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Hi, does anybody have any idea how I can make a monster scouting and breeding system as in dragon warrior monsters? I could really use any help I can get, I'm trying to make a fan game for a few friends but don't really have the know how to do this. I could pay if needed.
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I haven't played Dragon Warrior Monsters, can you give me some more information on the system?
The system works with a few factors: Pedigree and Mate, Monster Classes, and either a rating system for monsters within a class or particular monsters just leading to special results.

Standard Ex: Pedigree (Material class) + Mate (Zombie class) = Rogue Knight: a suit of armour, shield, and sword possessed by a spirit or housing a zombie.

Specialty Ex: Pedigree (Ice Man) + Mate (Lava Man) = Gold Golem, a giant brick monster made of Gold.
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