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Hi i was wondering, if updating your game page on here, would get you back in the front page?

Like blog posts, photos, and demo release?

How does rpgmaker.net handle the front page, how does that work?
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Well, like, if you added a download you'd be on the "Latest Downloads" bit or like, if that stuff gave you enough "Buzz" you'd be on "Buzzing Games" and there's also the latest blogs, photos and reviews which are all on the front pages, so technically, yeah!
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Your latest blogs, images, and downloads will appear on the front page. Downloads, comments, and reviews will give your game buzz. The more buzz you get, the higher up on the buzz rank your page will climb. Climb high enough and it'll appear on the front page.

Hope that's helpful!
Just, you know, don't farm it - we have a rule against doing so. So if you're putting up new images or blogs every week that's fine. If you're reuploading the same stuff over and over, that is not fine.

New content only, and don't go spamming it when it comes to things like blogs (that is, making three blog posts in the same day).
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