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I am Moana of Motunui. You killed my father. Prepare to die!
Write a poem for RMN's birthday this weekend and I will pick from the entries a winner and bestow upon them a present of their choice from my Steam Gift Inventory!

*need to friend me on steam: kentonagbone

This is over, obviously. "This weekend, dated June 2nd" is long gone. The winner was CashmereCat
I finally changed my avatar, but that doesn't mean I have a meaningful user title.

RMN, thy incandescent creature
No one is fairer than thee
For makerscore is sure
And locker space there be
No better pleasure to have a game tether
All the things that RMN is to me
Unallocated Skill Points
What can I say about this old site?
Words of works, of magic, of might?
Of creations homebrewed
Crafts in solitude
A passion that makes all ends right?

Or is it reward
A staunch message board
To which our devotions all bend?
Or is it perhaps
Just once in perchance
The promising word of a friend?

For what would it matter
Should all turn to tatter
If none were lost in its place?
So, nay, nay I say
That I could so much turn away
From the home where I hide not my face.

Its rules, its chaps, its chips and its naps.
Its seasonal festive decor.
Yet of all things I've known
Above all on a throne
Is RMN forevermore.

Cool idea.

"to RMN"

What is this place?
Full of misfits and rogues
Around a small carcase
Carrying their loads

Yet, ah, what is so bright?
The cheering and dancing
In this mesmerizing light?
More and evermore entrancing

The hearts so bare
Our thoughts so close
Joys and sorrows we share
Something special shows.

The tide ebbs and flows,
But always glows.
The only thing in this game that's bonkers is CAVE_DOG.
Here I came, wandering without aim
My soul an empty void
Meandering about, limp and lame
My dreams and hopes destroyed

All I had was what I could make
I sought for those of like mind
That lost feeling, this place did break
Something worth doing, I did find

It became a shelter, a haven, an obsession
I felt a kinship that was incredibly strong
It was a perfect treatment for my affliction
RMN made me feel I belong.
Professional Amateur
Poems?! Ok.

The clock reads five past two,
a bright screen all I see.
Blurry pixels damaging my view,
choices abound for the main character to be.

Ten days to make something old school,
a retro masterpiece in this RMN jam.
Unbeknownst I signed up as a fool,
trying to cram too much stuff into a ten day gam.

What will I do, the clock ticking away?
Between work, class, sleep, and play,
I try to fit time in for the gam every day.
A retro gamer at heart, and I'm here to stay!
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
RMN's like a twister
Helaz is spamming again kentona mister
I wish I had a sister

The store page is like a mall
And the retro event page really needed that css overhaul
Avagadro's number, RMM, mole
Your two days of dedication are an inspiration to us all

In this site we get to live like kings
It's like an angel, vibrant bright wings
From the friendships we've built life springs
I would have more makerscore if i did things
It's RMN's birthday today. Haven't been here long enough yet to earn memories to forget but I bet I'll be in debt before I leave RM.net.
My butt hurts and I'm tired of rhymes.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Your games are not good
We host them all anyway
Aremen's mercy
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Your games are not good
We host them all anyway
Aremen's mercy

That's it, we can all stop trying now, we have a winner
There once was a gal called Liberty
Who thought she had the ability
To run RMN
But, in the end
She became a damn liability.


Roses are red
rmn has a blue header
I can't write poems
Pom got wifi,
RMN got bills,
Donate he said,
Get a date,
Stood up I was,
Where is Kentona?
browsing through tons of games
looking for a right game to play
challenging yourself over another games
in a place which hosts a lot of games to play

i'm not good at making a poem but i can't resist the prize .. >>

happy birthday, RMN!
RMN in the morning
RMN in the evening
RMN at work
Can't escape
I finally changed my avatar, but that doesn't mean I have a meaningful user title.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Donate to RMN
Or Kentona gives you poo
Daaamn, that is creativity at work, lol.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
I changed my mind, LockeZ isn't the winner. Tungerman I think I love you.
it's been a long winter
Your games are not good
We host them all anyway
Aremen's mercy

vindicate this man

edit: pops to tungerman though
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