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Hi, so while waiting for anime art assets from my highly talented artist, i'm pre-planning my next visual novel game. My first VN story is complete, the professional UI is done, and since I dont like doing nothing, must be productive in some way. I want to ask all of you, which of these stories would you pay to play? Rank each one based on whether you would pay to play it or not. Like 1-7. 1 being first pick, 7 being last pick. You also get my own personal preference.

(1) I DROVE ALL NIGHT (Story Complete), is an indie Romantic Visual Novel, about two Lovers and their long distance relationship. Augustus is a member of a Notorious Gang, while Ophelia is part of High Society. Can the two from two different worlds keep their love alive? INSPIRED BY THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, AND ROMEO & JULIET.

(2) SURVIVE, is an Epic Survival Visual Novel, about a 13 year old boy who is deserted on an island after his plane crashes on his way to Japan for the holidays. INSPIRED BY ROBINSON CRUSOE, LORD OF THE FLIES, AND CAST AWAY.

(5) SUMMER TIME, is a light-hearted Romantic Comedy, about a boy who meets a girl during summer vacation at the ocean-side along the beach. The problem is the boy, is actually a girl dressed as a boy...

(3) VR-MMO, is a Sci-fi Thriller Visual Novel, about a not so distant future, where a popular VR game, around the world, has players trapped inside, and Death means more than just Game Over.

(6) OPHELIA ALPHA LOLITA, is a Sci-fi Romantic Visual Novel, about the first AI, a young girl, named Ophelia and the romantic relationship she has with her inventor.

(4) SHE SINS IN PEACE, is a Erotic Romance Novel, about a billionaire and his concubine. A colorful life of Domination and submission where the Devil is a Religion.

(7) I AM KING, is Erotic Fantasy Visual Novel, about a King, a tyrant, who excites the flesh, and lures peasants and nobles, to his private estate, for deviant service.

I plan on completing all of these VN stories just not sure in what order. That's why I'm here to ask you folk? All 7 VN's will be completed in 2 years time. My small indie team of two works fast.

I'm the Director, Producer, Writer, and Programmer.


Each VN will have a Mini-game where you guess who the A-List Celebrity is. A little novelty to lessen the seriousness of the stories.

I've lost interest in making an RPG. Visual Novels as a creative medium is fascinating to me, and more inspiring. Even if I stumbled upon the medium almost by accident. The MAIN REASON, Visual Novels for me anyhow would take only 2-3 Months for a Complete Product, whereas an RPG 1-2 years. Quick turnaround. BUT, I do think I will finish my current flagship RPG since I spent a significant amount of time already working on it. Bit by bit not focused on it at the moment though.
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