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As a preview of our first visual novel, here's a romantic scene from "I Drove All Night."

Ophelia wakes up stunned.

Ophelia: My God! You caught me off-guard, Augustus!

Augustus: Sorry. Let’s just say I had to sneak my way in.

He notices the bandage on her wrist.

Augustus: You alright? Did you get hurt or something?

Ophelia becomes uneasy, tries to shift the topic to something else.

Ophelia: I’m fine, just a little accident, that’s all.

Augustus: A little accident? Looks to me like –

She leaps out of bed and stands before him.

Ophelia: Augustus, do you like to dance?

Augustus: Not really. Never really been any good at it, to be honest. At least none of that fancy shenanigan or anything like that.

Ophelia: You mean ballroom dancing?

Augustus: Yeah. Ballroom dancing, waltzing, ballet dancing. Anything you have to get all dressed up to do, isn’t my thing.

Ophelia: Well, what else is there?

Augustus: Oh, there’s a lot of dancing you never heard of. There’s the dancing we do in my neighborhood.

Ophelia: Teach me.

Augustus: You sure you’re ready for it? I gotta warn you, with this kind of dancing, you can get, you know, in the mood for something a little beyond.

Ophelia’s face glows with a naughty grin.

Ophelia: That settles it. Teach me!
You're magical to me.
Advertising you game in this manner is against site rules. Posts like this should go on gamepages, not in the main forums. (Also your post title is misleading, as it assumes you're talking about your experiences with making games rather than a plug for your patreon).
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