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I will be holding a small tabletop campaign over Discord, using a custom campaign, set-up and setting. I'm creating this thread to let possible players and watchers know about it (and thus sign-up if interested).

Things to Note
  • The game will be recorded and later released episode by episode as a podcast.
  • A microphone is a necessity, as interactions will be done by voice chat using Discord.
  • Up to 5 players only (4 will be fine, though)
  • Time will be 9pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Fridays/Saturdays (double-checking times with people now).

Current Players (FULL!)
- pianotm
- Trihan
- Jeroen
- NeverSilent

- Caz (part-time)
- psy_wombats (part-time)

- Liberty (DM)

(Part-time means they won't be in every week, but will show up as cameos sometimes, time permitting.)

Character Creation
Your Build

You may choose one of these base classes:

Warrior: High POW. Medium INT and CON. Low AGI. +1 Armour.
Mage: High INT. Medium AGI and CON. Low POW. +1 Spell.
Rogue: High AGI. Medium INT and POW. Low CON. +1 Lockpick.
Farmer: High CON. Medium AGI and POW. Low INT. +1 Food.

As you gain levels, you will be able to promote to Master classes. These will be based on how you've built your hero and what their starting class was.


There are four stats:
CON - this denotes your defence, health and resistances against physical ailments.
POW - this denotes your strength, damage output and physical ability.
INT - this denotes your intelligence, magic and non-physical resistances.
AGI - this denotes your speed, acrobatic performance and luck.

Your class denotes your base stats, and you may add 3 points into any of those stats to customise your build.

Every time you level up you will gain an extra 3 points to put into these stats and customise your character.

Experience will be based on damage done to enemies (each point of damage will be +1 EXP), so it benefits you to attack instead of standing back and letting others do all the heavy work. Healing and buff skills will have their own EXP gain.

Your Skills

You may start with one of the following skills, based on your class. Mages may pick two skills.

Slash - A fast slash. Deals more damage based on your AGI.
Shield Bash - A protective stance that baits the enemy to attack you. If they do you will deal damage based on your CON.
Stab - A powerful attack that is based on your POW.
Critical Strike - An attack that does low damage but has a chance at dealing double damage based on your INT.

Wind Spin - Wind-based damage that hits all enemies. Based on AGI stat.
Fire Bloom - Fire-based damage that deals heavy damage. Based on POW stat.
Healing Dew - Water-based healing. Based on INT stat.
Protective Dust - Earth-based protection against ailments and damage. Based on CON stat.

Shadow Strike - Low damage, chance to blind based on AGI.
Sweet Spot - Low damage, can maim a foe based on INT.
Slash Hack - A slashing attack based on POW.
Block Stab - Strike back for double damage if enemy attacks. Based on CON.

Fumble Flail - Variance damage based on POW and dice roll.
Tumble Weed - Dodges all attacks for this turn, based on AGI.
Infuriate - Increases ally's attack for a turn, based on INT.
Slake - Heal self/ally, based on CON.

Passive Skills
Interaction may require the use of passive skills such as lockpicking, deciphering and the like. The success of these skills will be based on what your class is expected to know - dealing with animals, for example, is something Farmers will excel at, but they'd be terrible at reading ancient languages. Failure and success will be determined by dice roll.

Your Items

You may start the game with one type of food, one piece of armour and one memento. Warriors may pick two pieces of armour. Farmers may pick two pieces of food.

- Cheese and Bread (+5HP)
- Wine (+3HP, 2 uses)
- Jerky (+3HP, Guts)

- Leather Bracer (+1 CON, +1 POW)
- Boots (+1 CON, +1 AGI)
- Kneepads (+1 CON, +1 INT)
- Padded Tunic (+2 CON)

- Silver Coin
- Leather Sheath
- Wooden Pendant
- Silver Ring
- Diary Page
- Leather Pouch
- Lock of Hair
- Carved Doll

You do not start with weapons - they will be found through your journey. You may end up wielding some strange weapons indeed - from chair legs to chain whips to monster limbs.

