2023 Update 3: 2023 krum's googlesheet of missing games - great resource for finding missing rpgmakergames post 2023

2022 Update 2: We're starting to move the current list to googledocs, so it'll be easier to update and manage. (more info)
Also, SegNin cameback...holy shit!!!

2022 Update: On indefinite hiatus till Sept 2022 or until further notice. Ask krum110487 or Marrend for assistance, they're doing great work ♥.

(Previous:The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic)

Special Thanks to: SegNin, Tau, Darken, anyon175, hedge1, TheChosenOne, TheGameArchivist, Vash, iisheron, AznChipMunk, Aldu, Gari, krum110487 and everyone else whose every back upped an rpgmaker game onto their harddrive - these games would not exist today without you guys.

(Note:I'll be making small, unannounced, sporadic updates to this thread, hopefully every Friday, so expect changes.)

2021 UPDATE:
Due to DMCA/inactive Google/Mediafire account changes, moved masterlist to mega.nz
-List now contains games from 2017-2020
-added gamingw, CentroRPG, rmaker.ru, Aldu, anyon175 game lists.
-will continue to track/record requests
-looking to rmarchiv.de rm2k.net for alternatives
-can no longer update master list (bbcode too slow)

2019 UPDATE:
Changed the name so it's easier to find on Google - if you're looking for an old rpgmaker game, name it, describe it, we'll try to find it.

2017 UPDATE:With the Arrival/Return of TheGameArchivist, (and with permission from Darken) I've decided to overhaul
the Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic, for two very simple reasons:

1)SegNin hasn't been seen on RMN since 2013. So unless he returns one day, it's safe to assume, that most of the rpgmaker games that SegNin had are now gone, with him.

2)GamingGroundZero, one of the sites Darken listed as having old rpgmaker games is now gone. Someone has placed a robot.txt file on the domain, making it impossible to access through webarchive.org - GGZ is not just dead, It's like, it never existed.

I'd very much like to prevent such occurrences from happening again, in the future. I feel RPGmaker history is important, to not only those of us who've been working with it for more than 5 years, but for those who are picking up RPGMaker for the first time. I feel RPGMaker, like any other program, Adobe Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, Macromedia Flash, when used effectively can not only create commercial products, but products that can actually compete with commercial games - which is why I've decided to step in and manage this thread:

So, this topic is going to function the same as it did before, the minor exception is that, I'll be frequently checking in and updating the MasterList, while also updating missing links, new requests and making a personal backup copy of the games requested here for posterity's sake - So if one of our archivists does happen leave RMN, I'll have a backup copy on hand and will have it set up in such a way that it will allow for the least amount of involvement to gain access to.

My own personal advice: If there's anything I've learned over these past 10 years, it's that, nothing lasts forever - now more than ever, everyone is very easily and willing to forget the past, especially when it comes to media on the internet. So if you ever feel the urge to back something up, do it - because it might be gone tomorrow.
2021: TL;DR Why is rpgmaker history important?

Battle Message System

Final Fantasy "Jump" System
Final Fantasy Time and Again(2006) ------ Final Fantasy vs. Dog(2018)

Because, studying past rpgmaker games, not only provides an invaluable framework to build the basic ideas of your game around - but also allows for the opportunity for these games be challenged and improved upon - so you guys can do it better and faster than we did.


The purpose of this topic

It is obvious that RMN is now the biggest database for games made in RPG Maker, but since everything is user generated, there are obviously some games that do not make it on here. Once in awhile a famous RM game is mentioned in several discussions, someone might seach it out of curiosity only to be dissapointed that it's not on RMN. Perhaps you find a game on RMN, but the download link is broken? Trying to remember a game, but can't quite remember the title? This topic is for all of that. Feel free to even reminisce about the old RM games, just try not to go way off track. Anyway I hope this topic benefits people.

Requesting and you!

Before requesting a rare game or broken link, make sure it is listed somewhere (ctrl F is your friend) and check the sites. As for requesting a game for the title you can't remember, please explain in detail as much as possible and try to remember anything that sets it apart from other games.

Regarding broken links

Sadly, not enough people take advantage of RMN's hosting and decide to use rapidshit or something. These temporary upload sites delete their files from time to time due to inactiveness. If you notice a broken link on RMN (or even on this topic), try googling the game first, if you find the download for it, simply post a comment on said game with the link. If you do not however, simply request it here. Broken links on the this will be striked out, but even if one is, there's a good chance someone might have it lying on their hard drive.

What you can do to help, and hosting:
(Revising/Under Construction)
2) Providing screenshots for old rpgmaker games,
3) Converting Rpgmaker Games to non-RTP format
(this adds 26MB to each game, download old RTP from the masterlist instead)
4)Providing Game Completion/Demo Status

(NEW)Generate a list of old rpgmaker games from your harddrive by downloading RPG Maker Games List!
Many of us have a lot of RPG Maker games. And it's not always easy to find or identify the ones we want, especially older ones with obscure titles or poorly abbreviated folder names. This utility will search any folder and its sub-folders for the existence of games from RPG Maker 2000 to RPG Maker VX Ace. It will also attempt the find the game's actual title, the application used to make the game, a title image, the number of maps, and some last modified dates to help with identifying the latest version of a particular game ---hedge1

For the more traditional method, please read the following tutorial:

Uploading List of Old Games Tutorial by TheGameArchivist

Alright. There are a couple of different ways to do this. Most people don't have as complicated of a setup as I do. So, most people maybe can do something simpler.

If you have all your games in one folder, or even multiple different folders... You can go inside the folder and...

Hold shift and right click. There will be a context menu entry that says "Open command window here"

Select that. And a terminal window will pop up. Type in...

dir /a /b>game-list.txt

What that command will do is give you a listing of all the files & folders in the current directory and put them in a file called game-list.txt in your current folder. If you open that, you'll be able to see them. =)

On linux, you would navigate to the folder where you keep your RPG Maker games and type in ls>game-list.txt. That will do the same thing.

On Mac. Open The Folder you want to get a contest listing of and hit Command+A(Select All) followed by Command+C(Copy)

Now Open TextEdit and go to Edit>Paste and Match Style (atlernatively Command+Option+Shift+V

Save the list as either a .txt or rtf file.

There are easier ways to do it if you have your games organized into multiple folders, but I don't feel like going into a scripting tutorial right now. But, I'll point you into the right direction. Look up FOR LOOPS for directories using either Batch (WINDOWS) or Bash (LINUX) and that'll point you in the right direction. =)

Addtional Notes about finding Dates for rpgmaker games

Checking Date of games release
-Check Date of last map file.

Checking for RM2k Game
-if it has harmony.dll
-if it doesn't have Battle2/System2
-if all else fails check RPG_RT
it's RM2k

Checking for RM2k3
-if it has Battle2/System2
it's RM2k3

Checking for RMXP
-if it's game.exe

Checking for RMVX
-If it's Chess Piece
it's VX

Checking for RMVXACE
-if it's RedDragon
it's VXACE

Checking for RTP (2000/2003):
-if RPG_RT.ini has "full package"
-vehicle is in Char folder
-if it has harmony.dll(RM2000)
it has RTP

Addtional Notes about Hosting

Some of you may have collected a lot of RM games over time making this topic perfect for you to contribute. It is not advisable to use free upload sites. While they are useful, I want to be able to make a reliable archive to stand the test of time. So if you have a host that would be cool. If the game you are uploading is very small in size, I suggest using RMN's handy locker feature. If you really are desperate and want to do a quick upload, please use anything but rapidshare (megaupload and mediafire is ok).

LBR: stick to using mediafire, or googledrive - Tau's copy of Homeland was taken down over a copyright issue on mediafire. Unless Google Drive's policy on hosting copyright content changes, it should be safe to use for hosting rpgmaker games - but only time will tell if these services will remain reliable.

2021 Update: So, times have changed. Starting Summer 2020, Google and Mediafire will start deleting content/accounts that have been inactive for more 2 years(GoogleDrive) or 8 months(MediaFire). In addition, on Mediafire, The ESA sends out DMCA take down notices for games that share similar file names to copyright material. i.e.: Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Need for Speed, Halo etc. They also restrict access to games that use copyrighted music. (Shadow of life link on media fire from old list) these services may no longer be ideal for preservation. I've since moved the current masterlist to mega.nz which provides a bit more storage space as well as file encryption, but unfortunately it's only available to Windows 7 users and above, however only time will tell if these services will remain reliable. Future efforts are going to be spent focusing towards working with rmarchiv.de and rm2k.net to create a reference library of rpgmaker games that new users will have access to.

If you have some hosting and want to host some big games feel free to help out, just make sure you warn us that you're unable to host anymore for whatever reason. Also, if you know the person who made the game that's not on RMN, persuade him/her to put it on RMN!

Game Site List
Check out these sites before requesting a game.

iisheron's website http://www.queenscourt.org/othergames.php
Creator of TTHW was kind enough to host a historical archive of old rm2k/3 games

(NEW)Aldu's RpgMaker Archive https://mega.nz/folder/UWpHDCaJ#oDDRYQraF349UZHGWfU4kw
A list of games from Gamingw circa 2002-2007, (Haven't sorted yet, Check out full list here)

(NEW)GamingWorld.net Games https://mega.nz/folder/FOpg2ZYY#bBYHEZRPm8IYwqpaVHwp2g
A list of notable games from Gamingw circa 2007, (Includes the ALEX Games, GamingW Chain Games and Silver4donuts' Monopoly)

Oniromancie (French)
Creator of the Aedemphia, manages a website for the french rpgmaker community, hosts a list of rpgmaker games that have shared an appearance on RMN.

