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Hello, I'm currently looking for the following:

-Testers for either of my games
-A Spriter who is skilled at imitating others styles. (My style of course)
-An idea pitcher (I get idea block real easily and enemy ideas I just love to hear.)

I'm currently working on a Dragon Quest Fan Game and plan on starting another game that'll be 100% custom graphics/music/etc(It's called TEST for now). I plan to start this in the summer.

I'm only looking for help to speed up the development and that will also factor in if I decide sell this game or not. (backers/helpers/testers/etc would get it for free)

From my custom game:
I had created an enemy sheet. I plan to redo most if not all of it (again....)

Early tileset

Screen of a section of the city (changed)

Mugshots for my custom game. The characters will look very anime/manga style particularly more Shonen styled.

Item Graphics

(Most of this has been edited)

Note: These are things I can do on my own, but I figure someone out there would like to help make a game!

So send me a PM if you'd like to help. These positions are for free as of now, but they can become paid. I have to get progress on the custom game done along with seeing it's initial response.

You may also reach me at
roco_loco1@yahoo.com (it's a extra email of mine, some people checking out the site may not have an account here)
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