Your Character

To create a character you will need the following information:

Name: Name of your character
Class: The class they are
Stat changes: Where you spend your 3 points
Skill/s: Which skill/s they have
Items: Their starting items.

Phobia/s: (Must have one)
Description/History: Even just a basic one.

If you've questions, ask~
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Name: Doldus the Inadequate
Class: Mage
Stat changes:+2 Int. +1 to CON
Skills: Wind Spin. Hearth's Fire. Healing Dew
Items: Cheese and Bread. Knee Pads. Silver Ring.

Phobias: Arachibutyrophobia: Peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of my mouth. Anatidaephobia: Fear of being watched by a duck.
Description/History: From the ancient fort towns in the high mountains, Doldus is a brilliant but absent-minded sorcerer. Banished by popular vote after accidentally transmogrifying the high duchess's nose into an apricot, some people said, "It wun't the duchess's nose wut got us in such a tizzy. By rights, that made her look a sight better. No, it wuz all the other shenanigans he got up to. When the lady put it to a vote, we wuz all in, we wuz." Often survives situations by accident without realizing it. Sometimes, he notices what's going on, though.
Name: Selena "Lena" de Lune
Class: Rogue
Stat changes: +3 AGI
Skill/s: Shadow Strike
Items: Wine, Boots, Silver Coin

Phobia/s: Deathly terrified of children. Somewhat scared of having knives or sharp objects pointed in her direction.

Description/History: Worked as a prevalent, up-and-coming hairdresser in a seaside capital, until one evening she was invited to style the hair of a vampire in his crypt (since vampires can't see themselves in the mirror to style their own hair, right?). She messed up. Bad. And since the vampire's hair would never grow back, he had a personal vendetta against Lena and made every effort to hunt her down and make her pay.

On the run, Lena never stayed in the same place for too long and always kept a low profile. She picked up odd jobs to get by, often joining trading groups and caravans to get around unnoticed. One thing's for sure: she didn't cut hair ever since.

Got any Dexreth amulets?
I had been thinking about doing something like this, too. So if there's still room, I'd like to join as well. Though I would like to know approximately how much time each session is expected to take.

Name: Elbert Oakhouse
Class: Farmer
Stat changes: +1 AGI, +2 INT
Skill/s: Tumble Weed
Items: Cheese and Bread, Jerky, Boots, Diary Page

Phobia/s: Eremophobia (fear of being alone)
As one of the many children of a large family of poor peasants, the necessity of making sure there'd be something to eat on everyone's plate each day left Elbert little time to comtemplate the world outside the farm. That is, until one day, war broke out. Elbert's father as well as most of his older siblings were drafted into the army, never to be seen again, while malnourishment and illness began to take their toll on the remaining family members.
His life completely changed again when a wandering scholar happened to arrive at the farm, and agreed to pay the family a sum of money in exchange for Elbert accompanying his as his new assistant. From the on, Elbert ventured into a world full of wonders and puzzling knowledge that had never crossed his mind before. Unfortunately, after a few years, his master and him were seperated during a riot in a large city they visited. Desperate for new company, Elbert is now ready to join any group endeavour available. Yet, he is still determined to keep learning and one day become a great scholar himself, so that he may make a fortune and bring his family back together.

Just so we're definitely on the same page regarding timezones, what is your offset from RMN's default time, Liberty?
I'm really sad about it but I have to drop out of this sorry. :< I'm sorry for the short notice too. Some stuff came up and I need to work tomorrow so I won't be around when it's on. ;~~~;

Would Saturday night suit you a bit better? We're looking at possible alternates.

Oh, my offset is +10 hours.
Future Ruler of Gam Mak
Damn it, why didn't I hear about this thread sooner xD

Hope ya guys have fun and hopefully it will be fun to listen to these podcasts :P
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
Alright, here's my character!