CentroRPG - Top Games Especial
http://centrorpg.com/index.php?topic=12079.0 (Mirror)
A list of 70 classic rpgmakers games from the demo disc of Top Games Especial Magazine Ed.38
(Note:you will need Harmony.DLL and RMk2 RTP and RM2k3 RTP in order to play these games.)

Free Games vgperson Translated (Japanese Translated)
A list of Japanese rpgmaker games translated by vgperson: holds japanese rpgmaker games such as Ib, Palette, The Witch's House, Mad Father. etc.

(2023)(NEW)Playstation rpgmaker games
more playstation rpgmaker game sites (webarchive)
A list of old playstation rpgmaker games and sites.

(NEW)rmaker.ru https://rmaker.ru/ (Mirror)(Russian)
A list of games from rmaker.ru

(NEW)RMARCHIVE.DE(German)(Formerly rmarchiv.tk)
https://rmarchiv.de/ (from Ghabry on EASYRPG)
I joined forces with ryg who hosts https://rmarchiv.de 2. The goal of the website is to preserve (German) RPG Maker games. In the meanwhile the site is also available in English and many non-German games were already added. Feel free to contribute if you want.
The focus should be on games that aren’t available on common websites (like rpgmaker net) anymore, just rehosting RMN games makes no sense ^^.

Here are multiple threads which list lost games, maybe you have one of them?
keep up the good work guys!

GamingGroundZero http://gaminggroundzero.com/
An oldschool site that hasn't had much activity. Contains many noteworthy games such as Velsabor and Kindred Saga
Note: has been taken down, someone has archived the games from the site though.

Monkeydog hosts a list of rpgmakergames from 2007
Note: has been taken down. An index list of games that were available

RPG-Atelier/Multimediaxis Download Database (German)
A list SegNin referred to on previous occasions that holds a lot of French and German RPGMaker games

Note: Taken down, strict Copyright restrictions over copyright material.

Additional Sites

VIPRPG Wiki (Japanese)
(VIPRPG's mainsite - for more info on what VIPRPG is)

VIPRPG Summer Camp (Japanese)
VIPRPG Summer Camp is an annual summer competition held by 2ch where they create and judge rpgmaker games made with VIPRPG.
(...we're still trying to figure out what VIP means in this context, we're not exactly sure)
(2015 - 2006, etc can be found at the bottom of the page)

A new German RPGMaker site that TGA has listed.

Spanish Rpgmaker Community where games such as Legend of Heroen hail from.

A new Spanish RPGMaker site that TGA has listed.

Brazilian Rpgmaker Communities:
A list of Active/Old Brazilian Rpgmaker Communities that anyon175 has listed
Condado Braveheart
Centro RPG
Aldeia RPG
Old/Gone Brazilian Communities:
Mundo RPGMaker
Dungeon Makers
Maker Universe
RPG Menace


Need to add to Archive:
Aldu, CentroRPG, RMaker.RU games, non-SBWolf GamingW Games, Anyon175's non-english rpgmaker games.
Last Update/Scan/Current Pagehttps://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/22883/?post=937838#post937838 (2023)
2023 Revise/also Double Check Aracine50's upload - on pokemon rusty currently
-OLD rpgmaker2000/2003- RTP (required for some games)

Don Miguel's RM2000 RTP(mirror) - - - - - - RPGAdvocate's RM2003 RTP(mirror)
Note:How to make your rpgmaker games playable without RTP
EasyRPG RTP Reference List
2022 Update: Some older games use holiness.wave (more info)

The Master List
(previous masterlist 2017-2020)

Games Available for Download.

(Games listed here are games that have been requested and are available for download from 2009 - Present)
(Update: Need to add Author and system names to entries)

2020 Update: If you can't get a game to run that's found in the MasterList, let us know in the comments and we'll fix it.
Most problems can be fixed by either installing RTP or placing the game in an area on your computer with the least amount of directories/

2021 Legend:
Game Title (Demo)(Author)(Engine)(Date)(if RTP is installed)(Community/Event)

(Demo) = designated as Demo, may or may not be full game
(Author) = creator of the game (if you know the name of the creator, feel free to reply and we'll fix it)
(Engine) = rpgmaker engine
(Date) = date of latest version; estimated from last updated map
(wRTP) = RTP already installed; however some games don't require it.
(Community/Event) = If the game was part of a Community or an event/origin of download).

