Alright so I've been thinking about this for a while. Would there be interest in playing some Diplomacy?

It takes seven players and it is the game of intrigue and warfare that has broken up friendships since 1959.

The wikipedia page and this site has the most basic overview of the rules. I know there was a Diplo game attempted once before here (many years ago) but I'm pretty sure it stalled at turn three or four. Such is the game of Diplomacy.

The game on the first turn:

But signups. Join if you want to. I will be the gamemaster and handle the orders and you will never be friends again. Sounds like a plan?

When you sign up also state which faction you'd like to play as (British, French, Italian, German, Austrian, Russian or Turkish)

If you have any questions. Feel free to ask. I'm usually terrible at explaining these things.

Current signups:
1. NeverSilent - Germany
2. OzzyTheOne - Russia
3. pianotm - Turkey
4. ESBY - France
5. TonyThomas - Britain
6. Dudesoft - Austria
7. Kloe - Italy

Another rules overview:

Previous turns:
Spring 1901 Resolution:
Army bud - > rum (bounced with sev -> rum and returned to where it came from)
Fleet tri -> adr
Army vie Hold
Fleet edi -> nth
Army lvp -> yor
Fleet long -> eng
Fleet bre -> mao
Army mar -> spa
Army par -> bur
Army ber -> kie
Fleet kie -> hol
Army mun Hold
Fleet nap -> ion
Army rom -> apu
Army ven -> tri
Army mos -> ukr
Fleet sev -> rum (bounced with bud -> rum and returned to where it came from)
Fleet stp -> fin
Army war -> gal
Fleet ank -> con
Army con -> bul
Army smy -> syr

Fall 1901
Fleet adr -> tri
Army bud Hold
Army vie supports adr -> tri
Fleet eng -> bre (bounced with mao -> and returned to where it came from)
Army yor -> bel Convoyed by nth (bounced with bur -> bel supported by hol and returned to where it came from)
Fleet nth Convoys yor -> bel
Army bur -> bel
Fleet mao -> bre (bounced with eng -> bre and returned to where it came from)
Army spa Hold
Fleet hol supports bur -> bel
Army kie -> den
Army mun Hold
Army apu -> ven
Fleet ion -> adr
Army tri -> vie (dislodged by adr -> tri supported by vie)
Fleet fin -> swe
Army gal -> bud (bounced with bud and returned to where it came from)
Fleet sev -> rum
Army ukr supports sev -> rum
Army bul Hold
Fleet con -> aeg
Army syr -> smy

It is now Winter 1901. Time to build new units.

Winter 1901 build orders:
France builds:
Fleet in bre
Fleet in mar
Germany builds:
Army in ber
Fleet in kie
Italy builds:
Fleet in nap
Russia builds:
Fleet in stp (north coast)
Army in war
Turkey builds:
Fleet in ank

Spring 1902:
Army bud Hold (dislodged by gal->bud supported by ser)
Fleet tri Hold (dislodged by adr -> tri supported by ven)
Army vie -> boh
Fleet eng Hold (dislodged by mao -> eng supported by bre, the support from nth is interrupted by hol -> nth)
Fleet nth Supports eng (but is interrupted by hol -> nth)
Army yor -> lon
Fleet mar Hold
Army spa Hold
Fleet bre Supports mao -> eng
Fleet mao -> eng
Fleet bre Supports hol (but hol moves so the support doesn't do anything)
Army ber -> kie
Army den Hold
Fleet hol -> nth (bounced with nth and returns to hol)
Fleet kie -> hel
Army mun -> ruh
Fleet adr -> tri
Fleet nap -> ion
Army ser Supports gal -> bud
Army ven Supports adr -> tri
Fleet swe Hold
Army gal -> bud
Fleet rum -> sev
Fleet stp (north coast) -> bar
Army ukr -> rum
Army war -> sil
Fleet aeg -> gre
Army bul Supports aeg -> gre
Fleet ank -> con (bounced with smy -> con and returns to ank)
Army smy -> con (bounced with ank -> con and returns to smy)

bud retreats to vie
tri retreats to alb
eng retreats to wal

Fall 1902:
Fleet alb Hold
Army boh -> mun (bounced with ruh -> mun supported by kie and returns to boh)
Army vie -> tyr
Army lon Supports wal
Fleet nth Hold (but is dislodged by hel -> nth supported by hol)
Fleet wal Hold
Army bel -> pic
Fleet bre -> mao
Fleet eng Hold
Fleet mar -> spa (south coast)
Army spa -> por
Army den Hold
Fleet hel -> nth
Fleet hol Supports hel -> nth
Army kie Supports ruh -> mun
Army ruh -> mun
Fleet ion -> gre (bounced with gre and returns to ion)
Army ser Supports tri
Fleet tri Hold
Army ven Supports tri
Fleet bar -> nwg
Army bud Supports rum -> gal
Army rum -> gal
Fleet sev -> rum
Army sil Supports kie -> mun (but kie doesn't move to mun so the support does nothing)
Fleet swe -> nwy
Fleet ank -> con
Army bul Supports gre
Fleet gre Supports bul (but is interrupted by ion -> gre)
Army smy Hold