Name: Shadowcloak
Class: Rogue
Stat changes: +2 AGI, +1 POW
Skill: Shadow Strike
Items: Wine, Boots, Leather Pouch

- Mild Photophobia (Fear of light connected to a fear of his identity being revealed.)
- Somniphobia (Fear of sleeping. Shadowcloak knows what can sneak up on you at night.)
Description/History: Was the crown prince of a small neigbouring country. He was unprepared to rule when his father died, and after two months, his sister, who was more skilled at leading and politics, usurped the throne. Shadowcloak narrowly escaped with his life. When he revealed his name to a trader, asking them to transport him over the border, the trader betrayed him and led him into an ambush by his sister's men on the border. Again narrowly escaping death, he fled into this country, never making the mistake of revealing his indentity ever again. Now people only know him by the cloak he wears.
Name: Norris Robertson
Class: Warrior
Stat changes: +1 CON, INT, AGI
Skill: Critical strike
Items: Jerky, Leather Bracer, Kneepads, Diary page

As a young man, Norris wanted nothing to do with adventuring. In fact, after a neighbor brought him to the shire court over his backyard poultry raising business (despite its clear legality under city statute 209c) Norris knew his place in the world was as a lawyer. And he was, for a while, before his demotion for smacking an uncooperative judge with his own gavel. Then after a dozen minor jobs as a scribe, clerk, or bookkeeper, and after racking up a dozen minor infractions, he settled on life as a tax collector. This was a good fit for a while, but finally, Norris decided on a new career, one where it was a-okay to threaten peasants with a mace and no one would ask to see his seal of authority when presented with their tax papers.

Ghosts. Don't make Norris fight ghosts.
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
It was a fun first episode! :D

Here's my stats and inventory for anyone wanting to follow along next time:


  • HP: 14/14
  • POW: 4 + 1 = 5
  • CON: 1 + 1 = 2
  • INT: 3
  • AGI: 7 + 1 = 8

  • Shadow Strike

  • Money: 32 Kitar's worth of gold (+2 Demari, legal representative/bodyguard of Norris?)
  • Black Cloak.
  • Dagger*3 +1 POW, throwing weapon.
  • Boots: +1 CON, +1 AGI
  • Wine: +3 HP, 2 uses.
  • Leather pouch with small onyx.
  • Couple of sheets of paper.
  • Other leather pouch with small gem glowing with a dark light. Blood red. Dark, evil power. Totally not related to the Witch King in any way.
  • Splinter lockpick.
  • Cool bedsheet bandana. +1 COOL
  • Lube.
Well, I'm on the road for this week so will be out. So if you need it, Norris is currently interested in:

- Finding somewhere quiet to hash out a civil suit over unlawful detention
- Figuring out who exactly is responsible for this unlawful detention, or paying everyone else to go do it for him
- Renting out that flail, interest negotiable

If this is still happening, back next week hopefully!
No RP tonight (27th) due to last minute kid sitting. Might spark one up for tomorrow night if time permits, though!
Got any Dexreth amulets?
The game for today (28th) is confirmed! Everyone who can play, please come to the Discord channel in about an hour.

Everyone who wants to listen to our antics is welcome to join and comment in the accompanying text chat as well.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
I made loads of pics for last time's RP so I thought I've compiled them here on the thread. (at Libby's request)

(credit to Frogge for re-colouring the flame, as my original pic of that had it as orange and it's meant to be a green flame)

The TM is for Totally Magical.
So...Libby said it was full of armors, and even had a few swords. Of course, your armory has almost nothing but swords, spears, whips and a single shield! LMAO!
Nothing reveals Humanity so well as the games it plays. A game of betrayal, where the most suspicious person is brutally murdered? How savage.
Those whips are oddly appropriate for the tone of this RP though.
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident

Is that better? I filled a place with armors.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
Hey guys, let's not be ungrateful over details. Thanks for posting your maps, Kloe! They were a really fun addition to the game, and I hope we'll keep seeing you in the chat during the game.
Just want to remind people that there's no RP tonight since I was ill and fucked my throat up. Raincheck til next week. >.<;
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Okay! I really wasn't up for it this morning!
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