-MUSE- (AznChipMunk)(RM2k)(2008).rar
2Player Fantasy Battle (Rusty)(RM2k)(2002).rar
42 Mechs at Daybreak (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
6ShortFilms (Vince401)(RM2k)(2003).rar
A Blob Tale (Author)(RM2k)(2009).rar
A Gate into Eternity (Kokibi)(RM2k)(2001).rar
A Gate into Eternity (Kokibi)(RM2k)(2004).rar
ABS (Litearc)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Abstract Paroxysm (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Abstract Paroxysm (Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Abyss Diver 0 (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
ACBS Deluxe (ABS)(Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Acetonia Mushrooms Forever (Author)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Acsiosa (Author)(RM2k3)(2011).rar
Ad Nauseam (catcus)(Engine)(2008).rar
ALEX (RPG)(RM2k3)(2007)(GamingW Collab).rar
ALEX III (RPG)(RM2k3)(2007)(GamingW Collab).rar
Alex Quest (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
ALEXIS(RPG)(RM2k3)(2008)(Gamingw Collab).rar
Amarok (Macleod)(RM2k3)(2001).rar
Anastasia (0rig)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Anastasia 2 (0rig)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Ancient Evil (Ankylo)(RM95)(1999).rar
Angels of Exodus (Qheretic)(RM2k3)(2001).rar
Anime Clan Unlimited Shattered Hearts (Author)(RM2k)(2006).rar
Aptos Adventures Complete Xmas Demo (Aptos)(RM2k3)(2011).rar
Atomic Smash (Dragoon Falcon)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Avelions 3 Crimson Wars (Demo)(Author)(RMVXAce)(2017).rar
Avelions 4 (HossiGames)(RMVX)(2019).rar
Axis Saga The Angelic Demon (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Badge of Pride (Demo)(RPGSpot)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Bakuenryu (Odin)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Baldy's Big Day (0kelvin)(RM95)(2005).rar
Balmung Chronicle (Magi)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Balmung Cycle (Magi)(Rm2k3)(2008).rar
Batman Dark Quest (Author)(RM95)(2006).rar
Battle For Genesis (Demo)(thekirbmaster)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Battle The Bird 1 (ProjectSpam)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Battle The Bird 2 (ProjectSpam)(RM2k)(2003).rar
BattleAgainstFlygobBreloom zip and installer (Alba Garcia)(RM2k)(2013).rar
Beloved Rapture (Demo)(Blindmind)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
BIGOU Go To Help v1 (William Samy)(RMXP)(2009).rar
BIGOU Original v2 (William Samy)(RMXP)(2009).rar
BIGOU 2 (William Samy)(RMXP)(2009).rar
Bionic Plague (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Birds of Freedom (Author)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Black Fantasy (ChrisRobert)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Blades of Heaven (Indinera Falls)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Blasted (Demo)(jbart)(RMVX)(2009).rar
Blobagotchi Advanced (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Blood Haze(Author)(RMVX)(2016).rar
Blood Reign (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
BlueGaia (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Bobs Big Adventure (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Brothers Arcanes Quest (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar"royal" missing
C'est Lavie (Admiral Styles)(RM2k)(2006)(wRTP).rar
Call of the Archon (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Chain Game 2 (Erave)(RM2k)(2005)(GamingW Collab).rar
ChainOfRetribution (rmnchaingame)(RM2k3)(2012).rar
Chaos Millennium Battle Demo (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
ChartleyForest (Author)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Chicken Chase CBS (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Chimera Report (adguyproduction)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Chimera Report (Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Chronicles of Haledos (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Chrono Crisis (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Chrono Crisis (Demo)(Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Chrono Legends (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Chrono Trigger Ratty (Ratty)(RM2k3)(2009).rar
Chrono Trigger Zenan Defense (Leotaku)(Engine)(2004).rar
Clouded Heart (Hognes)(RM2k)(2007).rar
Coaster Craft
Collision (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Color Squares (Demo)(Xirty)(RMXP)(2010).rar
Conspiracy (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Crazy Guys Journey (Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Crossed Realms 4 (Demo)(Kobra)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Crying Spear v1.0 (Demo)(Sailen)(RMVX)(2008).rar
Cryptic Silence CBS (Author)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Crystal Clear Sabath (Spurmoni)(RM2k)(2002)(Darken)(ask).rar
Crystal Clear Sabath (Spurmoni)(RM2k)(2002)(TGA:installer:readmesite)(ask).rar
Crystalline World (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
CT JetBike (Dragoon Falcon)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Curse of Silence (Kamau)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Curse of Silence (Kamau)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Danny First Adventure (Author)(RM2k)(August)(2002).rar
Danny First Adventure (Author)(RM2k)(July)(2002).rar
Dannys Adventure 2 (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Dark Eternal Dissolution (Zenosoft)(RMXP)(2006).rar
Dark Skies (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Darker (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Dawn of Cthulhu v1.5 (Author)(RMXP)(2007).rar
Dawn of Darkness (Solik)(RM95)(2000).rar
Dawn Of Darkness Legends Nightwish (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Dawn Of The Dragon(Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Dawn of Time (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Dawn of Time (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
DBZ Cell Android RPG (Author)(RM95)(2001).rar
Dementia Praecox (MrOuija)(RM2k3)(2004)(wRTP).rar
Demon Dreams (Infinite)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Demon Legacy (Demo)(Nightblade)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Densetsu Redone (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Descendent of Truth (CecilBeoulve)(RM2k)(2001)(GGZ).rar
Descente 2 (Salamandar)(RMXP)(2006).rar
Desert Island (ManaFreak)(RM2k)(2007).rar
Destiny (NicolassdeHouter)(RM95)(1999).rar
Destiny Saga VX GOTY Edition (Author)(RMVXAce)(2012)(wRTP).rar
Destinys Call Complete (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Destruction Of The Planet (EVSoft)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Deus Card (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Deus Card (Author)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Devil Hunter Seek of Power (Ski)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
devil Theory Alpha (Author)(RMVX)(2010).rar
Dhux Scar (Author)(RM2k)(2009).rar
Diary of a Madman (Dreaded)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Diary of a Madman + Additions (Dreaded)(RM2k3)(2011).rar
Differences (Joueur1,Criket)(RMVX)(2011).rar
Divinity Fatum (Author)(RMVXAce)(2012).rar
Don Miguels Adventure (Sample Game)(Don Miguel)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Don Miguels Adventure (Sample Game)(Don Miguel)(RM2k)(2000)(wRTP).rar
DonaldFuckRPG (DaffyF)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Donkey Kong DX (Author)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Note: I hope it doesn't need to be said, but please don't play DOOMS unless you know what you are getting into. I don't even touch them cause of the gore factor. I just don't want someone randomly downloading them and running them and not know what it is..
Dooms (Remake)(MisterBigT)(RM2k3)(2010).rar
Dooms 2 (MisterBigT)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Dooms 2 Sea of Blood Directors Cut (MisterBigT)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Dooms 3 (MisterBigT)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Dooms 3 Deluxe Edition (MisterBigT)(RM2k3)(2010).rar
Dooms 4 - End Game (MISTER BIG T)(RM2k3)(2006)(wRTP).rar
Dooms 4 - End Game (MISTER BIG T)(RM2k3)(2006).zip
Dooms 4 - Voiced Edition (MISTER BIG T)(RM2k3)(2007)(wRTP).rar
Dooms 5 (MISTERBIGT)(RM2k3)(2007)(wRTP).rar
Dragon Ball Z Light of Fury (Author)(RM2k)(2002) .rar
Dragon Destiny (Author)(RM2k)(2002)(wRTP).rar
Dragon Heart part2 (Demo)(Author)(RM2k3)(April 2nd)(2005).rar
Dragon Heart part3 (DHM)(RM2k3)(April)(2007).rar
Dragon Saga IV (YangRPGs)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Dragon Saga IV Running Water (YangRPGs)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Dragon Slayer Gaiden v3.1 (DANPROYECT)(RM2k3)(2012).rar
Dragon Warrior IV Renaissance (Demo)(indogutsu)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Dragoon Legends Part 1 (Kazukeri)(clickteamfusion2)(2008).rar
Draugs Resurrection (Acra)(RPGToolKit)(2014).rar
Dreamscape (Syron)(RM2k)(2006).rar
DreamStarDemo (ManaMoon)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Dridigogo 2 (Demo)(Husk)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Drug Lord X 1.1 (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Dungeon Dreams (Demo)(Jacopo Lorenzetti)(RMMV)(2019).rar
Dungeon Master (Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Dungeons Ace Alpha (Gamesfreak13563)(RMVXAce)(2012).rar
Dungeons Critical Hit (Author)(RMVX)(2007).rar
EarthBound Memories (Jack Garden)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Eds Decision (Author)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
Elephant Memorial (KingofGames)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle (SaintBomber)(RM2k3)(2010).rar
Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle DX (SaintBomber)(RM2k3)(2012).rar
Empathie (Author)(RM2k3)(2006)(more info).rar
Endless Idiocy(Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Enemy Elimination Remade (Demo)(Author)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Enex2 Heros Shadow (Enchermit)(RMXP)(2013).rar
Enter the Cave (Author)(RM2k3)(2004)(wRTP).rar
EPOCH (Cutting Edge)(RM2k)(2003).rar
EPOCH 2 Wrath of Deimos (Cutting Edge)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Escape Room 2 (Toti22)(RMVX)(2011).rar
Ethernal Star (GameMakers)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
Evania Secret of the Reza (Rubicant)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Evania The Secret of Reza(Rubicant)(RM2k)(wRTP).rar
Everlong (DJC)(RM2k)(2016).rar
Exit Fate (SCFWorks)(RMXP)(2009).rar
Extrenia (Chipstoutile)(RM2k)(2001)(wRTP)(missingfiles).rar
Eyes Without a Face (YDS)(RMXV)(2010).rar
FadeToBlack (Vince401)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Fall of Nosgoth (Demo)(Ascare)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Fantasy (Dobumez)(RM95)(1999).rar
Fatal Limits (Demo)(JPC)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Fate of an Angel (ADT)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Faulsicos et le chevalier noir(Demo)(clem028)(RMXP)(2010).rar
Fear (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
FF2 Joke Game (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Fighting Machine (GameStation Saga)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Final Fallacy (Spoonybard)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Final Fallacy (Spoonybard)(RM2k)(2000)(wRTP).rar
Final Fallacy - Special Edition (Spoonybard)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Final Fallacy - Special Edition (Spoony Bard)(RM2k)(2002)(wRTP).zip
Final Fallacy - Special Edition (SpoonyBard)(RM2k3)(2002).rar
Final Fallacy II DOS (SpoonyBard)(RM2k3)(2011)(wRTP).rar
Final Fantasea 0 (Author)(RM2k)(2005)(Gari 347MB).rar
Final Fantasea Crystal Wings (TonberryKing)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Final Fantasea Endless Nova (DelitaHyralX)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Final Fantasea Essence (CelesCole)(RMXP)(2011).rar
Final Fantasea Four Soul Saga (Author)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Final Fantasea High (Yumblie)(RM2k3)(2007)(wRTP).rar
Final Fantasea Legacy (Bandito)(RM2k3)(2004)(wRTP).rar
Final Fantasea Time and Again (Azrael)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Final Fantasea VI Age Of Rebirth (Demo)(NightSkieProductions)(RM2k)(2007).rar
Final Fantasea VII Ancestral Vengeance (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Final Fantasea VII The Dark Cloud (Author)(RM2k)(2004)(wRTP).rar
Final Frontier (BottomLine2k)(RM2k)(2002).rar
FinalFallacyDuskofSpirits (Author)(RM2k3)(2011).rar
Finding Forever Eden (Rowen)(RM2k3)(2006)(RMHistoria).rar
Fire God Saga (KraygAlynn)(RM2k)(2010)(wRTP).rar
Fireman's Quest (SuperShadowMan)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Flitwick (FelixTrapper)(RM2k)(2003)(GGZ).rar
Forgotten Legacy(Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Forgotten Origins (Author)(RM2k3)(2004)(DBS Contest Entry).rar
Four Gems (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Free Movement Battle System (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Funny Fantasy (Demo)(Author)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Gaias Destiny - A New Threat (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Gates of Evocation (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Gens 1 - The Genesis Project (Christophomicus)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Gens 2 - Genesis Project 2 Resurrection (Christophomicus)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Geupe-Ride (Demo)(Thanos)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Ghost World (Hextona)(RM2k3)(2011).rar
Ghost World (Hextona)(RMVXAce)(2015).rar
Ghosts of Aliens (KingofGames)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
GNOSIS (JCM2)(RM2k3)(2014) (Translated).rar
Grand Legends (ShadowEntertainment)(RM95)(1999).rar
Grave Spirit (Zohaib)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Green Stream Adventures of Don Miguel (Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Green Willow (Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Guile Machination (Author)(Rm2k)(2001) (includes Frozen World).rar
GW Exclusive Platformer System (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Harry (Demo)(Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Harvest Moon RM2k (Lexievii)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Haze Daze Curiousness (JPC)(RM2k3)(2005)(wRTP).rar
Heart of Evil (Author)(RM2k)(July)(2003).rar
Heart of Evil 2 (Author)(RM2k)(August)(2003).rar
Heat (Crazy)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Hero I Ephrens Journey (Cicatrix Beta)(Stedar)(RM2k3)(2016).rar
Hero Story 1 - Dragons (Author)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Hero's Realm previous versions (Kentona)(RM2k3)(2006-2012).rar
Heroine Iysayana (Author)(RM95)(2003).rar
Homeland (Marcus)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Horizons Meyaha 1(Nsm)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Huey The Kid - Episode 1 (Taylor)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Hunters Joy (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
I.C.E. Projects (Demo)(Terrorist, 3NG3L0FD34TH)(RMXP)(2010).rar
Ib 105 (Kouri)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Iffermoon (ScottGames)(2008).rar
iLL naTURED 2 (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Illumina (Ryethe)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Illusion (LunaroaLexler)(RM2k3)(2017).rar
In my heart she remains(RodPop)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Infinite Crusade (Tasty)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Initial Fantasy (KnightlyProductions)(RM2k)(2005)(FIXED).rar
Into Eternity (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Jang (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Jays Journey 2 (Jay)(Rm2k)(2002).rar
Jennifer's Quest (Scorbutic)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Jennifer's Quest 2 (Scorbutic)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Jump! (NewAge,Sei)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar

JKB Productions:
JKB Squadron (Demo)(JKB)(RM2k3)(2004).rar(shoot em up in RM2k3)
Migai Shinoyu (JKB)(RM2k3)(2006)(GamingW 2006 CodeOff).rar - (action platforming game in RM2k3)
Snaker (JKB)(RM2k3)(2003)(wRTP).rar - (Snake in RM2k3)
Star Tropics Remake (JKB)(RM2k)(2005).rar - (StarTropics in RM2k3)
Tetris (JKB)(RM2k)(2001).rar - (Tetris in RM2k3)
Karma (New Age Productions)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Karn 200ans plus tard (Demo)(Karn)(RMVX)(2010).rar
Key Collector (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Kindred Saga BS (Qheretic)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Kinetic Cipher (Brickroad)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Kinetic Cipher Again (BrickRoad)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Kinetic Cipher Puzzle Test (Brickroad)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Kipatord - Le Mal semballe (Demo)(Jess)(RMVX)(2012).rar
Knight Templar (InfiniteGames)(RMXP)(2007).rar
Knights of Eden (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Komour Legend(Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
La Princesse et laventure chelou (MDHAN)(RMVX)(2008).rar
Land of Dreams (Author)(RM2k)(2001)(wRTP).rar
Last Scenario v122 (SCF)(RMXP)(2012).rar
Lazos Trip (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Legend of a Killer (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Legend of a Killer (Author)(RM2k)(2001)(wRTP).rar
Legend of Heroen (Soeufans)(RM2k)(2014).rar(made in 2k; need to revise wrapper)
Legend of Shenja Genesis Innocens (Sky Render)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Legend of the MK Special (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Legend of the Philosopher's Stone (XxNemesis29xx)(RM2k3)(2008)(Tau).rar
Legend Quest (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Legend Unabridged 1(BrasingtonLane)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Legend Unabridged 2(BrasingtonLane)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Legendary Adventure (Billdo)(RM2k)(2002).rar
LEGENDS (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Legion Saga (Kamau)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Legion Saga II (Kamau)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Legion Saga III (Kamau)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Legion Saga R (Kamau)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Legion Saga R (Kamau)(RM2k3)(2005)(178 map demo).rar
Legion Saga Z (Kamau)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Legionwood Tale of the Two Swords (Dark Gaia)(RMXP)(2012).rar
Lendƒnia (Spheresoft)(RM2k)(2006).rar
Leon Quest (Author)(RMVXAce)(2012).rar
Les Fatalistes (Demo)(Giga-Force)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Life of Bob (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Light Prism Episode 1 Children of Light (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Locke's Trial (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Lodyssee de Xony (Likke)(RMXP)(2011).rar
Loque City (Loque)(RM2k)(2007)(Gamingw Breach contest)(wRTP).rar
Lord of the Rings (Author)(RM2k)(2005)(wRTP).rar
LOZ After Apocalypse (Author)(RM2k3)(2011).rar
LoZ CBS Example (Author)(RM2k)(2005).rar
LOZ Essence of Nature (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
LoZ Final Apocalypse (Author)(RM2k3)(2011).rar
LoZ The Fallen Sage (Undyingnephalim)(RMXP)(2008).rar
LoZ Time Menagerie (Undyingnephalim)(RMXP)(2010).rar
LoZ Wand of Averon (Author)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Lufia The Cult of Daos(Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Lunar Eve (cbjobos19)(Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
MAGE (Demo)(Staind)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Mage (Demo)(Staind)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Mages Stance (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Magikea - Le Reveil de lAncien Demon (Demo)(Ethermall)(RMXP)(2011).rar
ManChasingJan (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Mandew vs The Forever Rain (Author)(Engine)(2014).rar
MARIO BROSse (Kanton-Cherchontrouv)(RMXP)(2008).rar
Mazae 2nd Strike v0.4 (Demo)(xtremevagrant)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
MegaManRPG (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Metal Tears Battle Demo (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Mikes Nu Games (Author)(RMXP)(2006).rar
Minesweeper (Dragoon Falcon)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Misc System Test (Author)(RM2k3)(2009).rar
Mission Demonslayer (Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Moo Moo World - Golden Edition (Karkasm)(RM2k3)(2010).rar
Moonlite Shadows (Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Morellum Factor (BUDOWEAR)(RM2K)(2003)(wRTP).rar
Mostachsheep (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Mugen Legends (Author)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
Murder 1 & 2 (Author)(RM2k)(2005)(Missing Files).rar
My Beautiful World (Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Mystic Legends Symphony of the Goddess & Rebirth (Skie Fortress)(RM2k3)(2006)
Mystic Quest Remastered (DarkDesignGames)(RMVX)(2012).rar