It is now Winter 1902. Build and disband.
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the game of intrigue and warfare that has broken up friendships since 1959.
So I've got nothing to lose, right? =)

Sure, why not? I'll make the boring choice and play as Germany, then.

(It might also be a good idea to play one practice turn before actually beginning the game, so that any misunderstandings can be cleared up in time.)
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Ohhh, I wanted to be Germany, oh well, Russia will do.

Suffice to say, I'll be joining!

EDIT: Russia no need friends, Russia stronk!
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I can switch to Britain if you want, Ozzy, so you can pick Germany. We haven't started the game yet, so I still get to be nice now.
If two people pick the same thing we'll just randomize it and you can be enemies for life!

In Diplomacy there is also some quite specific syntax for orders but I'm going to go with the rule that if I know what you intend that's what you intend. Even so we could do a first test turn if there is much demand. I guess I'll also make some kind of example turn.
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Hmm, to be the German Empire or to be the Russian Empire, hard choices indeed.

I think I'll stay with the Russian empire.
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Hmm...I can't go with Britain. I'm part German, too, but I didn't really consider it, and Ozzy's deciding on it anyway. I would have picked my Persain/Arab heritage anyway.


(Although, my second language is French...
Just kidding, I've decided on Turkish!)
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Already read up the rules, it's a very interesting game! Can't wait unitl we have 7 players gathered.
extreme disappointment
i'll try france
Sign me in lads. The British will knock your asses out.
Woo only two more and we can start zis game. Surely it will end in peaceful resolution. (in the game remember that you can at any time agree on a peace also :P)

Also if there are any rules questions. I know that in StP (Saint Petersburg) you can't go from the south coast to the north coast with a fleet. So no moving from BOT to StP to BAR. Even though fleets generally can move to adjacent waters.

Also if the place names are unclear for people I'm going to try to dig up something we can use. I have the boardgame version so I'm thinking of setting that up on a table I never use and take photographs of progress using the actual boardgame :)
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Send me in coach! I'm ready to fail.
Whatever straggler nations are left works.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
give me Austria, so I can type like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Austria it is.

Also only one spot left. I would love it if this actually happened. I hope you who signed up ages ago haven't forgotten about it (and will encourage anyone to take that last spot as Italy. Because as we all know Italy was the winner in both world wars)

I also set up the boardgame so we should be good to go.
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Woooo, only one more player! Let's get this wat started! I can feel the friendships shattering already.

Edit: Wow, you even went a bought (I suppose you bought it) the actual board game for this. I really hope we get 7 people together and don't abandon this forum game. ^_^;
Well I bought it like five years ago from a friend who said "I'm never going to play this so I should just get rid of it." and I told him "I'm never going to play this so I'm going to buy it from you."

For a couple of game nights after that, between games when wondering what to play next, I would always suggest "How about a quick casual game of Diplomacy".
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I was hesitating as it seems really tricky and complicated and stuff, but if you need someone and nobody else will take the slot, I'm in.
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It shouldn't be too hard, you just need to be good at backstabbing people. Look at this like a mafia game but everyone knows you want to kill them.
Alright the game is unofficially on!

I will send out PMs to all participants later (possibly tomorrow) so that anyone who might have forgotten but you can begin your scheming at any time. Turns will be resolved after some suitable time limit (suggestions? I might allow for nearly a week maybe?) or when everyone has submitted their orders.

There are apparently (from my photograph) three areas that have a north and a south coast for fleets to be at. It's St Petersburg, Bulgaria and Spain. So remember those when considering orders. Also the Russian St. Petersburg fleet starts on the South Coast according to the rules I have.
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Okay, here we go! Good luck, everyone!

Shinan, I have some questions:
Is it possible to have multiple units stationed in the same area? And if not, how do we move our units through our own territory, for example if we want a unit from a central country to move closer to the border of our empire?

What happens if two or more players are trying to move units to the same unoccupied area? And what if multiple players attack the same area at the same time if it's occupied by a third player?

Also, could you add the colour of each player's faction to the list of participants? Right now, it's still easy to see who is who, but that might change quickly once territories change hands. Thanks!