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JK... Hey there, I'm Melly. I'm usually am pretty averse to making intro posts (never did at GW, lol), but RMN seems like a nice place, and I love the many game design articles/discussions here, so I'd like to hang around. :)

I'm a college Economics/Japanese double major in California, and I've been farting around off-and-on in various RPG Makers since roughly 5th grade. Never completed a game, but hopefully I will complete my current project, Oathguard, someday.

I like games that first and foremost make me "feel" something--via either gameplay (feeling "strong" or "accomplished"), atmosphere, or story/dialog (I'm a sucker for awesome localization/dialog/characterization/etc). For me, games are art because you can communicate human feelings through them (cheesey, I know...).

Some of my fave RM games of recent times that I can think of offhand are Sunset Over Imdahl, The Mirror Lied, Resident Evil 2d, Grave Spirit, Starless Umbra, Hero's Realm, Balmung Chronicle, Wifred the Hero, and Destiny's Call Complete (just for the nostalgia! :P). Oh, and of course Don Miguel's Niggaz vs. Satan... truly an epic. (I'm serious, it's awesome.)

Anyway, I like console games, too, of course, and admittedly am a "Sony person," though I really want a 360 right now. I like all genres, but my fave games/biggest influences are ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Lunar series, FFX, FFIX, Shadow Hearts series, Resident Evil series, Virtua Fighter series, Wolfenstein, Dynasty Warriors/ROTK series, Earthbound, Phantasy Star IV, Sword of the Berserk ... too many to name. :) I'm currently playing and loving GTA IV, Virtua Fighter 5, Orange Box, and Yakuza 2. Besides games, I like sports (judo, bball, football), writing, languages and localization, food, and chillaxing w/friends.

Sorry about listing things at you. I hope to contribute to the community, instead of lurking like I always do. Anyway, nice to meet everyone.
Great intro topic! Welcome to RMN, post lots.

(We may seem like a nice place, but I can assure you the poster below me is a jerk)
This is probably the best intro topic I have seen for a long time!
So, uh, welcome! And post lots! really.

Also, if you're a big fan of atmosphere-based games, you should check out my game. Which is atmosphere-based.

i am a jerkit's true
One of the best intros i've read.

Welcome aboard to RMN. Post lots and enjoy your stay.
...you actually read these DD? I thought you just placed your trademark welcome post in every place you could!


Welcome to the forums!
Hey Mellytan I remember you from when I went on GW that one time...

Hope you like it at RMN. I also like Shadow Hearts series, I don't see many fans of that series.
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...you actually read these DD? I thought you just placed your trademark welcome post in every place you could!


Welcome to the forums!

dammit you caught me. It's not my fault i like to spam this forum.
You like Phantasy Star IV, so yeah, you are welcome =^.^=
Welcome! Hope you stick around.
Wow! Thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone. :D I was expecting "tl;dr" response or something, lol.

AznC: You mean Mindflare? I'm already one step ahead of you. Will be playing it tonight. :)

Thanks again, all, and hope to talk with everyone more soon.
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