Mapping Competition Games:
Gandu Forest (XenoSoft)(RM2k3)(2007)(GamingW Map Comp).rar
JPCmapentry (JPC)(RM2k3)(2005)(GamingWMapComp).rar
Neophyte's Map Entry (Neophyte)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Revenrence (Orig)(RM2k3)(2006)(Contest Entry Ask).rar
RMN Map Entry Decayed Forest (Neophyte)(RM2k3)(2009).rar
Tau RMN Map Entry (Tau)(RM2k3)(2008)(RMN Map Entry).rar
Umbriel Forest (JPC)(RM2k3)(2003)(Mapping Competition).rar
Nadirs Cannon(Author)(RMXP)(2009).rar
Name 73 (Demo 4)(Cynon)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Naufraga Chapter 2 (Legacy001)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
Naufrager Crimson (Legacy001)(RM2k3)(Feb 8)(2004).rar
Naufragar Crimson (Legacy001)(RM2k3)(Feb 16)(2004).rar
Neuses KS (Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Nightmare in Flames Preview (AznChipmunk)(RM2k3)(2008)(wRTP).rar
Nightmare of the Elven World(Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Noctune Destinies (Author)(RMXP)(2006).rar
Notes on the Second Mellynd War (Eike)(RM2k3)(2009).rar
O Artefato (Author)(RM2k)(2004)(Spanish).rar
Obama RPG (Demo)(Marche100)(RM2k3)(2012).rar
Old Sozai (Resource)(Chipsets).rar
Omega Cerberus (Sill-Valt)(RM2k3)(2007)(wRTP).rar
One Night 5.18 (DarkGaia)(RMXP)(2010).rar
Onyx (Author)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Origin (Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Pacman (Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Pandora Frequency (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Paradise Blue (Ocean)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Paradise Blue (Ocean)(RM2k3)(2007)(MP3 version).rar
Paradise Blue (Ocean)(RM2k3)(Sept29th)(2007)(45 map version).rar
Paradise Blue (Ocean)(RM2k3)(2009).rar
Path To The Oblivion 2 (Author)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
PeuterusGrey (German)(Lachsen)(RM2k)(2009).rar
Phantom Legacy Redux(Nightblade)(RM2k3)(2011)(wRTP).rar
Phantom Legacy (Complete)(Nightblade)(RM2k3)(2013)(wRTP).rar
PhyloMortis Atonement Gaiden (RPGAdvocate)(RM95)(1999).rar
Phylomortis Avant Garde (Author)(RMXP)(2006).rar
Phylomortis II Dystopia (CBS) (RPGAdvocate)(RM2k)(2002).rar check
Phylomortis II Dystopia (RPGAdvocate)(RM2k)(2001).rar check
Pillar Town(TeoMathlein)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Pixi Adventures - A Pixel in Pain Land! (Cetais)(RM2k3)(2010)(wRTP).rar
Pokemon Rusty (rom hack)
Pokemon Pink (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Pokemon The Evil Inside 2 (Colt)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Potty Wars (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Potty Wars (2007 Doogie Fix Edition)(Author)(RM2k)(2007).rar
Power Trip (Author)(RM2k)(2002)(wRTP).rar
Pre Geri Geran Dari Garara (Gaban)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Project CHRONOSYTHE (Jwguy)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Push! (Author)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Radical Saga (Author)(RM2k3)(2003).rar
Rainbow Nightmare Prologue (TFT)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Rainbow Nightmare Music Video! (TFT)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Rainbow Nightmare Chapter 1 (TFT)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Rainbow Nightmare (TFT)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Rancid Saga (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Random Chaos Inc (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
RANS02 (Jubei)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
Razorblade Symphony (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2007).rar
Real Time Weath Engine v.10 Beta (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Reality Breakdown (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Reality Breakdown Malons Empire (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
REalM Walk of Souls (ArborSheep)(Engine)(2014).rar
Reminisce Endangered Memories (UPRC)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Requiem - Prologue (BARVACHE)(RMXP)(2007).rar
Resident Evil 2D Reborn (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Retsu Arashi Psychic Storm (Author)(RM2k)(2005)(wRTP).rar
Revelations (Author)(RM2k)(2003)(GamingGroundZero).rar
RGPRP Christmas (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Rise of Darkness (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar(author request)
Rise of The Chrono Master (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
River Dreams (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Rivers of Time (Rob Diaz-Marino)(RM2k)(2000).rar
RM2k Library - A Final Hope (DarkPriest)(RM2k)(2001).rar
RM2k Survivor NYSE (Demo)(Jojoface)(RM2k)(2003).rar
RM2kemon (Author)(RM2k)(2001)(Oct 14).rar
RM2kemon (Author)(RM2k)(2001)(Oct 15).rar
RoguesTaleCBS (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
RPG Maker Story 1 (DarkPriest)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Rpg Maker Story 2 (DarkPriest)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Run Time Adventure (Rodpop)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Runic Cipher (Allen Hunter)(RM2k3)(2013).rar
Runic Epsilon (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Runic Legacy (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Rusty's Battle System (Rusty)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Rusty's Caterpillar System (Rusty)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Rusty's Fight for Freedom (Rusty)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Rusty's Systems (Rusty)(RM2k)(2004)(Compilitation).rar
Ryuukishi No Me II Beyond Reality (DragonSlayer)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Sacred Earth Bonds (Easy)(SkiFortress)(RM2k3)(2008)(wRTP).rar
Sacred Earth Bonds (Normal)(SkieFortress)(RM2k3)(2008)(wRTP).rar
Sacrilege (Tri-Tail)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Saga GT (MR Gaming)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Sample Theodore (Author)(RM2k3)(2004)(Resource).rar
Santa's Sled Racing (Author)(RM2k)(2002)(GamingW).rar
SavetheCows(James Jackson)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Scrapped Basketball Game (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Secondary Fantasy (BlkKnight)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Secret of Mana BSD(Demo)(Darrok)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Secret of Spriteland (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
SEIKEN (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Shade Ent ABS (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Shadowed Sun (Bulld0g)(RM95)(1999).rar
Shadows of Evil Wings of time 3.8 (Author)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
Shadows of Evil - Wings of Time Deluxe v3.0 (Otabo)(RM2k3)(2013).rar
Shaq Fu RPG (Author)(RM2k)(2012).rar
Shaq Fu RPG2 Goatass Beckons 2.0 (Author)(RMXP)(2013).rar
Shattered Samurai (ArCsLnGa StUdIoS)(RM2k)(December)(2002).rar
Shattered Samurai SE (ArCsLnGa StUdIoS)(RM2k)(March)(2002).rar
Shichimenshouken (FelixTrapper)(RM2k)(2001)(GGZ).rar
Silenced Breakthrough (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
SilentMemoriesDemo1 (Prince Drake)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Simons Adventure (Demo)(Sleepman)(RM2k)(2002).rar
SJM Supwe Jablomy Maen (Author)(RM2k)(2003)(GamingW).rar
SkyTower Arena (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Slayers Nova Lite Version (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Smash Gency ADR (Author)(RMXP)(2008).rar
Solar Tear (MrNemo)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Sonic Collision (Author)(RM2k)(2004)(wRTP).rar
Sonic RPG Beta (MAXIMA)(RM2k)(2011).rar
Soul Quest 2 Omegas Past (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Soulflowers (Author)(RMMV)(2015).rar
Souls Unrest (MysticGohan69)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Space Funeral 2 (Author)(RM2k)(2012).rar
Speak No Evil (Author)(RM2k3)(2009).rar
Spells Demo (ABS)(AzuraFenir)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Sprite Chaser 2(DavidMilesCarter)(RM2k3)(2005)(wRTP).rar
SpriteFightRound4ClashSaved (Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Starlancer Six(Badluck)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Starting Fantasy (Gabe Crump)(RM2k)(June)(2001).rar
Starting Fantasy Version 2 (Gabe Crump)(RM2k)(March)(2002).rar
Stinky's Misadventures Ch1 (JoeTheDudeSoftWare)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Stinky's Misadventures Ch2 v3.0 (Demo)(JoeTheDudeSoftWare)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Stoof Thing (Author)(RM95)(2002).rar
Story Of The Earth and Star (GardeAstale)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Stronghold of Castle Phantasia (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Supa FanGame (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
Supa Quest 3 (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
MRPG The Seven Sages Vollversion (Gigasoft)(RM2k3)(2009)(rmarchivde).rar
MRPG The Starlite Worlds Vollversion (Gigasoft)(RMXP)(2014)(rmarchivde).rar
Super RTP Adventure (Clucky)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Surge (Demo)(Blitzen)(RM2k3)(2007)(wRTP).rar
Tabernacle (Wishmoo)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Take Down - Lambs of Destiny (Dudesoft)(RM2k3)(2006)(wRTP).rar
Take Down - Legacy Remix (Dudesoft)(RM2k3)(2005)(wRTP).rar
Take Down - Panda of Truth (DudeSoft)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Take Down Collection (DudeSoft)(RM2k3)(2013)(Narwhal,Panda,Pig,Asgard)
Tales of Falonia (Author)(RM2k3)(April)(2007).rar
Tales of Falonia (Author)(RM2k3)(May)(2007).rar
Tales of Suneria (Minami)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Tales of Suneria 1 (Minami)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Tales of Suneria 2 (Minami)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Tales of Urodora (BUDOWEAR)(RM2k)(2002)(wRTP).rar
Tales Of Worlds (Author)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Taut (Demo)(Char0n)(RM2k)(2012).rar
Taut 1.1(English)(Char0n)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Technomancy (Author)(RM2k)(2003)(wRTP).rar
The Adventures of Nimbus (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
The Apocalypse of Foroze DX (Quill)(SMBX)(2016).rar
The Bartender Demo(Author)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
The Blad (Author)(RM2k3)(2005).rar
The Book of Paradoxia Whispers (PCGamer101)(RMMV)(2015).rar
The Case of The Man Who Was Decapitated (JeroenSol)(RMVX)(2010).rar
The Chaos Prophecy (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
The Chase (Tomahawk)(RM2k)(2002).rar
The Dangerous Adventures of MANIC HERO (Author)(RM2k3)(2004).rar
The Drake Legend (MGiovanneLink)(RM2k)(2002)(Italian).rar
The Final Countdown (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
The Flashbulb Madness RPG v.104 (Author)(RM2k)(2008)(rename RPG_RTini).rar
The Garland Empire(RodPop)(RM2k)(2006).rar
The Goddess Blade(Rodpop)(RM2k)(2005).rar
The Kyrent Project (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
The Kyrent Project (Author)(RM2k)(2010).rar
The Last Of The Ferek (Gangrel)(RM2k)(2001).rar
The Legend of the philosopher's Stone (XxNemesisxX)(RM2k3)(2008)(Same as Tau's 2 demo, but latest demo only)
The Lost Legend IV - The Guardian of Light (WonderSlim)(RM2k)(2004)(wRTP).rar
The Mirror Lied (FreeBirdGames)(RMXP)(2011).rar
The Most Stupidest Game Ever (Secef)(RM2k)(March)(2002).rar ask
The Most Stupidest Game Ever Re-Duh (Secef)(RM2k)(April)(2002).rar ask
The Nothingness (Demo)(Teo Mathlein)(RM2k)(2002).rar
The Quest of Dude (Author)(RMXP)(2005).rar
The Sacred Garden v.1.3a (darkhalo)(RMXP)(2012).rar
The Shadow of Life Complete (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
The Song of Elegin (Demo)(Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
The Sword and The Fish (Scumdrop)(RM2k)(2006).rar
The Sword and The Fish v.2 (Scumdrop)(RM2k)(2007).rar
The Tower Original Version (Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
The Zin Cult (Author)(RM2k)(2005).rar
Thedore (Resource)(Chipsets).rar
Three Soul Kingdom (Author)(RMXP)(2012).rar
Threshold (MayorAnime)(RM2k3)(2008)(wRTP).rar
Tierra Azul (Author)(RM2k)(2001)(Spanish).rar
ToykoCrash (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Trabajo3 (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Tundra Old School (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Twilight Tower (BlackWolf1992)(RMVXAce)(2017)(wRTP).rar
Tyrant God Saga - Altered Perception (Brandon Abley)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Un petit rpg totalement debile (ToyMaster)(RMXP)(2008).rar
Unforgiven Quest (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Until My Finest Hour (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Until The End (Demo)(Author)(RM2k3).rar
Until We Get To Heaven (BB)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Utopian Chaos (Author)(RM2k)(2002).rar
Utopian Chaos (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Utopian Chaos (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Utopian Chaos 2 (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Utopian Chaos 2 (Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Valdis Story(Author)(Engine)(2008).rar
Valhalla (Author)(RMVX)(2011).rar
Vampyrs Kiss (Battle Demo)(Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
Vial Quest (Author)(RM2k)(2001).rar
VorlonN (Luke Moss)(RMXP)(2013).rar
Wanderlust (Author)(RM2k)(2005).rar
War Of Two Worlds (MarkC)(RM2k3)(2010).rar
WhackaFood (Doppleganger)(RM2k)(2002).rar
What Lies Beyond That Swamp(Author)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
White Ties (Author)(RMXP)(2004).rar
Wild Rage Super Bluster 2 (Author)(RMVXAce)(2016).rar
Wild Universe (HolyDragoon)(RM2k3)(2007).rar
Wilfred The Hero (BrandonAbley)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Winter (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
WorldSong Ch1 (Author)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Wraith The Second Chapter - Sainth (Neok)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
X-Men Untitled (Author)(RM2k)(2006).rar
Xantis - Demo (Rapag)(RM2k)(2003).rar
Yellow Protector Of the Sun (Yellow)(RM2k)(2004).rar
Zeara - The Tales of the Matrielle (Demo)(tomohawkjoe)(RM2k3)(2008).rar
Zelda - Search for Link SE (Author)(RM2k)(2000).rar
Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven (Rue669)(RM2k3)(2006).rar
Zeus Mini Series Vol. 1 Puzzle (Zeus81)(RMXP)(2010).rar
Missing/BrokenLinks List

Missing games are games that were once offered for download by SegNIn or someone else, but have since been taken down or simply no longer work.

the purpose of this list is to try and restore those links:

(If you have any of the games offered here, please upload them and make a post about it in this thread.)

