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did someone say angels
For me, a magical experience is one that in some way changes the way I think about myself or the world.

Art and entertainment is powerful because it has the potential to simulate experiences and emotions in a safe space. Being in a situation where you're terrified for your life is usually bad news, but in art, you can explore that emotion without your real self being in danger. Art lets you experience a broad spectrum of emotions that you might not otherwise be able to understand, and that enriches your perspective on life and other people.

Our experiences shape our development as people, and who we are is in large part a consequence of the chain of events we've gone through up until this point. Because art can create those experiences unbound from physical limitations or consequences, it has enormous transformative potential, and as artists, it's important to understand that so that we can wield it effectively, and also to ensure we don't use that power for evil.

There have been a couple games which have had a strong impact on me and challenged the way I think about certain ideas in the real world. And I think everyone has that potential, but it's something that has to be consciously honed and practiced.

What makes a work of art magical to me is when the artist's vision is conveyed through the artistic medium and I feel as if we're communicating through it, so that their ideas and feelings are clearer to me than if they had been expressed through words.

If you want to create a powerful work that will resonate with someone, search yourself and consider what it is that's important to you, what it is that you wish other people understood, and think on how you can use your medium to communicate that to other people. Even in a flawed work, you can sense that passion, and that's what gives art soul.
Beautifully said.
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I would like to add that it's not exclusively simulated experiences that art can convey, but also just thoughts, concepts and ideas in a more general sense. This is especially true for works that focus more on metafiction and commenting on other works or forms of art. You don't necessarily "experience" anything in the strict sense of the world from that, but you can absolutely become aware of things you hadn't realised before. Maybe I'm just beeing too over-precise now, though.

Either way, apart from this, that is a very well-written, thoughtful and comprehensible response, Sailerius.
Beautifully said.
I couldn't agree more. Every point Sailerius hit was perfect. Not using our abilities for evil is a STRONG one. Lots of people who create media can use their passion for evil works.

Learning what is important and how to communicate in a way that isn't speech itself. I also liked how it was said that we have to put ourselves in the shoes of characters in their situations and sometimes, the shoes fit who we are in one way or another. No matter what kind of story you create, there will always be someone who can relate. With many lives comes many possibilities and experiences. This is all so much to take in.

Although, lots of good information has been dished out here in this thread, it seems there is actually more to learn than I thought. There are branches of the concept that have to be taken into account.Believe, me I'm taking lots and lots of notes on this. Not only that, but I passionately feel that this thread is helping others discover what it is as well and how to improve their experiences.

Also, I didn't know someone got banned in an earlier comment :( Just goes to show, you got to be careful what you say to others.

@Neversilent Yes, I am heavily enjoying the exchange here. It fills me with joy to come here and see that new posts are being made to help further define the word magic. I'm sure that I'm not the only one growing with this either. Some terms people have said struck me like lightning. I hadn't even thought of it on certain levels. And, no you aren't being over precise. Magic is a deep topic and its best that you go into as much detail as possible. Its not something that can be summarized in 3 words so to say.
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Awwwwwwwwww shi', Sailerius. Some stuff you've said in the past I've thoroughly disagreed with, but that post right there blew me flippin' socks off. It's bookmarked for later inspiration and another reminder why I art.
Not using our abilities for evil is a STRONG one.

I think this is the best lesson games teach by giving the player the opportunity to use abilities for good or evil and show their consequences in a safe environment. Learning-by-doing is the true magic of games.
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