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This happened several times now: I create a skill, and when I test it, the skill seems to miss 100% of the time. The skill doesn't seem to work until I change random things about it and even now I'm not fully sure what finally caused it to work. I assume the gist of it is that the skill deals no HP or MP nor does it recover any, therefore the game treats that as a missed attack, and therefore any additional effects the attack was meant to have are ignored. It is frustrating. I find myself having to sidestep this by adding HP or MP damage/recover effects to spells that don't need them. Thus far I've gotten by but I thought I should ask about it now before it becomes a major problem.

Aside from that, I've also noticed something that struck me as rather odd. If you attach common events to skills, they don't occur right away, but until after everyone else finished their action that turn. (EDIT: I stand corrected, the common event happens right away but MP/HP changes incurred by the common event don't happen until the end of the turn. Which is even more strange.) Another odd thing I noticed is that only one common event can be attached to a skill. (When I attach more, only one will work)

I wonder if either of those last two things would be solved by changing the trigger type from 'none' (the default) to one of the other two choices: 'parallel process' and 'autorun'. I should try it out, at least.
VX Ace seems to be a bit wonky as to whether or not it wants to make certain things work when calling a common event through a skill. If you try to make the common event itself apply effects, such as a state or damage, I've found that it will just randomly decide not to do it.

It would help if you could tell us what specifically you're trying to get the skill to do, but I'll give you an example of how I got it to work:

I have skills where Party Member 1 applies a state to Party Member 2.

What didn't work: Having the Common Event apply the state.
What did work: Having the common event "Force Action" a second skill somewhere in the database, which the target casts on itself.

Skill 1: "Eric casts Conjure on Natalie..."
Effect: Common Event (Force Action: Natalie casts Skill 2)
Target: None

Skill 2: "Natalie is now affected by Conjure "
Effect: Add State (Conjure)
Target: The User

Doing it this way, I've never again had any problems with Common Events randomly failing. Note that if you keep the formation command or otherwise rearrange the party, the game will still look for Index 1 and 2 regardless of who's in those spots.
My skills either work 0% of the time or 100% of the time, I think. There *were* times where it missed due to standard evasion systems but changing those things in class and enemies fixed that.

The idea that it could still randomly fail is terrifying. I hope that's not true. When I first had a skill with multiple common events fail I almost thought I had to scrap my game. But I was able to notice that the common event always triggered exactly once no matter how many copies I put in. So now I just put everything into one common event instead of stacking it. If it fits, it ships!

EDIT: So I was wondering how is it I got a common event skill to work at least once before. Here's the trick: Add another effect before the common event: HP Recover 0. This magically causes the entire skill to work, common event and all. Note that MP Recover 0 won't work, it has to be HP Recover apparently. It really is that weird.

p.s. THANK YOU for mentioning that idea to force action in common event. It gave me a great idea for what the fourth character's finishing move should be. I just tested it and it works. So cool!
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