(games found will eventually be stricken out and added to the MasterList)

(links redirect to broken links/title of game)

(in no particular order)

2023 Update: revisions coinciding with Segnin's return!

?42 Mechs at Day Break
?A Gate into Eternity(three versions)(Restored: SegNin's collection)
?Abstract Paroxysm v2(found demo 1, need demo 2)(found/corrected)
?Adiemus(segnin 2022)
?Aftermath(segnin 2022)
?Akasha Seal Episode one(restored;plus 4 more)
?Aktion-Kis (German)(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
Alpha Terra Conspiracy(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Amulet of Illusion(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Anastasia this isn't the way things are suppose to be (found along with sequel)
?Andredane Demo(*still missing)(TheChosenFew/TGA might have it)
?Angelicrys v15(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Anime Clan Unlimited Shattered Hearts(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Apocalypse CMS &CBS v13(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Attack of the Slime Clones(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Avatar Quest(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Axis Saga (Neophyte had it)(v3 and DBS demo)
?Batman Intimidation(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Battle Arena II v1.5 (In Aldu's Archive, on front page)
?Bedtime Story(found and restored)
?Between Two Worlds (DE might have it)(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Bjorn Tactics(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Blue Tale(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Bubble Trouble(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Chrono Crisis(found)
?Chrono Stasis(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Cloud Age Symphony(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Coaster Craft Gold (Aznchipmunk might have it (In Aldu's Archive on first page)
?Convert the Heathens!!(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Crystal Calibur(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Crystals Legend of the Sword(available on RMN)
?Dark Fate(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Darkenergy I Return of Evil 13(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Darkenergy II Fall of the Moon v10(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Darklight Project DarkLight (found restored)
?Destinys Edge(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Destruction of the Planet thanks anyon175! 2018(Updated:2020)
?Don of Mezir(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Dooms 1 (sbester has it, will ask)(looking for original will check again)(need confirmation)
?Dragon Ball Z Light of Fury(found restored)
?Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Legend(*still missing)
?Dragon World(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?DragonSong (Beta)(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Easy Quest 4(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Eckle and Toast(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Eckle and Toast Jam Panda Jam(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Eden(uploaded by Ultima187 in 2009, need confirmation)
?Eldritch by MaxMcgee (Aznchipmunk might have it)(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Eleven(*still missing)(uploaded by Ultima187 in 2009, need confirmation)
?Ember Sky(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Empire of Stars(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Endless Idiocy(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Extreme Ghostbusters(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?FF7 Omega Vangelis v2(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Fighter 1 Witchs Key(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Final Fantasy Armageddon(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Final Fantasy Eversoft(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Final Fantasy - Hunter's Joy(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Final Fantasy The Untold Story (available through dropbox datenbank?)(available on RMArchv)(ref to link)
Final Fantasy VII Ancestral Vengeance Demo (might've been longer?)(second copy in segnin's collection)
?Final Finale XVII Demo (*still missing)
?Final Frontier Boundless Heart(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?FINALE FINALE(found restored)(also in segnin 2022, two versions included check 2023 link above)
?Forever Lost(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Ghost of Aliens(found it, thanks finbeard!) will add to master list
?Grobb's Adventure(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Hero Story 2 Swords (In Aldu's collection - ref)
?Hero Story Dragons (In Aldu's Archive and recently uploaded)
?Hurai's Adventure(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?iLL nATURED (found, need to double check)(found: segnin's collection)
?iLL nATURED 2 (found, need to double check) added to masterlist
?Improbable MessageImprobable Passage found (segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Initial Fantasy] (found, need to double check) added to masterlist
?JamesBind(mentioned)(2023 update: we have this, checking)
?Kinetic Cipher Key Maze Puzzle Test (added to master list)
?Kinetic Cipher (Again) 4(TGA/ChosenFew looking for KC4.5)
?Kirby's Adventure(found: segnin's collection)
?Kobra's Realm/Crossed Realmsz 2(*still missing)
?Kobra's Realm/Crossed Realmsz 3(*still missing)
?Kobra's Realm/Crossed Realmz(need to dig through kobra's realm for 1 and 3)(*still missing)
?Komour Legend(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?La Cicatriz de Dhux(this is dhux's scar)
?Dhux's Scar (found)
?LarsWood(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Legend of Durai(*still missing)
?Lufia 2 XP Engine(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Lunar Omen(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Lunatic Gaming Chaingame(might have 2023 uploads)(*need to check)
?Maddoxmania RPG(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Maia 2k3(need to add to masterlist)
?Meav 03(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Mikko(*still missing)
?Mortal Kombat Vendetta(found and restored)
?Nadir's Canon(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above two episodes both at included)
?Name 73 (v4.0)(have 3.0 don't have 4.0)2020 have 4.0 thanks anyon175!
?Naufragar Chapter 2(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Naufragar Ex(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Nayru Chronicles Enslavers(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Notes on the Second Mellynd War v2(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Obama RPG(found)(found and restored; segnin has better version)
?Oration Legends(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Origin (metaphysical rpg) (missing)(have build, don't know if it's latest)(found and restored)
?Pangaea Chronicles (all 3)(from Original Rare/Obscure List)(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Peuteris Grey(available on rmarchive.de)
?Phantasia 4(available on RMN)
?Phantasy Star Dark Prophecy(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Pokemon 2k(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Pokemon Koruldia(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Princess on a Quest (Ultima187 might have it)(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Project Legacy(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Rainbow Nightmare Prologue(found, need to double check)
?RavenWood Horror(*still missing)
?Reminsce(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Rescue Reidman Iv (one of the games that went missing from RMN around 2012)(found)(ref link)
?Resident Evil 2D Reborn(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Revenge of the Run Time Package(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Ricky's Quest Zero(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Ridiculous(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?Rising Sun(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?RM2k A History Through The Eyes of Rusty(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?The Rose Chronicles (I have this somewhere...)(need to double check, will update)(segnin 2022, check 2023 link above)
?RPG Creator 1995(*still missing)
?Runic Cipher(double check)
?Sacred Tears Zero (double check)
?Savior Knight: Mage's Quest(found and restored)
?Secondary Fantasy (we have this, double checking)
?Secret of Sprite land ver 2(someone uploaded this, double checking)
?Shades Chapter 0 Grey
?Shadows of Evil Wings of Time v4 anyon175 found this, kenlan found deluxe, need to add to masterlist - 2019(segnin included better copy with walkthrough)
?Shana of the Ghosts(*still missing)
?Shaq Fu RPG 2 Goatse Becksons v1.4(found, will add reupload)
Shattered Samurai 2(AznChipmunk has it - need to ask)(still need this one)
?Sniffers Gim Girl
?Stinky's Misadventures The Long Sands
?Street Fighter The RPG
?Stupid Missions
?Take Down Narwhal of Doom(found and restored)
?Take Down Legacy Episode 1 Asgard (is take down episode 1 "episode 1: asgard"?(found and restored)
?Tales of Roden
?Tales of Worlds REMIX (link not working/frustrating)
?Tales of Worlds v16
?The Amazing Adventure aka Apollonia Game
?The Last of the Fere'k
?Notes of the Second Mellynd War
?The Seven Swords
?The Simians Chapter 1
?The Tower
?The Year that was 1939
?The Zin Cult
?Threads of Destiny
?Time Guardians
?Timestorm CBS Demo
?Tyrant God Saga Evening Synthesis
?Unknown Destiny
?Until the End
?Utopian Chaos (Darken found -2019)
?Utopian Chaos 2 (Darken found-2019) (version 1 version 2)
?Viento Del Escarlata
?Villain RPG
?Wardge Tail
?Whispered Cries
?WildCard(found and restored)
?WindHaven Saga Alavio v2
?WorldSong Remix(In Archive and SegNin's 2023 archive)
?Wraith(double checking)(on RMN)
?Wraith The Second Chapter Sainth(double checking)(on RMN)
?Yellow Protector of the Sun Thanks JustRob 2019

New Missing Entries
?FF7 Omega Vangelis v2.0
?Take Down Legacy Pig of Benevolence
Most Wanted

Wanted Games are games that were never offered a download by users, or a request that went unfulfilled. In some cases, these are also particular versions of games like the non-remade version of "The Most Stupidest Game Ever",the final version of "Legion Saga R" or the unreleased "Spiral Battle R"

(links redirect to requests made in previous rare/obscure request thread)

* - requested more than once/popular

(in no particular order)

