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Could you tell me which one you think look best and why? It's supposed to be a soldier miniature sort of like you see in Warhammer. How would you improve on it?

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I definitely think #3 is my favorite. It has a more realistic style, and it being a human I think it's smaller size would be relative to larger monsters or warmachines. He also just comes off as the best Empire Swordsman in Warhammer terms.
I like 3 as well.
Tho 7 is also really nice - it just has a more comic friendly vibe to it.

I think a lot of it is the sword-placement in the first couple of them. It just looks awkward and too high (like 4), they already are oversized, as fantasy-swords go, but that is how it ges haha.

What could be experimented with is to actually have the shield .. shielding something. So closer to the body/vitals (95% of games n media do not use shields despite having them everywhere, it's weird)
5.6. and 4. look quite akward because it almost looks like the shield is behind the character (9 is on edge)
It really depends on what pose you want tho. 3. looks more like a "TO BATTLE" or victory pose, not really anything infight.
3 is very good tho. I think I also like the low stand.

I am too tired to describe better, haha
So I'm not quite there yet uh.

Here's a few more:

Considering making this a reality...
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