sometimes. I prefer classics, and I was never good at completing projects. For anything. Ever.
"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
This has never been more relevant.

Don't believe in yourself. Believe in the tiny potato, who believes in you!

Thanks for that haha
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Welcome to RMN! You chose a good thing to do. Enjoy your time, and make sure to take a look at the Featured Games list if you're looking for some good games to play! See you around.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Welcome to RMN!

Where all your hopes and dreams...kinda...just...nevermind.

Enjoy your stay! :D
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Welcome to the forum.
I never finish anything either.
I don't think many of us ever do.

I hope you manage to break the barrier though, because from experience i can tell you that it feels pretty sweet when something you worked on gets a decent reception.

EDIT: Oh yeah, don't fuck up though.
Goes inactive at least every 2 weeks
Someone who does things?
Finally, someone I relate too.

Welcome to RMN, I'm never on here.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!
Thing status: Done

Welcome to rmn. We're all mad here.
Thanks everyone!

Porkate, your avatar and particular reply, I feel, go really well together hahaha.
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