Age of Darkness

Anastasia (Is this the same game? link 1 link 2)
Angel Omen* (segnin 2023)
Asylum of Pleasure and Pain Know your true enemy(segnin 2023)
Biohazard 2 DEMO 1.0 (Segnin's link)
Boss Project 2
Boss Project Remake
Coaster Craft (aldu collection) (Gold edition link, thanks, Gari)
Day of Fate
DEATHLESS Chapters 1 and 2
Densetsu original version 2k DBS
Destiny's Call (non complete version)
Don's Adventure Rm2k - (might be don's miguels, might be another game though)(Added to Main, Thx TGA)
Dooms 5 Demo (on master list)
Dragon Heart & Starless Umbra Pack - contains early versions of ch 2, 3, 4 and 7(aldu collection and private archive)
Earthbound Memoires (RM2k3 fan game)(found 2021, thank you)
Elusive Dreams
Evania Secret of the Reza (old version) (found tau's and king arthur's version)
Fall of Nosgoth - SoulReaver RM2k3 game(Thank you Govinda)
Final Destiny
Final Fantasy High (old version)
Flammie Dragon Ride
IRC Project SE
Legacy of Fafnir (segnin 2023 listed as "Savior Knight Fantasy: Legacy of Fafnir")
Legend of Zelda the Fallen Sage (found 2021, thank you)
Legends of CaranA - The Ring of Orion
Legion Saga R (final demo) (thanks govinda! will add to main/reupload)
litearc's ABS demo - (Neophyte may have it) (found 2021, under ABS(Litearc) in master list)
Memento Vivere
Mystic Dreams
Name 73 (last version;playable desert) (need to check 4.0 might be it)
Pokemon Fighters
Pokemon Rusty (could be this, moved to master list)
Rainbow Nightmare Chapter 1 (found 2021, thank you)
Rainbow Nightmare Original Trailer (found 2021, thank you)
Reign of the Demon King (segnin 2023 listed as "Savior Knight Fantasy - Reign of the Demon King")
Rusty's battle system (found 2021, thank you)
Secret of Rhapsodia BETA
Sonic RPG Beta(lead 2) (found, thank you)
Soul 5 (segnin 2023)
Spire Battle (second version)
Spire Battle R
Sword and the Fish (v2) (found 2021, thank you)
Take Down Legacy Episode 2
Tales of Falonia (found 2021, 2 versions, thank you)
Tales of The Wind RM95
The Eternal Struggle (segnin 2023)
The Illutionists Japan Land
The Lovers Final Ballad
The Manhatton Project*
The Mystery of The Man Who Became a Pig
The Power of Chaos(segnin 2023)
Tomato Quest Games((segnin 2023)
Tyrant God Saga and Patch check (segnin 2023)
Utopian Chaos 2 (found thank you)

Prior Requests
Rising Sun 2:The Shadow of The Sun
Shadows of Evil Wings of Tim Deluxe v.4 (found 3.0 and 3.8)(segnin 2023)
Deadly Rivals
Easy Quest Series(segnin 2023)
The Legend of Kuleh Creator's games
Legend of Zelda Time's Menagerie(searching compiling)(Thank you Govinda)

New Requests

Dark Age of the Prophecy(last seen on phanxgames)(reuploaded/backedup thanks Gari)
Moonman Adventure (Flash Game 2007ish)(Misc request; posting this cause, I happen to like early flash games so I might find it)
Yellow, Protector of the Sun(Previous Thread) (found 2021, thank you)
The Benevrin/Unvoiced Sympathy.
Skiz's Path(segnin 2023)
Reives and his games (the blighted venom etc.) can be found on www.freebirds.com
Scelus' Path
The Empire of Arkantos (reuploaded/backedup Thanks Gari 2023)
Pokémon: Evan's Adventure (Rpgmaker 95)(segnin 2023)(also available on rmarchiv.de; Thanks Gari)
Dragon Adventure (RPGMAKER VX)(Request)
SailorMoon RPG: the Lost Soldier (Thanks kalledemos!❤)
SailorMoon RPG: The Moon Child (Thanks kalledemos!❤)
The Legend of Zelda : Final Apocalypse(RMN's gamepage)(found 2021, thank you)
KNight-Blade - Survivor of Hell Hound (for RPG Maker 95 (!), not the XP sequel) (thanks famitsu magazine website,)(waiting confirm)
Hero Story: Dragon's rpgmaker2003 (lead 1)**requested at least 3 times (found 2021)
Wishmoo's rpgmaker2000 game: Tabernacle(Darken found, need to add & upload)
Anastasia ~ this isn't the way things are supposed to be(found 2021, thank you)
Space Funeral: The Legend of Earth Birth(found this, need to add to master list)(2023 download wikia/fandom)
Joan of Arc: The Awakening(RM95)
(NEW)Aptos Adventures: Complete(creator resubmitted download on RMN)
(NEW)RiverCity Ransom RM2k/RM2k3 game from GamingW(Deadly Rivals)(2023 not found)
(NEW)GamingW Gamepage for "Crystal: Legend of the Sword"(hedge1)
(NEW) Exile by QHeretic - latest version has more than 80 maps
Final Fantasy Return of Chaos (by michaelmyersh2)
(NEW)Maia's rpgmaker games (originally hosted on fileplanet,fileplanet dissolved since 2014)
(NEW)Densetsu for RM2k, pre-CBS version, not found on queenscourt/iisheron "Hi, I'm Alex and this is my full RTP kit"
(NEW)Life: Mini Town for VXA by chigoo(seen on RMMK and Youtube but downloads were on microsft onedrive)(backedup available on itch.io, thanks Gari)
(NEW)RMXP game, "Orb of Serafim" last seen on RRR or another late 2000 rpgmaker site
(NEW)2023 Blue Marble RPG Maker VX Ace, was on rmn
(NEW) 2023 Sonic RPG Demo 2
(NEW)2023 Tranvex: Santulli's Odyssey RM2000 game
(New)2023 Adventures of Mister Big T 3 - Sexy Mix
(NEW) 2023 Elysian Fields, last seen on rpg inifinity

List of Maia's Games(segnin 2023)

Vague Description Requests:
RM2k game, Main Character Duane, "There's blood!"
(NEW)RM game that Dobi played through that features a girl, her father and a talking teddybear Midnight Puppeteer
(New)RM game found on facebook in 2011 that makes fun of people who play mmos
Lady in destroyed world returns to figments of areas past as a spirit, through rock-paper-scissors fights(Pale Echoes, IGMC entry, on steam)
(NEW)A RM2000/2003 game where Arcade has a DDR machine and Arcade Shooter plus other RM2000/2003 Games
(NEW) a RM2k3 game where party member was a dragon who always used the catch phrase "Cheers!"
(NEW)RM2k game "Dark House" shooting system, criminals who hideout in a haunted mansion. maybe translated from german.
(NEW) Ragnar on GamingW looking for: The Final Sacrifice, James Bind, and Supar Jablomfy Maen(SJM found)
(NEW)RPGMAKER 2000 or 2003 game called "The Eternals" starring Balto Kenshin and Zelot, heroes trying not to turn into monsters
(NEW)Bard/Geoff evicted from house, accompanied by Red Skeleton in search of red yarn. release 2006, more info
SideBattleView game where characters travel through portal. No CT/FF/DQ sprites but was called Chrono Trigger rip off Legend of the Philosopher's Stone by Nemesis (Thanks TRA!)(Available on the MasterList)
Bunraku RMVXACE by WabeWalker (Thanks Frogge!)
(NEW)2010-2014 game only on deviant art starring goth girl with black&white arm warmers "_MC's Name_ crazy adventure"
2014-2016 Rpgmaker games on youtube featuring Monster Girls as Bosses - Top down RPG with real time combat; beautiful sprites
RM2k/RM2k3 action rpg featuring zombies and a guy with a chainsaw, midis from GreenDay and Three Doors Down
(NEW)black and orange rpg horror game that loops when you get caught by stick figure
2022(NEW)Sacred Garden and Symphonic Rhapsody
(NEW)2023 FF6 Chocobo collectathon that's not Chocobo Panic

Marrend's Request Tracking Post 2023 (only add requests here, don't change anything else)

Wednesday's Knights, A Krampus Christmas (by Sam during Game Chill 2013), The Adventures of Two Guys (by Spazzgamer27)
quest, horror, absurd parody where NPCs talk about crabs sea and fish from possibly 2020 or earlier
Request by Q-Tron5000. Isometric, Flash-based game, only had two levels. Circa 2014-2016?
Request by sabao on Discord. Game inspired by LinoG's Destiny's Call, may have been called Odyssey Frontier.
synechron looking for "very aggressive game with dancing skeletons"; Chaos157 looking for "hypocritical guy bullies otaku girl" horror game

(New)RARE Requests(These games are the most sought after, we may never have a download of them, but they exist)


no info

Relic Walker via http://dispell.net/ (partially found)

Demo Download Page: http://dispell.net/creations_rw.html
1-Pixel Movement Tutorial/Demo(?): http://dispell.net/tk2k_tech01.html (Playable through Japanese non-unicode settings)
GodSent - Meiscool's Demo

Mystic Lands by JKB

more info

Deadly Rivals by Dragon Slayer

more info

Locker Lists
If you still can't find your game on either of these lists, you can browse the following lists below and make a request, to the following users.

SegNin's List
hasn't been seen since 2013...no response

AznChipmunk's List
hasn't been seen since 2015...

TheGameArchivist's List
GamingW List

(new)Things that need clarification

-Don's Adventure(is this actually Don Miguel's Adventure for RM2000? or an entirely different game?)RM2000 sample game is don's adventure.

- RTP vs. non RTP games. (a lot of old games, have trouble running without RTP, should we convert these games so they run without RTP and became standalone rpgmaker games?)
i.e. Don Miguel's Adventure without RTP is 0.4MB
Don Miguel's Adventure with RTP is 6MB but can run without rpgmaker installed.

Old RTP is included in master list. EASYRPG comes with RTP installed.
If you still somehow can't get a game to run let me know and I'll look into it.
Other issues (down the road)
- installers vs. rar (certain files don't extract correctly)
(Just use WinRAR or 7zip for creating "zip" archives. They have the correct encoding (UTF-8/Unicode)
- Japanese rpgmaker games (difficult to run: installers work, rar difficult)
- webhosting
- definite font fix
- recovering RMTUTORIALs database from RMTUTORIALS (templates, tutorials etc.)k
Romancing Walker

? Isn't Romancing Walker already on RMN?


Until My Finest Hour

This one is on iishenron's website: http://queenscourt.org/othergames.php

And I think I do have the 2nd rev of Legend of the Philosopher's Stone. Let me go find it and get back soon.
? Isn't Romancing Walker already on RMN?


Yeah it is. That's why I put (Under Construction) at the top of each list; I'm still working on it. <3

Like, this is a compiled list of all games requested/downloaded from the last thread (from 2009 - 2017), so expect some overlaps and changes as I go through it and upload the links, etc.

Like, I PMed Liberty about it; I originally wanted to keep this topic hidden, until it was finished, but there's no way to do that on RMN, unless you're a staff member. (I'm hoping this thread won't get a whole lot of traffic anyways, like it did back in 2012)

So yeah, expect some changes.

I think I have this sitting around on my Dropbox somewhere. You might wonder "why", but the answer is simply because it's the greatest RM game ever made.

Edit: Oh, I see now that this is from the "not missing" list. But my point still stands.
I think I have this sitting around on my Dropbox somewhere. You might wonder "why", but the answer is simply because it's the greatest RM game ever made.

I believe it <3

Similarly, I watch the Barkley, Shut up and Jam: Gaiden Trailer from time to time just for this line @3:55:

One billion b-balls dribbling simultaneously throughout the galaxy.
One trillion b-balls being slam dunked through a hoop throughout the cosmos.
I can feel every single b-ball that has ever existed at my fingertips,
I can feel their collective knowledge channeling through my veins.
Every jumpshot, every rebound and three-pointer, every layup, dunk, and free throw.
I am there.
Hey. I decided to post this since I was mentioned. I am unable to help for a while due to me being gone for an unknown amount of time. (Not near my repository of games.) When I get back there, I'll be able to help out again. =) I can do things that don't require me to have access to things though.
We should just put GPS/life sensors on anyone with a sizeable game collection.
We should just put GPS/life sensors on anyone with a sizeable game collection.
Too Expensive.

All kidding aside though, having scanned through the last 20 pages, it looks like people requesting rpgmaker games in general on RMN slowed to a crawl during 2013 to 2016 and onward. To be fair, a lot of other rpgmakers started to leave during that year as well, even Japanese ones. Like these dudes working on Aberrant 2 (a really cool game that parodied popular jrpg franchises)

Cancelled their game I think around August 2013. I wish I could remember what happened in 2013,
was it like the release of windows 8? rpgmaker vxace? playstation 4?

Eitherway, SegNin probably left cause the writing was on the walls.

Who knows. We may never find out.

...But ya guys, sorry this is taking so long to put together.
That's one of my reasons too. These games just have a certain appeal. They're just different from the norm--let's face it, commercial game makers tend to follow tested & proven formulas, so their games generally come from roughly the same mold (especially story/plot-wise). But with RM, you get a little of everything. And some of these games are pure gold--albeit usually a little tarnished and in need of further polishing to make them truly shine. And that's part of the appeal--is seeing that potential, and waiting for it to finally be realized and revealed. Of course, most of the time, you get disappointed, but every once in awhile, there's an Alter A.L.I.A or a Hero's Realm or an Exit Fate, and that's what makes being a part of this niche gaming scene well worth it.

Somebody started a Rare Game's topic at GW about 4 years ago-when GW was still very much alive with activity--and I made a couple of requests, and saw that I had a few of the games that others had requested, so naturally I uploaded what I had, and it kind of grew from there. I guess I figured that since I have the storage space and I'm not doing much with it and some people still want to play these games, and nobody else was bothering to archive these games other than c0nfus3d and Tau (2 members at GW who also consistently shared their games) that I might as well do the job. Been doing it since.

It would be nice if I had more help though. For one thing, I missed most of the games from the SkyTowerGames/Rpg2Knet/Dark Dominion era (2004-2006)--I had dial-up back then and was trying to collect roms/isos, so I had to choose between using my 56k for that or for these amateur games. So, I didn't get into RM game collecting/playing until I got DSL. AznChipmunk has claimed that he's been collecting since before that time--said back in like 2008 that he had several DVD's of RM games. Well, before RM2K3 added mp3 support, most RM games were less than 5 MB, so to have several DVD's, he must have thousands. But he never shares any, as he says he can't be bothered with it.

Same thing with this guy at Ultima Island who said he wanted to set up a torrent for his huge RM collection, just needed some games that he couldn't find. Since I had them, I uploaded them (those 40 games I told you about) and after thanking me for my help, he seems to have disappeared never having torrented anything. *shrug* And so it goes...

Here's an old message he sent to me awhile back when I asked him why he does archival. I feel like he's probably just not around for life reasons but who knows. He might pop back up.
Here's an old message he sent to me awhile back when I asked him why he does archival. I feel like he's probably just not around for life reasons but who knows. He might pop back up.

Jesus, yeah, hopefully SegNin comes back. Thanks for sharing this Darken ♥.

EDIT:...Now I'm tempted to rename the thread to: "SegNin's RARE/OBSCURE RM GAMES REQUEST TOPIC" just on the off chance he'll see his name on google and return.
RMN sex symbol
A shout from Segnin aww. I had a ton of games but that was like over a decade ago now. See I did the same thing he was, uploadung all kinds of games, seeing people downloading & sometimes spending days to find one but not a single "Thanks Tau!" or anything.

That's why I tried to praise the shit out of Segnin haha.
If you want to add some additional sites that people can search for RPG Maker Games on, they can use:

VIPRPG - Summer 2015
NOTE: Separated by years, that is only one year, and it a contest.

Multimediaxis - Databank


VIPRPG - Summer 2015
NOTE: Separated by years, that is only one year, and it a contest.

And for those wondering, 2016 is here: http://viprpgsummer2016.web.fc2.com/

2014 and before can be found at the bottom of the site that TheGameArchivist linked to.
A shout from Segnin aww. I had a ton of games but that was like over a decade ago now. See I did the same thing he was, uploadung all kinds of games, seeing people downloading & sometimes spending days to find one but not a single "Thanks Tau!" or anything.

That's why I tried to praise the shit out of Segnin haha.

(Edit: Late posting this)

Hahaha, I agree Tau ♥

I think, its very much a thankless job unfortunately. 10 years ago I honestly thought these sites, all these rpgmaker communities were gonna be around forever, but its only now, ten years after the fact that I'm realizing how wrong I was.

…Reading that last part of SegNin's message that Darken shared, for me, is especially chilling - just finding out that he had the same desire we all had towards archiving these rpgmaker games and seeing how he's now disappeared - just like the guy he once spoke about - I wouldn't say it's devastating, but, yeah. I really do hope that SegNin returns.
Uh... I need help finding a certain game... which I don't remember the title.
(I posted on the previous thread but Liberty said it has moved, so I'll repost.)

This isn't a RPG Maker game, and it's a platform flash-like game. The main character is somewhat like a stickman, and the title is... Moonman-adventure-something? I played it around 8-10 years ago.

When you pressed S in-game, a white 'i' appeared, and when the game begin, there is a large tree, and if you climb it there will be a giant bird's nest. Then a giant bird will come and takes you to a volcano.
Another thing... this game is really bizarre and full of easter eggs, like invisible platforms and lots of deadly creatures...

The game is full-color, but from what I remember there are almost no text appeared in-game, not even a hovering one above some event like other stickman-kind game.
And a moon will always be visible in outside areas. Idk why but the sky is not dark.

I'm looking for a download somewhere, or at least a video playthrough someone played...

Sorry if it's too abstract >_<" I've been looking for this game for ages...

Can I see the The Lost Legend IV The Guardian of Light? The download link is down! I *THINK* this is the lost RPG I played years ago! (LEAST I THINK SO)
@kanatakkun - even though the description is vague, I'll keep track of it, just because I have an interest in finding old flash movies/games as well.(I really liked Fly Guy which the creator recently launched a kickstarter for it's sequel and The Crimson Room which the creator recently released on steam) but yeah, I can't guarantee I'll be able to find it, but I'll try.

@Kaliesto - I sent you a PM with a possible version of Lost Legends IV The Guardian of Light, lemme know if it works and if it is the game you're looking for.

Possible request:

I probably won't get a lot of answers for this one:

Does anyone remember FF6 Age of Rebirth?:

It was a ff6 fan game posted on gaming world around 2008, made in rpgmaker2000: there was a lot of hype surrounding it because it had a myspace page - I had the demo of this somewhere, but deleted it because I was short on space and honestly though it was gonna be around forever (big mistake). The one particular thing that did stand out about this demo though is that they had a fully complete world map of ff6 without mode 7 which was really cool.


original gamingw topic:
link to mooglecafe topic (screenshots)
link to possible website and demo (but download link for demo doesn't work)
broken demo link